Movie reviews:Puss in boots,Breaking Dawn & etc!:)

Sunday, December 11, 2011 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Yeah2 I haven't blog in about a few days but I assure you that I'm back with quite a few updates..:) First up,a post on a few movies that I've watched with the boyfriend!:)

1.Breaking Dawn Part 1

I went to watch this movie with the boyfriend the first day it came out.I've told him when the trailer came out & we were watching it,that I want to see the movie.

Because although I wasn't a big fan of the Twilight book series,I did read it back in Uni days because I wanted to know what it was all about & I like the last book the most(Breaking Dawn) because Edward & Bella got married & went on this super romantic honeymoon.

Sooo..we went to watch the movie at MBO Subang Parade& my verdict??It was okay.Passable because the boyfriend didn't slept throughout the movie.He had some questions as well since he has never read the books.
Look at the super pretty back of the wedding dress!!
I love all the flower garlands!
The wedding scene was of course very beautiful.I loveee Bella's dress.In front it looked very simple but at the back it was just breathtaking!:) The honeymoon scene was okay as well BUT yeah due to our censorship board,lots of it was chopped off..HURMPPHHH.

So for the readers out there who knows what I'm talking about because you guys read that part,I suggest wait for the torrent to come out & then download it..haha.

Ooh,they really managed to make Bella look super duper sick/emaciated due to her pregnancy that even boyfriend's brother who went to watch the movie with his girlfriend told us that she looked really awful during that scene. 

At the end of the day,let's face it,this movie isn't really about vampires or werewolves.It's a love story and lots of girls out there love a love story so that's why although it isn't Oscar material,they managed to make lots of money from it.

2.Puss in Boots 3D

Initially I was torn between watching this movie or Happy Feet 2 because apparently the boyfriend said that the first movie was really good and his siblings said the second one is good as well.But since I didn't watch Happy Feet and I've watched all of Shrek's movie,I thought why not watch this one since the review it had gotten in The Star was good.

We went to watch this movie at the new mall in Shah Alam,the huge aptly named Space U8.

Look at his big eyes!
The movie was enjoyable and had many funny parts. Although the plot of the movie was a little elaborate--regarding how Humpty planned everything out to fool Puss..I actually love the flashback scenes because Puss looked soooo cute when he was a tiny kitten!:)

The movie version of Jack and Jill is so far from what I imagined as a kid.hahah.And the chick that laid the golden eggs is sooo cute!arghhhh.Basically this movie is filled with cute things..:P

3.The Fall

This movie is pretty old seeing that it came out in 2006.The boyfriend like to introduce me to movies that I've never watch or never thought to watch.So whenever we spend time together,he'll make me watch a few of them.So this was one of the recent ones.I have NEVER heard about the movie and I wish I had!

When the movie starts,I thought it was a European movie because of the accent of the little girl and the setting of it was almost like a horror movie(a dark hospital).But it wasn't.It was an indie film by Americans.The setting of the movie was during the 1920s in Los Angeles--hence the orange pickers that was mentioned by Alexandria(the little girl) in the movie.

The many scenes in the movie is BREATHTAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL!Click HERE to see how many locations the movie was shot at.I have no idea why the movie wasn't well it because it was an independent film?Apparently the boyfriend said that the director is rich so although it was an indie movie,it looked very opulent.

I didn't recognize any of the actors in the movie except for Lee Pace,the lead which also starred in one of my old fave tv series--Pushing Daisies.

The movie is about Roy,a stunt man who injured because of a fall,told an elaborate story to a fellow patient,a little girl with a broken arm,with an ulterior motive.The movie is a bit dragging but I love the end of it because Alexandria is such a precocious little kid.

I love the end part when she said something about oranges and teeth when she put the old man's fake teeth into the orange rind & planted them.hahahaha.You have to watch this movie and be amazed by the beautiful scenes.:)