Super comfy maxi dresses frm

Tuesday, December 20, 2011 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

It's hard to find a maxi dress that will fit me well because of my height and body shape.Most of the time,the maxi dress will end up becoming a midi on me because of my height.Some are made out of unflattering material which makes you not only look but also feel uncomfortable.

Pleat maxi dress from
But now I don't have that problem anymore thanks to,for providing me with chic and comfortable maxi dresses which I can purchase with a click away.They are always prompt with shipping as well.From the 3 times that I've ordered from them,I've never gotten my items late as it'll arrive in 2 days.

 So far I've gotten 4 pretty maxi dresses from them but my fave has got to be the pleat maxi dress which comes with a pretty braided belt as well.I have them in 2 colors,blue and purple.It is so affordable--which explains why I got it in 2 different colors--hey if something fits you well & is comfy,better buy in various colors!:P

So for girls out there who wants to find comfortable,affordable and pretty maxi dresses,go to!

Below are a few pics of me wearing the dresses..:)
Me with Jezmine Zaidan,owner of Oldblossombox
when I partake in her recent Preloved party,
selling my brownies &cookies
With Razin
In the purple one!