Wowweee--comeback with a long post!:)

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Man I haven't blog in quite sometime!!Sorry dear blog readers but I've been really busy lately!The good news is that I got my car back last Saturday!!Alhamdulillah..Now it's easier for me to go to places & don't have to rely so much on my dad or boyfriend for transport.Phewww..

What have I been up too?Well..on the cooking/baking front..I made more choc chip cookies for my workmates who ordered them.Also when boyf's lil sister went to Cameron,she bought back a bunch of strawberries & I turned them into strawberry sauce because I was craving for a strawberry sundae.Yummm!

Fresh strawberries!
Strawberry sundae!
On the family youngest brother was admitted to KPJ due to him having a growth behind his ear.He's fine now though but poor him because he had to undergo his first surgery..granted I've never had to experience that either other than 2 minor surgery in my mouth.
Lil brother!
The boyf showing my lil brother's anesthetic form..haha 
Eats with the boyf!:) 
He ended his project last Friday & he picked me up for tea after it ended.We had a bite at Coffee Bean & I loveee their new Wild Cherry ice blended..soo yumm!It's sayang's fave place for his fave salad,the Caesar salad.Yes,I have a boyfriend who loves eating salad more than I do..haha.

Him in a super spiffy shirt that I got him..:P A slice of tiramisu cos he was tempted by the ladyfingers on the side & my drink--wild cherry ice blended
Huge portion of caesar salad w smoked salmon--his fave not mine!
On Saturday when I got my car & was driving it for the first time,a bloody stupid saga car who didn't give any signal took over my car from the front to go to the other side of the roundabout when in fact I had already given my signal loonggg before.BLOODY HELL!

I was a bit shaken because I so didn't want to be involve with an accident again!So luckily I manage to hit the brakes & gave him a longgg and loud honking.hah!Girls and guys always beware because although you're a good driver,others might not be so you have to be aware of them at all times.The boyf was very considerate that in the lull of what happened,he bought me lele penyet with 2 soda gembira for dinner(banyaknyer!) & creme brulee cheesecake to compensate..hehe.

The next night I told him that I wanted to try this Japanese restaurant right in our hometown--Shah Alam.Because I've seen the place for years but never wanted to try it out.The name of the place is Sakura Fuji restaurant & I've to say that the food there is good& their service is very nice.
My vege tempura
His teriyaki salmon..hugeee portion!
My spider roll which I didn't finish cos it was huugee
 BUT I packed it for lunch at the office the next day!:)

Amazon purchases:
I have always,always been browsing on Amazon for yearsssss but never come close in purchasing anything from it.I ALMOST did once but when I wanted to checkout,I saw that the shipping cost actually cost more than my total bill!

And plus some items like jewelry or cosmetics can't be shipped here.So luckily,boyfriend's bestfriend who was in US for a holiday gave his brother's NY address & I manage to get everything shipped there!Yeayyy And he brought back everything here!!:)

I bought a box of sparkly set of 5 earrings,an aquamarine earrings(so pretty!!),a book by one of my fave dessert chef,David Lebovitz and a pair of snazzy socks for the boyf(he loves them& are always on the lookout for colorful socks!hehe)
My book & his socks!

Old(new to me) movies that I've watched recently:

Monster Inc.
I love Boo!!so cuteee
I know I know,I should have watched this movie a zillion years ago..hahaha.My brothers watched it but I never had any interest in it UNTIL one day during one of our random conversations,boyfriend found out I never watched it.So he insisted that I watched it with him.His brothers and mum was shocked when he told them(while I was there) that I never watched it..hahaha.

So watched it I did..And it was so cute and funny.I love it!Learned a few things from the boyfriend as well--that the movie was the first time that Pixar uses the technology for the 'fur' on Sulley and that they actually used a real little kid for Boo' voice!Can't wait for the sequel!:)

Funny Face
I loveee Audrey Hepburn.I have a few of her movies--Breakfast at tiffany's, My fair lady,Roman Holiday and Paris when it sizzles.And this movie is good as well.It made me wanted to look as thin as her(I wish!)..haha.She's just so stunning!This movie is about a girl who works as a book shopkeeper and when a magazine was doing a shoot there,the photographer 'discovered' her!

New tv series that I loveeeeeee...

Jane by Design

Remember weeks back when I blogged about this show because I saw the advert in Instyle US Dec 2011 issue?It's finally out and now I'm on the 2nd episode.Can't wait for ep 3!!

I love love the fashion aspect of this show.It is 100% about fashion.The main character is Jane,a high school student who's also doubling as an assistant to a famous fashion designer!Pretty crazy when she has to juggle both at the same time.I find her bestfriend Max as being reallllyyyy cute!The jock who likes her isn't bad either..hehe I would definitely keep watching this and you guys should too!!


So I've been a celcom line customer for close to one year now.My boyfriend and I took a plan at the start of our relationship--principal &supp line--so that it's easier and cheaper for us to communicate since we're the kind who talk/text each other everyday!

So at times I always subscribed Celcom's weekly broadband so that I can use the net whenever I'm bored at work since the proxy here is iron clad(we do have a lot of p&c info here so I guess having an internet connection could lead to leakage!).

But Celcom will always sms me a day before the plan ends to remind me or an hour before..WITHOUT FAIL.So one day,they didn't do EITHER and I got no message.So me,being busy with work,didn't realize that my plan has ended 2 days ago and I imagine my surprise when my hp was barred!

Turns out the ongoing internet on my hp for the past 2 days racked up until rm400 something.I knew this because previously I paid extra rm135 and I checked my balance it was rm280 something!It's not my fault that they neglected to send me a reminder!
Proof that I paid extra!!(on top)
But I went to the Celcom center at Sect 9 with the boyfriend who was equally miffed about it & this counter girl there wasn't helpful at all.Seriously if they have those 'rate me' touchscreen thingy like the ones in Balai Polis sect 9 shah alam,I'd choose not helpful at all!

She actually turned it on me saying that I should be aware when the plan ended..Yes that makes a lot of sense since some PEOPLE ARE BUSY WITH THEIR WORK/LIFE and how the heck can you remember something that you signed up for days ago??

You should empathize with your customer who have paid extra in her current bill and now the amount is gone & to top it off,she has to pay more!Her solution was,write a letter to request for reimbursement but she was going might not get any refund in a tone that's saying like 'hah don't count on it!Dah la butt ugly pastuh nak kerek pulak.eewwwwww puhleaseee!(sorry for being a bit mean!)

I still won't budge and won't be paying for the incurred charge in the past 2 days.But I will draft a letter in the hopes that Celcom will fix this blunder.Funny the fact that for the year 2012,they didn't fix their sms-sending system for their customers!HURMPHH!

Anyhoo,that's all folks!Will try to update more!:)