Chilli Rush-ing it

Wednesday, April 25, 2012 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

This is actually an overdue post since me & the boyfriend went there a few weeks back.:)

So,I have been hearing about Chilli Rush and I thought me & the boyfriend should give it a go and try it out.Plus I have eaten very spicy foods before so I was a bit ready.haha.

The spiciest dish I have ever tasted was when one day my late grandmother on my mother's side accidentally messed up her sambal tumis petai and it was super hot that my ears actually BUZZED.Yes it was THAT HOT that I could hear my ears was RINGING!

So I wasn't that scared going to Chilli Rush but I didn't want to numb my tastebuds either so I choose the number 6!The spicy chicken wings range from number 1-10.For more info you can go to their website HERE.

We ordered other dishes as well--caesar salad and their crispy squid & aubergine pasta.The salad was okay but the pasta was nothing to shout about.Now how about the chicken wings?It was quite spicy but not that spicy lah.

BUT the big issue which the boyfriend mentioned was that it wasn't tasty!Spicy dishes can be tasty if done well.So I wasn't sure if they were having an off day or something but it wasn't good and had a bitter aftertaste.Would we be coming back to Chilli Rush?Probably not.