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If you've been reading my blog these past few years,you'd know that I love to eat!I mean I love cooking and baking,buying groceries and what not but let's face it,eating is so much easier.hahaha.So these past 2 weeks I managed to eat at 4 different places that I've never eaten at before.

This is sort of a mini achievement BECAUSE I always prefer to eat at places that I am familiar with and it's pretty routine.The boyfriend know this about me because we always end up eating at the same places.haha.What can I say?I like what I like.BUT,a little bit of change now and then is good as well.So let's round it up!

Carl's Junior

I have seen Carl's Junior many times before but never wanted to try it.But last Thursday night,before me & the boyfriend went to watch Breaking Dawn Part 1(which was okay-lah),we had our dinner there because it was the closest one next to Subang Parade's MBO.

Fries,onion rings,bbq burger & chilli dog..
Syg mixing d salsa together to dip w fries..goood!
I ordered the jumbo chilli dog with onion rings on the side.He ordered BBQ burger with fries.I have to say that although the onion rings were made using whole onions which is a plus for me(diced onion is such a sham!),BUT the batter that coated it was so hard!:(

The hotdog was okay though but I prefer Razin's burger which was goooddd..and the fries as well of course!haha.The fries had potato skins still on them..yummm.BTW,it was cool when me & Razin entered the cinema,we were holding our drinks from Carl's & the boys there didn't tell us to throw it away!yeayyy..haha.

Bubba Gump

One day the boyfriend and I was talking about how we should go and eat at Bubba Gump.So the next day,we did!I peruse the MENU online first and then he even printed it out (in color!haha) so we could take a good look at it before going.I love the menu!:P

So we went there with Razin's lil sister Raqeema as well.I love the food.Everything was good and it was worth the price.
Left to right:Strawberry speckled lemonade,alabama sweet smoothie(razin)
and mango sparkler(mine).
Tower of onion rings with bbq sauce & chipotle ranch sauce.VERY GOOD!

Bubba's Far Out Dip..super creamy!
Shrimper's heaven..shrimp cooked 4 diff ways w 4 dippin sauces,coleslaw & fries.
 Love love everything!From the mango sparkler was refreshing but it was too big so I ened up needing the boyfriend's help to finish it.His Sweet Alabama Sweet Smoothie was yummy!A combo of peanut butter & chocolate but it wasn't really sweet and just nice.

The appetizer was onion rings and Bubba's far out dip.I loveee the onion rings as it was akin to A&W ones!:) The dipping sauces was so good too.Loveee the bbq one.The far out dip had lots of spinach,cheese & artichoke in it.Very creamy but we didn't finish it because it was very rich.

The shrimper's heaven was divine!Shrimp cooked 4 different ways.Tempura,deep fried,chili and coated with coconut.There were 4 dipping sauces as well:cocktail sauce,soy sauce,cajun marmalade and another one which I can't remember.haha.

We were so stuffed that we didn't order dessert!I would definitely come here again though maybe once every 2 months cos' it is not cheap!

I have passed Meatworks at Citta Mall back when I went there with the boyf during Raya to buy cupcakes from Wondermilk.A few days back,Razin's dad treated his family there for dinner and me & also Razin's brother's girlfriend went as well.I have to say there were a few hit and misses.

I ordered the Waldorf salad because it looked so appetizing in the menu and because 2 hours prior I had already eaten rice because I didn't eat all day.So I wanted something light.But much to my dismay,the salad was VERY disappointing.Here's the MENU for Meatworks.And if you can see in the description of the salad,it stated Granny Smith apples(the green kind),along with celery as well.

But instead they added mushy red apple(I HATE MUSHY APPLES!) and also omit the celery & used watercress which so DID NOT go with the salad!And the apple was cut into HUGE chunks that it was tedious to eat.-__- I should have asked them to bring it back & cut it into smaller pieces but I didn't want to make a fuss since I didn't pay for dinner.But how can you freakin screw up a salad?*sigh*.
Creme Brulee!
I ordered cinnamon creme brulee as well.I didn't really like cinnamon but I would never pass up creme brulee.But I have to say it was super WEIRD when they had runny sauce on top of the brulee.It wasn't just mine,Razin's creme brulee had a watery top as well.This affected the layer of crunchy caramel(the brulee) on top of it.But the creme part was smooth and satisfying.
Razin's bbq beef ribs
I tasted Razin's bbq ribs and they were excellent!Really spot on.If I happen to eat here next time,I'll definitely order that instead.I took pic of everyone's dish since they know how I love taking pics of food..haha.But since it would be a very long post,I didn't upload them.
Razin's family & that's his brother's girlfriend on the left.:)
Thank you to Razin's dad for the food!

Aimar's Tomyam and Seafood TTDI

I might have passed Aimar's Tomyam everytime I fill up my gas at SHELL after work.But I never ate there at all.Until a day ago after me & Razin went to check out the new Space U8 which is HUGE & SPACIOUS!

We were very hungry after we went there that we decided to eat and one of the nearest places and Razin saw it when were at the traffic light and I thought why not give it a try?Initially I was a bit apprehensive because of the look of the place.

But as we sat down and looked at the menu on the table we were like..SO CHEAP???wahhhhh..So we ordered the Hatyai set which consisted of Siakap masak 3 rasa,Kankung goreng,ayam/daging--we choose ayam masak paprik,telur dadar & sup tulang(which we upgraded to Tomyam Seafood) and also 2 watermelon juice.
Clockwise:Siakap masak 3 rasa,ayam paprik,telur dadar & tomyam campur.
The food was good!It was so funny when Razin and me was like fighting over the fish.haha.We are such huge fish eaters!Total bill was only rm34.50.Crazy cheap right?

So that's all folks of some of the places that I've eaten at these past 2 weeks!


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