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Intro in BM(bahasa melayu/malay language):Buat apa ada blog tapi tak update kan?Adoi.Maaflah rakan2..sangat sibuk & adalah app blogger on ipad2 ni mcm bengoms sket.Asyik2 gambar berat la ape la.Akhirnya dapat update!Jadi terimalah.Maaf entri di bawah dalam bahasa inggeris sebab..saya graduan TESL.hehe

This post will be very long & it took me like weeks to finally post it!haha Been really busy..:)

Razin's lil brother,Raushan's bbq farewell & KLIA send off

BBQ food!
Last week,the boyfriend's lil brother went to Sydney to further his studies so I went along with them to send him as the night before we had a bbq farewell dinner at their house as well.It was very sad watching the reactions of their family members when he was about to board.
Boyf bbq-ing with his lil brother
The bbq was with his family and their significant other as well..hehe..Which means his lil sister's boyfriend & his brother's girlfriend was there as well.Had a sleepover in his lil sister's room afterwards & woke up at 5am something to go to KLIA.

There were chicken,squid,lamb,prawns,asparagus,potato and garlic bread at the bbq.Ended the meal with my impromptu grilled bananas in their peel,topped with Starbucks Hot Chocolate ice cream.His dad loved it!:)
Shan's gf helping him pack to Sydney!
His whole family minus his eldest sister who is still in
confinement aftr giving birth 2 weeks back.
We had breakfast at KFC and then send Shan sad..If I was him,I'd be scared & super excited at the same time..Scary going there all alone!
New book!
Oh,on a tiny happy note,while we were walking in KLIA that morning & went to the bookshop,I saw Sophie Kinsella's new book!Her last book was quite sometime back.I have all of her book and I like how it is lighter reading material than my other books as her stories are always so funny.

Citta Mall dinner with Razin

The last time we went to Citta Mall was when boyfriend's father treated everyone dinner at Meatworks there which was a few months back.Plus the last time I ate Wondermilk cupcakes was during Raya last year!That was quite sometime back!

I loveee their chocolate orange cupcake.I think it's worth the money because one tiny cupcake packs a punch of flavor!So I bought 3 chocolate orange cupcakes,2 flavors that I haven't tried--coconut lime(which I didn't like) & strawberry chocolate and also one for the boyfriend(who's not a cupcake fan as he prefers cake,not tiny cupcakes..haha) which is pb&jelly.

We had dinner at Chilli's..a first time for me(have only eaten their brownie) because the boyfriend said the food there was pretty good.We shared 4 dishes.Caesar salad,club sandwich(love this as the bread is toasted with garlice butter),bbq ribs(Meatworks one tasted much better)& chicken quesadillas (which the boyfriend corrected my pronunciation..haha.I was like..I'm not Mexican!).
We shopped at Presto supermarket there and Razin was so patient with me & followed me to see everything in each aisle as I love looking at groceries that you can't get at Tesco or Giant.Bought all of the above.The rootbeer in the bottle which is by Stewarts was veryyy tasty!Pity there was just one bottle left at the supermarket!:(

Girly day out=shop shop shop with Qeema(razin's lil sis),Aimi & Izza.

When the boyfriend was busy helping out with his bestfriend Aie for Bara Wargakota(Noh Hujan & Carleed) music video for Projek Pop,I went out with his little sister Qeema to Sunway & KL to shop for his birthday stuffs & also book his Haagen Dazs ice cream cake(it needs 3 days of booking).
Inari sushi with canned tuna or salmon inside&cheese on top!yummm
Went to Sunway first to book the cake & then Qeema brought me to Sushi Zanmai(my first time eating there) & I love it cos the food was good & cheap as well.

Then we went to Fahrenheit at Bukit Bintang& shopped for Razin's gift & also I splurged a bit at Sephora.hehe.I loveee their various nailpolish.Remember the bright pink one I wore in my previous blogpost?
Sephora splurge!
I bought 2 more colors,sparkly purple & a deep teal color.Also tried on Bare Minerals makeup & loveee it.The makeup went on so smoothly on my skin without looking cakey.Bought another of the nail correcting pen cos it's so easy to clean the nail polish without ruining the whole manicure.

