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Hey everyone!How did you spend your new years??Me?The picture below describe it best..haha.Me & the boyfriend Skype until wee hours in the morning because he was completing his model(the one he's holding).
How we spend our new years:P
Below are 2 pictures of my wrecked car.Thankfully the verdict is out from the police's investigation and the person at fault has to pay for the damage from her insurance.So now I still have to wait for my car to be fixed.

My poor car!
From all that has happened,I am VERY THANKFUL for the people in my life who are willing to help me out in my time of need.It's hard for me to go places now because my parents house are far from any public transportation and having a car helps a lot to go to work and going out.

But thankfully,my dad has been sending me to work every morning so I have to wake up like 5.45 am EVERYDAY until my car is fixed because my dad's office is about 1 hour a few mins from home.So he has to drop me off before he goes to KLIA.I managed to change my work schedule with a lot of my friends so that I can work at 7am almost everyday to be able to have my dad send me to work.

My super duper awesome boyfriend picks me up after work(cos my dad goes back way later than me) so I'm very thankful for that as well.It's great to know that I can count on the men in my life.:)

Yummy choc chip cookies!
I baked 500 pieces of choc chip cookies for one of my senior's at work brother's wedding and it was the biggest one shot order I ever had.I've baked more cookies for Raya orders but that was huge single order.And the funny thing was I had to bake all of them while having to handle being mugged and also involving in a car accident a day before the order was due.Yes super me!:P

Yesterday I went to a wedding of one of my super senior in uni days,Azam & Baby(farhana).Both of them are TESLians & I am so happy for them both.Especially Azam because me & my bestie Izza who knows him,knows how it took him a long time to find someone like Baby.

The bride & groom!Me on the right,behind them with Izza!
Finally Azam found his happy ever after!Thank you to Izza for picking me up for the wedding!:)

I'm the second on the right with almost all  of the TESLians girls
More friends!
The food at the wedding was SO GOOD!Nasi minyak,daging briyani & ayam masak merah(didn't get a pic cos I was so hungry!)was super sedappp..The wedding cake was good as well..nomnomnom..haha.I only managed to snap a pic of the SECOND slice of wedding cake--me,izza & our friends ate one slice & went for more!haha
The wedding cake..yummm!

It wouldn't be a blog entry without me posting about something on food!:P

2 of my fave dishes from my mum are her prawn + corn fritters & also ikan belah belakang(which my late Kedahan grandma who always make them for me calls it) or ikan jaket as most Malaysians knows it.Had both of them sometime this week!The fritters are a fave of our family for tea time.They're very crispy and delicious filled with prawns,corn,spring onions & onions!I always dip them with thai chilli sauce.

Fritters--super crispy and yummy..dip them with thai chilli sauce!
The ikan belah belakang or stuffed fish in english are fish(my grandma usually makes them using ikan cencaru but I prefer ikan kembung cos they're smaller & easier to eat!) stuffed with a mixture of onions in sambal or coconut.My family never uses coconut,only the onions.

Anticlockwise:Sambal tumis petai.ikan jaket/belah belakang,
omelet(hidden beneath d veg) & sauteed spinach!
Years ago,ever since I was a kid,my late maternal grandma who hails from Alor Setar would make them for me & I ate it with a gusto so she'll always make them for me.I am very thankful that my mother mastered the dish very well so I can eat them whenever I want!They taste so good with rice!

My 2 favorite new tv series(among the many others that I am watching) are Revenge and American Horror Story.

Revenge is about Emily Thorne or her real name Amanda Clarke who's bent on getting her revenge on the people who ruined her life by framing her late father and making the world believed that he was a criminal.The storyline is quite clever and I felt really sorry for Emily/Amanda because she has no one--no family member at all and her focus is only on getting revenge for her dad.

American Horror Story is so sick and disturbing!The boyfriend downloaded them & I watched it with him cos I was scared to watch it alone!haha.I only managed to watch until episode 5 but even then I was like..will things become more disturbing than it already is?It boggles my mind because the brain behind the series is the same people behind the bright and bubbly GLEE!

The character Tate is so disturbing because I was so smart to actually look the series up on the net so I kinda know what will happen soon.The boyfriend really pity Ben though at first I was like 'cheating bastard'!haha But then as the storyline grew,I do feel sorry for him.

That house is not a good place to live in!The series has many graphic scenes--masturbation,blood and gore and lots more so even if it is aired here,they'll probably cut out a LOT of the scenes.It's better that you download them!

Will try to blog more soon!:) Please pray that I'll get my car back soon as well!


So happy for Azam :)

Liyana.H said...

me too!hopefully one fine day we'll be happily married as well..:)