Hear ye,hear ye!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

So,you guys know about BMW Shorties right?NO?Well click HERE to find out more.The boyfriend aka Razin Yuzer,worked on the music for the short film(he has a cameo appearance as well..haha) which was directed by his bestfriend,Shahree Zane.

I won't reveal much about it but suffice to say that it very much adheres to this year's theme for the competition which is JOY!It will move you in a good way!

The lead in this film is Iedil Putra whom you might have seen at KLPAC performances(Urbanscapes/Projek Disko Baldi) or on tv.For the single ladies out there..he's very cute(of course in my eye Razin is much handsome than him..:P) so you girls better watch this when it is screened later!!


If you guys are free this coming Sunday please come over to the said address above.Me & Qeema(razin's lil sis) will be selling LOTS of pretty things for cheap-clothes,bags,shoes,accesories!I will also be selling cheesecake brownies & maybe red velvet cupcakes as well!:)) See you guys there!