Rundown of the new season of Gossip Girl & 90210.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Although I have a tv in my room,I don't really use it.All the latest tv shows that I watch are downloaded from torrent thanks to the boyfriend's superfast unifi connection.

And I watch A LOT of different tv shows.From tv shows that my boyfriend doesn't think is good for me like Real Housewives or Gossip Girl or 90210.But then sometimes people watch tv shows that are so far from their real life as a form of escapism. :P

1.Gossip Girl

This season has been pretty crazy and we can see lots of the character evolving into something more than the rich brats that they are.Blair's pregnant with Prince Louise child.Chuck becoming a much better person than we've seen him ever been.Dan becoming a famous author.Serena breaking into the movie industry,although in the production background.Nate also owning his own online tabloid.

Of course there has been shocking revelation.CC who is indeed very sick(although we saw glimpses of this in past seasons).Charlie/Ivy's ex Max who is pretty much a scumbag than the sweet chef that we saw earlier on.Chuck's mother is Diana Payne who is also Nate's girlfriend(ewww) but of course it wasn't reveal to anyone,not even Nate that she's Chuck's mother.

This season instead of Serena,Blair is the center of every guy's attention as Prince Louise,Chuck and Dan are all in love with her.But of course we know who she really loves and in the last episode of the first half of the fifth season(wow that's a mouthful!),she finally end up choosing him but not without a tragedy,as it always is because what fun would it be if everybody lived happily ever after?

The question is,what will happen when the season continues in a few more months?It seems like Diana will reveal herself.Will Blair ever get her happy ending?

I have to say that this season was a bit blah that at some point I think the writers of the show have no other ideas on how to make it better that they have to come up with outrageous things.

Annie becoming an escort which leads to a bit of prostitution.Dixon got addicted to ADHD medicine.Navid is 'helping' his uncle with his illegal activities.Raj & Ivy are on the rocks.Liam becomes a famous male model.

The point being,the end of the season was explosive and unexpected and frustrating.Naomi got betrayed..I was so angry at stupid Austin!She should have stayed with Max!What will happen to Liam?And will Silver ever know the truth about Navid??Questionssss which will only be answered in the next few months!

I will blog more about other tv series soon--pictures below.But some other times cos' typing is tiring!hahaha :P