Izza's birthday dinner

Monday, December 12, 2011 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

On the 6th of December was Izza's 24th birthday.So since it was a weekday,we meet up for dinner.But actually I wasn't working on that day and came to Bangsar an hour or so earlier than the others because I want to beat the traffic.

Managed to find a lil gift for Izza & also a pretty top for myself from Cats Whiskers!:p Izza came first to Bangsar.So we walked a bit & then Aimi came & last was Fa.I haven't seen her in months because she's been busy with her job!
The tired looking birthday girl!haha
We went to Peacocks first because the girls wanted to walk around.Me & Aimi bought a pair of shoes because they were on sale!weehooo.Haven't bought heels in a while.I've been buying lots of flats because I prefer to wear them to work as it is more comfortable.But they were too pretty to pass up!:P

Me & Aimi parading our new shoes!haha
Afterwards we had dinner at Ben's General Store.Man the roast chicken there was good.It was deceiving because it wasn't dark brown the way I usually like my roast chicken.It was just plain brown but the skin was so crispy!

The roast chicken with 2 sides.Me & Aimi choose potato salad w
 smoked salmon & pasta w pesto,mushroom &almonds
Izza,Aimi & Fa
We also shared a pizza--Il Carnivore & a roasted garlic flat bread.Got free dessert as well because the waitress told us that if we use Amex card,we'll get it.So I used mine since I was the only one who have one.haha.
Pizza!Love the crust but it had minced lamb on top which I wasn't keen on.
This was my choice!Love the roasted garlic..mmmm
Free cake w ice cream.So good!
After dinner the girls were recording each other via video and making up this talkshow with the main focus being Fa/Bawalians..taking a jab at well..I can't reveal here!But it was hilarious!I don't know how many vids they recorded using my hp..I mostly pretended to be the makeup artist to Fa.hahaha.
Izza was all decked out in bows that day!haha
A funny pic of all 4 of us!
Afterwards we walked around & went to this super cool home deco store at BVII named Sundays.I love the stuff though unfortunately I can't afford it!T_T It was nice to look though!:)
Love love love this drawer!
Obviously you can trust me!haha
Reminded me of Razin Yuzer..:)
It was great catching up with all of them.Izza is superrrr busy with her work and also with the creative stuff on the side that she's doing.Aimi is busy with her work and also her boyfriend came back from OZ so she's preoccupied as well.Fa is busy with her job and also with her boyfriend.And as for me,it's pretty much the same--work,love and family.Man are we getting old!T_T


I love you babe :)

Liyana.H said...

love u too babe!i told my mum tat next yr i wanna go on a holiday outside of m'sia with u!haha