Bangsar&lots of pics!:)

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Hey life has been pretty chaotic these past 2 weeks so I didn't get the chance to blog much..But I'll try to update it since I do have a few backlog posts that needs to be done.

Last,last Friday(2 days before raya haji) I went to Bangsar for a day of mini catching up session with the girls.I met up with Aimi first and we shopped a bit & then Izza came straight from work.I love hanging out in Bangsar because it's peaceful and there's so many cool boutiques there.

With Izza in my ASOS dress!
But I have to be honest that although I've been there a few times,the only boutique I've shopped at was Blueberry.And plus when I go there,it's usually to eat with my friends--Plan B,Delicious and Chawan.

With the girls at Blurry.I was wearing a dress I bought there &
 a blazer from Blueberry
This time around because Aimi wanted to shop,we went from one boutique from another.It was so much fun!I bought a few stuffs from Blueberry(couldn't resist!),Cat's Whiskers & Blurry--and I love all of them!hehe.
Crazy girls dancing at Cats Whiskers!

Got this gorgeous flats at Cat's Whiskers!:)
We had dinner at La Bodega afterwards.Got the super yummy manchego cheese with tomato jam!So good!Had one of their awesome smoothies and a margherita pizza which was shared with the girls.

The girls enjoying their pasta and below is my manchego cheese!
The next day I had to go to Bangsar again because had to get stuffs for the boyfriend at Rumours(the male version of Gossips) since the button down shirts that I chose for him didn't fit him well.I was so glad that he love the shop because initially he was a bit apprehensive about going there.haha

So cute!

He chose 2 shirts that I loveee which I didn't notice the day before when I went there with the girls and also a tie & I can't wait to see him wear them!:))
A crisp white shirt with a twist,a pink collar!
A multicolored checkered shirt & a striped tie!He has a great eye!:)
Pics of foods/places I went for the past 2 weeks!
Breakfast during raya haji:ketupat daun palas,
2 types of rendang ayam(one by my mum & the other by my aunt) & kuah kacang!yummmm
Super yummy lontong made by Razin's mum--the lodeh has shitake mushroom in them(her recipe) good!
Raya haji night:Me & the boyfriend went to TESCO..haha.Me in my baju kurung(hence the flower bottom part of the pic) & him in his baju melayu.

Me & the boyf went soda crazy at Cold Storage!I super hate it when people taste something with cherries & their mind instantly thinks--MEDICINAL/COUGH SYRUP.When in fact,medicine/cough syrup were flavored using cherries BECAUSE they have tons of MELATONIN which makes us become sleepy!:)
Dinner at ayam penyet ria[ironically I NEVER order chicken at APR or
Waroeng,only lele(catfish!)]-lele penyet + terong magic!
Super huge takeout from HOMST ---Butter prawns,baby kailan with oyster sauce & sweet n sour fish courtesy of the boyf,after a really shocking & sad day:My grandma was admitted to emergency ward after getting a stroke.I rush from the office,picked up my mum &bro's & went there.Didn't get to eat so the dinner was a real treat/comfort.
Bought this Victoria Secret's Moonlite Jasmine bodyspray with the boyf!
We tested so many of them before narrowing them down to 2 fave scents!haha
This bunny,Pepper belong to the boyf's lil sister's bestfriend.She had to babysit it so me,the boyf & his sis take it out for a day in the garden.Man does she run fast!haha
Marketplace at Subang Parade!
Pretty & yummy cupcakes that we got from there!
A lot of sushi king's set now has an egg on them--this is the boyfriend's!
I love this--it's sticky/caramelized sweet potato..soo good~