Party Nails!haha
While I was going around Sephora,looking at all the pretty things,I was suddenly aware that Aimi & Qeema is gone..turns out they were trying on all of the nailpolish color at Pop counter..haha Look at their nails above!Got myself a new tube of the Fresh Sugar Passion tinted lipbalm since my last one was in the bag that I got mugged!:(Oh I used my rm75 sephora voucher btw.hehe

Ended our night with dinner at Ben's & I loveeee their Garden Spritzer drink..It's so good I tell you!I ate the sesama encrusted salmon which was a little undercook!I guess I should have ordered their chicken pie instead..:( Before that we went to Tokyo Walk which was Qeema's first time there.Bought a slice of meringue mango pie from this pretty pie/tarts shop which I forgot the name!

Garden Spritzer!
My shopping haul:jdenim jacket frm F21,pink cardy& dress frm Teetoo
& dresses frm Fahrenheit.
Hawaiian Melt obsession 
My kitchen samurai!
Ever since I tasted the Hawaiian Melt from Juiceworks,I was like was very tasty!So I'm glad that the boyf made it for me!His version is so much better!hehe.Basically hawaiian melt consist of cheese,chicken slice,pineapples,bread & mayo.It's really tasty..try it!
Syg edit this with his camera
Rainbow shoes!
I found these pretty and comfy airwalk shoes at Payless when I went there with my mum & little brothers to Sunway a few days back.I absolutely love it!

Razin's 27th Birthday..:)

So my beloved boyfriend turned 27 on 23rd of March.It was an awesome day for him.Right at 12 am,me,him & his bestie Aie was at Jalan Alor because Aie wanted to have dinner.It was his treat & since me & the boyf have never eaten there before,he ordered for us.Love the food!So good!We had fried rice with squid cooked in salted egg yolk,stir fried baby kailan & chicken wings.
Nasi goreng,chicken wings,squid cooked w salted yolk & baby kailan.
*Funny thing* 
Right after our supper with Aie at Jalan Alor,I gave Razin his pre-birthday gift which I hid in the car boot!Why pre?Well his actual birthday gift was something that I will give him on the night of his birthday family dinner which also involves a scavenger hunt!.:P Also I have him this tiny Haagen Dazs cake in the shape of a heart saying that,that is his birthday was like bite size..haha.
Berryfic sundae
In the morning,I bought him breakfast from Ceria in sect 3 shah alam.His favorite place for nasi lemak.Then for lunch we went to Pavillion & ate at Ben's.He pace himself because he had a big breakfast so ordered caesar salad & buffalo wings.I had the soft shell crab salad & mushroom soup.Both was so-so..:( I had like 2 glasses of Garden Spritzer!hehe.But the berryfic sundae was so yummy!Very good!

Afterwards we walked a bit and I also bought a few things at TYPO.I FREAKING LOVE THAT PLACE!While we were there,I was secretly text messaging with his lil sister though it wasn't very discreet his boyfriend was a bit suspicious.haha.She was picking up the birthday cake that we ordered AND also helping me hid all of the envelopes with clues for Razin's scavenger hunt!
My TYPO haul
Taddaaaa..Razin's birthday cake filled with caramel biscuit and cream ice cream.He told me a few weeks before that he wanted an ice cream birthday cake.He loved it!:) We had this after dinner of takeaway Nandos with his family.He got a lot of gifts!The part of the scavenger hunt for my gift was really fun..haha What was it?Well,that's just for us to know..:)
A very yummy birthday cake!

Room makeover!

 I made the flower on top using IKEA tissue paper!
 My mum has been wanting to makeover my room since last year.So I bought a new wardrobe & shoe closet for my room last year which I did blogged about.We finally bought paint last week & she painted my room with two tones of lavender!It looked so pretty!

Pretty lavender walls!
I also bought this pretty end table from IKEA for like rm99!Went there with the boyf & bought a mirror as well.I even put the end table on my own at home in less than 20 minutes!Yeay me!haha.
Did it on my own!

Now I have a place to put all my sttufs!haha

Vera Wang Wedding App
My favorite ipad app is this vera wedding app.It is so pretty and it is free!I love how it is so organize and there's many categories,pictures and articles to help the bride to be.Definitely a keeper of an app.
A section on real weddings filled with pictures!
My dream wedding cake!So simple!:)
My new perfume!Love the smell!

Fashion Valet purchase
My fashion valet purchases
I finally bought stuffs at Fashion Valet!Bought a bag organizer for me to put all of my craps.I carry so many things in my bag and this helps a lot.The bag was by Gin & Jacqie.I also a pink ipad bag for duh,my ipad.haha.Funny thing,a necklace that I saw during Chic Pop on my birthday last year at Mimpikita's stall but didn't buy it,was sold on Fashion Valet & I just had to get it!I loveee the necklace.

So that's my long blog post folks!haha Sorry been busy with life,work and love..:)


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