April is our mother's birthday month!

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Before going about and blogging on what I did for these past 2 weeks,I have to say this..I can't wait for Jason Mraz's new album!I love his new single 'I won't give up'..it's so beautiful and the lyrics are so true.I hope the rumours that he'll be coming to Malaysia this year is true.And also if things goes well,the boyfriend & me might be going to Russell Peters show at Stadium Malawati!It's near both of our houses!yeayyyyy!
A song that I can't stop listening to!
The month of April is the birthday of my mum and also the boyfriend's mum.So for mum's birthday,I brought my family to Cameron Highlands..I booked 3 rooms at Century Pines Resort.But because my brother Haziq couldn't go my mum wanted to invite 3 of her sisters to share 1 room and also my cousin Adila(the youngest child of one's of my aunts) followed her mum as well.Two cars to Cameron.We met up at Tapah RnR & arrived at Cameron around an hour later.

Century Pines!
Check in time was at 3pm so we went about first and stopped at Cactus Valley.I've been there like 5 times already?But it was my parents first time in going back there in like 8 years I think.haha.There were too many people there so I didn't get to eat my fave strawberry sundae at the Big Strawberry Farm.I've eaten it 2 times and both were so yummmmahhhh.Next time I guess..but you guys shouldn't miss eating that whenever you go to Cactus Valley Big Strawberry Farm!It's so good!

Pretty flowers at Cactus Valley shop
Then we went to Kea Farm Markets,the biggest markets there, to look at what to buy for the next day.I saw so many pretty flowers that I will definitely buy before we go back!
Vibrant colors at the market!
My family
After checking in we ate lunch & then took a quick nap & then went around Cameron.But by them it was already 5 pm so a lot of the shops have already closed.But the Bee Farm was still open.
My room!
The bee farm!
My parents remembered that they went here 8 years back and I told them that the whole place had already been renovated.
Ikan bawal bakar!
We had dinner at this Ikan bakar place in Brinchang.The food was good and the ingredients used was fresh,and total bill was only rm95.There was a lot of food because some of us shared lauk while others ordered fried rice dishes and everything was cheap!The next time I go to Cameron,would definitely go back to eat there again.:)
Met this super cute baby!
#Random..on the way to our respective cars,we met this super cute chubby cheeks baby who was being held by her grandpa.She has such rosy cheeks!Being fed healthy food grown on Cameron soil must have made this baby looked so cherubic!
Only the mocha praline was mine!Everything was 30% off!:)
In Cameron,there's nothing much to do at night.haha So since my cousin Adila works at Starbucks,we used her 30% off discount at Cameron's Starbucks..hehe.I bought my fave mocha praline & my parents & aunts tasted it & all of them loved it.Mama said it tasted like cake!Bought mama blueberry cheesecake since there was no whole cake in Cameron Highlands.Or because any nearest bakery have already closed by 5pm.
After the so-so buffet breakfast whereby my aunts & parents shared horror story from last night because apparently there was a 'langsuir/pontianak' roaming in the forest across our rooms & they heard her wailing and this was confirmed when my aunt asked the waiter at the buffet.I wanted more confirmation so I asked the front desk while I was checking out.And she confirmed that the forest was haunted!gagaga.

Thankfully me & my cousin didn't heard anything in our room because we closed the windows & curtains.My parents heard it clearly because their window was open.So our advice,ask for the room facing the front of the hotel,not the back!*gulp*

After breakfast,we went to buy our stuffs..Went to Kea Farm Markets where I bought so many flowers--roses(i got lavender colored ones!),gerbera daisies,carnations(in purple & pink!),tuberose(my mum's fave--harum sundal malam in malay),pink tiger lilies,wild lilies,sunflowers&lavender all for just rm55!!CRAZY!If in Klang Valley all of those flowers would have cost me close to rm500 maybe..:)
Some of my buys!
I also bought some veggies & plants for boyf's lil sister & mother.Found this pretty purple chillies plant that is edible!Parsley,oregano & capsicum as well!Loveee plants that I can use for my cooking..:)

After buying lots of plants at the Fragrant flowers farm(you can't miss it as it is after Brinchang but before Kea Farms) where they have very helpful,nice & knowledgeable Bangladesh employers--different than the Bangladesh in Klang Valley,we went back to the hotel to check out.Then we went to Palas tea centre to have some tea.Mama found this unique tea-Tongkat Ali tea!And bought it for ayah!haha

Beautiful tea plantation view
We also stopped at Lata Iskandar and since it was Monday,there was no one around.The waterfall was clean and eventhough there weren't many people there,we won't bathe there because the water was freezing cold!
At Lata Iskandar
When we got home,what I did was arrange all of the flowers into 6 different arrangements!I gave one for my mum,one for my room,one for boyf's room,one for his lil sis,his mum & his maid!:)
All the flowers that I got
Flower arrangements by me!:)
The next day I helped boyfriend's little sister Qeema to prepare for their mother's birthday barbeque which is also their father's employers get together at their house.Went to Tesco at night to buy all the chicken & the boyfriend helped us prepare the beef & chicken to marinate them.

Siblings in the kitchen
I wanted to eat the Mars Bars in the fridge and Qeema suggested we made deep fried mars bars using the filo pastry I bought before this.So below is the picture below.I had to ask for help from boyf because I was really bad in folding/wrapping the dough.He's an expert because his mum taught him how to make springrolls/popiah before this & I actually have helped him before but I totally forgot about it.
Deep fried mars bars!
 In the morning,we prep the food.Coleslaw,the drinks,mashed potato and many more!Boyfriend was of course in charge of the fire!It was veryyyy hot because there were so many charcoal on the barbeque since we had to barbeque lots of foods as there were plenty of guests!

Preparing the grill
But everything was good and it was heartwarming when the guests asked who made the food & boyfriend's mum told them it was me & his little sister..:)
The pitt,the food & my hero
Aunty's birthday cake!
His black hands!
Me & Qeema bbq-ing
The food!

It was veryyyy tiring especially when you have to continuously barbeque food for 5 hours straight and the heat was veryyyyy hot!But I was glad everybody had a great time and I ate a lot!hehe Chicken wings,beef,mashed potato,coleslaw,kuah durian with pulut(from their neighour..sooooo good!),garlic bread,sausages& fruit! 

I will try to blog more soon dear blog readers!:))