Happy new year everyone:what I've been up to recently..:)

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HAPPY NEW YEAR TO MY DEAR READERS AND EVERYONE OUT THERE!May 2012 be a great year for us all..:)

Between getting mugged and also having my car hit by this super careless driver which in turn made me having no car for atleast 3 weeks or so..I managed to bake 500 pieces of chocolate chip cookies for a friend's brother's wedding!Phewwww..

What a crazy week it has been.BUT,like always I managed to survive and persevered.It's amazing how much strength I have..thanks to my parents who raised me the way I am.Below are my posts on what I did these past few weeks..a little treat for you guys to read on the first day of 2012!:)

1.Bedroom makeover
My clothes!There's still 2 suitcases of clothes that I don't wear though
Last month my mum told me that I need to buy a new wardrobe for my room because my old one which I had since I was 16 yrs old is falling apart(I'm 24 now..haha).

So around 3 weeks ago,I bought a new one(using my own money duh) which consisted of two wardrobe space&also a shoe closet which I can also put my tv on top of it.

ALMOST all of my shoes..there's about 6-7 pairs which I usually put in my car

my mum sorting out my clothes!
They took out all of the books in my room & arrange them in a new shelf in the store downstairs..
Dad built this & there's two layers of books(you can see behind it)
The boyfriend also helped me choose paint to repaint my vanity with(a handmedown from my parent's wedding years back).My brothers and his friends repainted the vanity.My mum & my brothers helped clean my room when I went to work--thank you so much!

2. Second spa session with the boyfriend

On his ipod touch cos he wasn't thrilled with how
painful his foot massage was!:P Me too!
My boyfriend is not some metrosexual who goes to the spa every month but he likes getting massages whenever he can and since I'm bad at doing that,(hahahaha) I thought let's go to the spa together.This is our 2nd time going to the spa together and his 1st time was so hilarious because he was so nervous!:P

He didn't like the massage this time around because he said it hurt and wasn't relaxing like the other time when we went to the Royal Malaysian Spa(we used our Milkadeal coupon).This time we went to 1 Six Beauty at Hartamas and I thought the massage was fine but it probably hurt because we've been busy & lots of the stress affected our 'urat2'..haha.

It was my first time experiencing a foot massage/spa after our full body massage.It was PAINFUL!!I was wincing a few times & the boyfriend did as well & he clearly didn't like it!:P

Afterwards,to beat the traffic,we went back to Shah Alam & had dinner at my fave place for butter prawns--HOMST..:)
Butter prawns at HOMST!

3.Recolor my hair with highlights!

I look like a roast chicken..haha
Thanks to Groupon,I managed to get a super sweet deal to recolor my hair at Inspiration Alan.I love it there & would go there again when I have the $$.The staff are super nice and they look so cool!I managed to buy one of the hair serum that I covet so much which is Kerastase Elixir Ultime--it contains 4 diff oils:argan,camellia,maize & pracaxi.
The serum:it smells super nice too!
BUT now it's gone since I got mugged recently..:( It's super expensive at rm138 per bottle..T_T and plus the peeps said to me at that time that they are always out of stock of it..so sad.
The one who kept talking to me while I waited for the color to set!
Anyhoo,enough of my sad story!Izza was there to accompany me & then we had dinner at La Bodega & I bought desserts at Delicious--pavlova for me & her sisters & a cheesecake for the boyfriend.

Loveee the tapas there!Roasted pumpkin(so comforting & yumm that I made it a few days after at home!),
bbq chicken drummets & manchego cheese w onion
croquette in a red capsicum sauce(the sauce was insanely good!)

La Bodega's roasted pumpkin

Made roasted pumpkin at home a few days after cos I was craving for it again!
Desserts at Delicious!
4.Finally,lunch at Wang Solo but me & the boyf was dissapointed!:(

The disappointing lele penyet 
So,I've heard from like 3 of my friends that the food at Wang Solo is good.Because of that I've been meaning to eat there but never had the time so one day me & the boyf finally went there for lunch.But boy were we dissapointed!The food just wasn't that good.It was passable but the sambal was too sweet.

Taken before tasting the terong belado
The rice wasn't fluffy or wangi like the boyf said.And there was lettuce instead of fresh cabbage leaves!The boyf was so furious and didn't want to come back..I guess it's because we've eaten at 3 different penyet restaurant like Ria,Api and Waroeng that we know what's good and what's not.No.1 is Waroeng.No.2 is Ria.
Ayam penyet & lele penyet from padang jawa stall
A close third would be that stall in Padang Jawa which the boyf bought that same day,only at night.He bought it for his family but save the sambal for me so that I can taste it.His MMS pic is above..:) The taste was mild..Ria was so much hotter than theirs.I know this because I actually packed both sambal for lunch at the office the next day.The picture is below:

Takeaway lele penyet from ayam penyet ria w 2 sambal:
1 frm ria & 1 frm padang jawa stall
5.Meeting his grandma!

A day after Christmas,I went with his family to meet up with his grandma because they were visiting her and his mum said,don't I want to join them?So since I had nothing planned,I went with them.I was a bit nervous though but it was all okay and I was a bit sad actually that day because it reminded me the fact that I have no grandparents left.

I really miss my late grandma who passed away recently because she had a BIG influence on why I love to cook.I know how to cook lots of Malay dishes like Mee Rebus,Masak lemak kuning,Kuih Cara,kuah kacang,bingka roti and many many more because of her.:) 

Ermmm..playing sumtin w his siblings
Funny thing is the story of marriage came up.*gulp* But hey,only time will tell right?He's been a great great boyfriend and also a great son & brother to his family.I've no doubt in my mind that he'll make a good husband and father as well.*blush*


Anonymous said...

hi babe so sorry to hear about the mugging and accident. glad youre okay. you're so lucky to have such wonderful n supportive loved ones! btw, i saw in one of your posts that you made croutons before. is it hard? haha do you know where i can get ready made ones in m'sia? thanks lovely :)

Liyana.H said...

hey anon!thank u so much!yes i'm very thankful to have such supportive love ones..it makes me become a stronger person :)

ok making croutons is super easy..all u have to do is have a french bread( have used gardenia bread b4 as well!u just cut them into small squares),melted butter/olive oil,minced garlic,salt & sugar to taste.

basically u cut ur bread into cubes/squares.mix melted butter/olive oil w mince garlic(u can choose hw much garlic u want to put..usually i use 3-4 cloves) w a bit of salt & sugar.mix the melted butter with the bread & coat them evenly.& then bake in the oven at about 200/250 degrees until golden brown!:) great for snacking!