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It took me longer to write this..but here it goes:

On 11/11,a date that everyone was talking grandma was admitted to the emergency ward due to stroke around 2pm.I rushed out of the office,picked up my mum & brothers(as dad was a work),went to HUKM.

My grandma has been bedridden for 2 years.She can talk,eat and everything but she can't walk,she uses a wheelchair.After 11/11,she stayed at the hospital because the doctor wanted to monitor her although we heard that she might not make it or if she did survive the ordeal,she would have a hard time living because food can only be transmitted via a tube.

On 20/11,around 9.30pm,after I had just finish with Wardrobe Clearance with boyfriend's sister & my friends,my mum called saying that my grandma passed away.I was numb.I never thought it'd be so sudden.Boyfriend was there next to me and up till this day I'll remember how he was there comforting me while I cry.

Quickly we went to grandma's house and all my other relatives had prepare the house and Razin's helped as well.It was so nice of him.:) 
That fateful night..he sat at the swing I used to play with as a child

With my lil brother Raffiq.
My mum & her siblings had expected that this will come..grandma's passing.Grandma looked very clean and peaceful after they had bathe her that Monday morning at the surau in section 11.

We did a 3-day tahlil for her.1st day it was catered.2nd day we cooked and the 3rd it was potluck..every relative brought a dish.Razin came on the 1st and last tahlil.His brother came as well during the 1st.Izza came during the last tahlil.Thank you,you guys.

I know grandma's in a better place now.We will all miss you very much.Now I have no other grandparents left.Can't believe that this years raya was the last one we spend with her.I was glad that I managed to bake her a cake for her birthday.Al-fatihah.

Below are a few pics during the 3 days of tahlil:

Enjoying their food

I love this picture.:)
Him with my niece,Rania.

Me with Rania!

Tahlil at late grandma's house

Potluck food
I made the trifle right on top
Before baca yasin,him w my lil brother syafiq
With Izza!:)