2 days in KL

Wednesday, December 14, 2011 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

Being someone who was born and bred in Shah Alam,where there's literally no traffic EVER except for certain unusual days,it is pretty taxing to drive to KL where there's never no traffic.Even my parents avoid going to KL at all cost if they can.
Chillin..on the staircase.haha
But because my bestie lives there so sometimes I do have to go to KL to visit her.haha.So a last week,a day after Izza's birthday dinner,I went to KL because I had to attend a thing for work super early the next day there.Manage to walk around BB at night with Izza for a bit.

Su's Bakes for Kicks Meringue..so good!
Izza picked me up & we went to Fahrenheit where she introduce me to this awesome bakery called Su's Bakes for Kicks& the meringue there is so yummms!I think they put pink candy floss in the middle.I bought one of their super pretty durian cheesecake to try.Seriously I spend a lot on food than anything else..okay..maybe clothes as well..:P

We also went to Sephora & I bought a few things..Haven't been there in AGES!The last time was in MAY when the boyfriend went along with me!Me & Izza went crazy there because of the Christmas sale so there were lots of pretty things to choose from that I had a hard time deciding what to buy.I'm so glad that they finally brought the brand Fresh here!:))

Here's a few pictures!
Izza's sisters..love Lia's nails!
Weird bears outside of Pavillion..
This one is very colorful
With dear Ilin who wants to learn to bake from me!
One day  we'll have a day of just baking stuffs!:)
The super pretty durian cheesecake & don't be fooled by its size..it's very rich!

Sephora haul:Soap & Glory eye roller ball thing,body scrub,
fresh by sugar tinter lipbalm & Sephora cake shimmery body lotion(Izza got one as well)

My fave starbucks drink:Mocha praline!Got it for free thanks to my senior,Kak Najah!:)
View from the 46th floor
With Kak Zai & Kak Najah!
Funny thing,thanks to Izza's help(cos I've no idea how to navigate my way through KL),I manage to go back to Shah Alam from KL in about 40 mins from the KL office,with no traffic!Thanks to DUKE highway..:)


Anonymous said...

hey, I know Zai! She was my classmate when we were taking Dip in Business together. Say hi to her! ^^

- Wawa TESL Le Diva, LOL

Liyana.H said...

oh ye ke wa??patutla i lupe dia knal ella.haha.ok i'll tell her nanti!hehe