Pics from these past few weeks

Sunday, November 27, 2011 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

After much persuasion from me & his little sister,
Razin bought the blue shoes that he loved.Plus it was 30% off!
Rings that I bought recently at Asian Avenue when I went
there w my brothers & cousin!
At Carl's Junior subang parade b4 watching Breaking Dawn Part 1--yeahh he went with me!

Green tea & rose bud tea.
Lunch at work,salad with homemade dressing,garlic croutons & soft boiled eggsd

Hazelnut something which was super yummy at La Bodega Empire
from dinner with the boyfriend!

Baked goods from WHISK!
My fave ice cream..Ben & Jerry's!

Found blow torch for my creme brulee at Jaya Grocer!weeeee!

The boyf helping me pack the cookies!
His brother steaming the clothes
Butterscotch cookies made by me!
Aimi enjoying the cookies!
Thanks Izza for helping out!haha
My baked goods:red velvet cupcakes,cookies,cheesecake brownies!

Balloons bought by boyfriend's sister to put in front of their house!
Our clothes!
My books!
BTW,we're thinking of doing the sale again sometime the end of December so do come!!

Super cute skype by the boyf(through his webcam software!)
Lots of magazines for me to read when I'm bored at the office!haha