What a way to end 2011

Saturday, December 31, 2011 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

In less than 24 hours between last night and noon today, I managed to (a) got mugged & (b) got my car hit by an accident no thanks to a careless driver!Feel so damn malas(lazy) to elaborate on both matters because everything has happened and nothing bad happened to me during both mishaps.

My mum & my lil brother who was in the car with me are okay as well.What matters like what the boyfriend said,is that I'm okay and not hurt/injured in any kind of way.

I was so glad that my boyfriend was there for me on both occasions.He proves it further how awesome he is to me not that he's not awesome before,but now he's even super duper more awesome!haha.He dropped everything,his deadline &all,to be there for me.I.Love.You.

Today my dad actually came back from his office in KLIA which is like an hour or so away & came to the police station along with my brothers & boyfriend.So much support so how could I not be the strong person that I am?

So I'll try to persevere by being car-less for the time being though actually I've no idea how I'm going to go to work..T_T..

But above all that,I am thankful for a great support system--my family and the boyfriend.They make me feel safe and that nothing can harm me even after all that has happened.Let's hope for the best in 2012!:)