Short but memorable and fun trip

Sunday, November 27, 2011 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Lots of things has been happening to my life.Particularly family-wise.Thus I didn't manage to blog or had the mood to blog actually.But I will update this blog in these few days with lotssss of posts that I've put off.

I'll start with this one first:
I went to a very short day trip to Melaka few weeks back with my girls,Izza & Aimi.We have planned this for a very long time and since our lives are pretty crazy busy so we just HAD to take a day off and go off somewhere.

We decided to go somewhere nearby so we don't have to drive so far to reach the destination and chose Melaka.I haven't been there in AGES.The last time was in primary school I think.THAT BAD!Aimi drove because she knows the road there very well and she loves to drive!Haha. 

Funnily back when I didn't have my license years back,I couldn't wait to drive but a few years after having it,I become so lazy to drive!:P  
Stopped at one of those R n R!
So we made our way to Melaka from Shah Alam around noon on a Saturday since Aimi finish her work at 10am& she had to fetch Izza as well.We arrived in Melaka around 3pm.BTW,the dress that I wore to Melaka was a pre-loved dress which I got for just rm15 at Old Blossom Box recent preloved party!The boyfriend said I look pretty in it!;)

Sampai je,snap a pic!I so want to stay there bila2 nice  looking!

Walkabout Jonker to find a place to eat!
Aimi suggested we eat at this place because apparently it's really good!
We arrived,had to find parking which was a bit tricky but after we did,it was actually not that hard & near to Jonker Street.We skipped the touristy places/landmarks cos' it's not like we haven't been there before plus there were so many people!I was so surprised to see how advanced Melaka has become.Their malls were really huge!hahaa.

Super yummy food!
We were so hungry that we ordered a lot at Jonker 88,a place which Aimi suggested.The assam laksa was super good!Sour and spicy with a hint of sweetness.Love the crispy cruller in it.Aimi ordered a plate of different yong tau foo and the dipping sauce was so good!

I miss this laksa!
I ordered pai tee as well..which was huge and yummy.Durian cendol for dessert and I would have ordered it with extra durian because they used fresh ones..T_T I'll definitely go there again & bring the boyfriend on a day trip!:)
Pai tee!The filling yummy and the shredded vege on top was drizzled with honey!
My durian cendol with real durian good!
Aimi ordered ABC,Izza ordered cendol.
Walking some more down Jonker's!
Bought a super pretty bag & tumbler at this cute shop.
A cafe which had a van inside it!

Izza being patriotic about the sign!haha

Funny thing..We were walking down Jonker as it was about night time when we saw that the empty stage a few hours back is filled with huge overtly muscular and oily looking guys!Turns out it was Mr Malaysia competition..*phewww*..hahaha.I send a pic of one of the men to the boyf via mms and he was like,'do not come back!I hate u!'..hahahaha.

Greased up man!
We shopped at the night market and I got a pair of pretty sparkly red flip flops(it's so hard to fine ones that are pretty and comfy at the same time..most are ugleehhh),dried flowers for tea and cheap earrings.Izza was hungry again after all the walking that she bought mostly food at the market.haha.

Hungry girl!
We ended the night by what else--taking pictures of each other..These are my 'artistic' pics of my friends..hahaha
Aimi working it!
Izza pretending to be homeless..haha

We arrived back in Shah Alam..had our dinner and lo and behold,KFC at the Extreme Park and parted ways.It was funny on the ride back home when we sang old malay songs back in our teen years like from KRU,Elite,Kool,and Indigo.hahaha.It was a short but memorable day trip.It's not about quantity,it's about quality time..:) Let's do this again girls when we're less busy with our lives!