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In a few more days,2011 will end.I have been through a lot this year.The high highs and the low lows.I’ll be blogging more about ‘serious’ or I guess semi-serious stuff in my life as the weeks go by because this blog has had too much pictures and less words lately.

I mean the sole reason why I even started blogging was to practice writing in the English language.haha.

Okay back to what happened this year:

One of the biggest changes that happened to me in 2011 was the appearance of a guy named Razin(though actually I knew him in 2010).Last year,because of someone from the past,I thought that I’d never be okay again.I was a freakin mess after it ended.

Then one day,months after that chapter ended,out of nowhere,he came into my life and he listened to me.He was there to give me much needed advice and was there for me.He was just really there and he cared a lot although he didn't have to do any of that.

Although before him,I have to say there were other guys who tried to mend me,none of them were able to do so because their intention wasn’t to become my friend but to want something more when they should have known that wasn’t what I needed at the time or they wasn’t sincere.

Razin was different.He became a great friend to me and gradually we developed feelings for each other.He was with me every step of the way.Every single day,from December 2010,until now.he’s there for me.

After years of meeting the wrong guy at the wrong place and time, I finally met someone who was crazy about me as I was about him.I’m just really really thankful that somehow he manage to see me through all the insecurities,through all the craziness that is me.

So I was very into the relationship because for once in my life,I was with someone who wanted this as much as I did and we’re so compatible, it is unreal. But because of that, a few people in my life were a bit,well,sicken by it because I was always with him.In my defense,I was someone who's always gonna love with all of my heart.It's all or nothing for me.

At first of course I was a bit pissed because why couldn’t they be happy for me since this has never happen to me. But then one of them told me a few months back that she understood what I was going through now because only now she’s experiencing it as well.

It made me realize that you cannot be mad at people who does not understand what you are going through when they have never know what it feels like and sometimes it’s not even your fault,it’s just that you don’t know what they’re going through with their own life as well.
Razin is the guy who bring me to see his family like 3 weeks after we became a couple.He met my family on his own and actually talk with my dad and manage to hold a conversation with him and have met them a few more times after that.Heck,my dad actually HELPED him,with his car.Rare cos my dad doesn’t like any guy that I date.haha.

He’s the one who surprised me on my birthday.He’s the one who was there for me when things were tough between my parents(long story).He never ever fail in making sure that I know how much he loves me,every single day that we’ve been together.When my grandma passed away,he was there to hold me while I cry.He was there to help my family members during that fateful night as well.

He’s the one who manage to see through all my craziness and see me for what I really am.

He did this through skype
I may not be perfect looking or perfect in general.I may be emotional and over sensitive at times and I think or worry too much.But one thing I know is that as long as I live and as long as we’re together,I know for a fact that I will love him with all that I can and have.
Yeah,you can choose to cry right now or puke.haha.Everybody has a different reaction right?:P

This is a song that he shared with me.Some parts of the lyrics reminded me of us.


Definitely won't puke at this, so..CRY! :')

Liyana.H said...

thank u babe!*hugs*

Anonymous said...

hey babe i read that you bought a pair of glittery flats recently may i know from which shop??love em!

Liyana.H said...

the multicolored one right?tat was a long time ago..i bought it at Payless shoes source bt tat design isn't there anymre d last time i checked..cos i bought a pair of flats there recently!:P