Tackling the Cherry Brown Butter Bar recipe

Monday, December 26, 2011 Liyana Hanim 4 Comments

I love cherries and I always correct people who says that it taste medicinal.Because in actual fact,cherries were used in medicine such as cough syrups because they have sleep inducing properties and that's why when people taste them,they associated it with it.

If you don't believe me,try eating a big bowl of fresh cherries(not the maraschino kind) or even a few handful of them & wait for a few minutes for the zzzz effect to kick in.

So a few months ago,I came about this recipe but I never tried it because...

1)Fresh cherries are expensive here in Malaysia.
2)I don't have a cherry pitter.
3)I tend to eat cherries rather than bake them.hahaha.
4)Some cherries aren't sweet & lean towards the sour side instead.

But yesterday I bought 2 cartons of cherries& pitted them last night--using a satay bamboo stick which was A DISASTER & it looked like a murder scene because the cherry juice is redddd.
Cherry blood allover!
But this morning,I finally did it!!And the result--IT TASTED AWESOME!The recipe is really simple and the only hard part was pitting out all of those cherries!There's 3 steps.

1.Make the crust & bake it & then cool it.
2.Arrange the cherries on the crust.
3.Make the brown butter filling & pour it over the cherries & bake.

Making the crust
Arranging the cherries
Pour in the filling
Tadaaaaa :)

Super awesome because usually whenever I bake or cook something,most of the time I don't really eat it.But this time I really enjoyed eating it.So this will be my fave recipe next to the creme brulee & blueberry boy bait cake.

You can get the recipe from HERE.Happy baking!:)


Alkisah said...

woha nampak awesome..

Liyana.H said...

rasanya pon awesome!:)

it looks good! *drools =D

Liyana.H said...

zufeeqah:it taste good too!try d recipe on d link!:)