The month of March

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I loveee this guy!:)
Can't believe that April is already here!April is the birthday month for me & the boyfriend's mum's birthday falls on the 8th(we went to Cameron on Sunday to celebrate!:) while his mum's birthday falls on the 11th..hehe.March has been a pretty awesome month for me.So below are some of the things I've been doing for this month


Who doesn't love shopping right?Okay maybe not all love spending hours going from one store to another looking for great bargains but some people use online shopping sites instead.Me?I use both!hehe

Below are some of my purchases for this month!:)

Old blossom box clothes!I love shopping there as there's so many cute clothes and that is why whenever I go in I rarely come out empty handed.haha Plus,Jezmine the owner is so nice!:)
New shoes!I love shopping at Payless shoe source because they arrange the shoes according to the sizes which makes it so much easier to choose as you just try them on,on your own,no need to ask for assistance.I think ever since they open shop at Sunway Pyramid I've bought 7 pairs of shoes from them.hehe.The shoes are comfy!

Aimi with lotsa barbies at Empire's TOYSRUS.
Beauty haul from Kiehls,Dior and Mac.
Got all of the items below when I went shopping with Aimi at Sunway & Empire Subang.The sale was going on and I went mad a bit.hehe.

Got these two baking cookbooks that I ordered from Kinokuniya online store.I have been searching for The Hummingbird Bakery cookbook high and low as an epublisher version so I can keep it on the ipad,for free but no luck.So I thought the heck just buy the original one.
Chocolate & hazelnut cupcake

Strawberry cheesecake cupcake
And the Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook I saw in Flavours magazine and because I have read so many great things about David Chang's Momofuku restaurant and his brainchild,Momofuku Milk Bar which is helm by Christina Tosi,I just had to get the book as well.So far I have baked two cupcakes from The Hummingbird cookbook & the crack pie recipe from Momofuku.
After hearing rave reviews about Clarisonic everywhere from the tv show Suburgatory to fashion magazines to supermodels,I decided to buy one for myself.I have to say the results have been good.But I have yet to use it for more than a month so we have to wait for the full results.I bought the Plus range and not the smaller Mia range after getting consultation from the helpful people at Sephora.
I love watching all the torrents that I downloaded via my tv instead of the laptop because of the obvious since everything looks much bigger.hehe.So the boyfriend have been telling me about this gadget above which is called WD Elements Play.
The layout of it on tv
Which basically is like a harddisk since it can store up to 1 Tera of files BUT you can connect it to your television & play all of the torrents/movies/series that you have downloaded!I love it!I use it everyday and now I don't have to watch it on my laptop.Plus I can save all of my other documents like pictures and musics in it as well.
My family,especially my parents will tell you that I have too many shoes..okay maybe that is true if your car boot is filled with shoes & also the shoe closet in your room BUT..a girl can never have too many shoes!haha

So I was ecstatic when the boyfriend's little sister Qeema showed me this shopping site from the States which sells these great shoes without any shipping fee!I even got all of the shoes above for 20% discount because they were having a spring promotion.And they shipped the stuffs very fast and via DHL..:) So I got myself 2 pairs of Steve Madden shoes & 1 from Ninashoes all from the site.

BBQ at boyfriend's house with his family!

The boyfriend and his family loves having barbeque.Ever since they had his stone pitt in their backyard.I think they've done about 5 bbq since then & I've been there everytime helping him grill the food.He's becoming very good at grilling now.haha.My fave things to grill is fishes,prawns and chicken.But the boyf loves lamb which I don't like at all.:P
Boyfriend hard at work..:)
Future Music Festival Asia 2012

My friend Aimi is working with Flyfm & during the recent Future Music Festival Asia,I went there with her because she got free tix.Thought it wasn't really my scene,I was there to support my friend.The event was quite far from Klang Valley.It was in Sepang!I have to say the layout of the event was great because it made it easier for everyone to move about.A few pictures of us there.
My friend Aimi
The VIP room

Late gradma's tahlil
Thanks for those who came!

My family had a tahlil for my late grandma on my mum's side.I helped my mum and my aunts cooked the food for the tahlil and we ended up with lots of food because lots of people came & brought even more food!The house was filled to the brim with people!
Me in black with boyfriend and his mum,sis and bro.
Razin came with his family as well.It was the first time my parents met his mum and was surprised when they had lots to talk about.Because my dad and his mum have a few mutual friends together.And of course my dad told them embarrassing stuffs about me..-_-

Mum's nephew wedding at Restoran Seri Melayu

Snap a pic
My mum's nephew had his wedding at Restoran Seri Melayu at Jalan Chulan.The food was the best wedding food I ever tasted.So delicious!
The yummy food!
Also the Prime Minister came and ate with the bride and groom.How nice of him to make some time to attend a wedding.:)
Before the guests arrive
A snap of the bride and groom with our prime minister!
Watched The Vow
I managed to drag my boyfriend to watch The Vow and we watched it at TGV's new swanky The Club cinema at Sunway Pyramid.To me the movie was okay.It wasn't that great but it was quite enjoyable.There was one scene that was very sad that I shed a tear and even the boyfriend agreed that it was sad.Hint:It involves Channing Tatum's character playing the guitar in his studio.

Recolored my hair

Used this Groupon voucher to recolor my hair at A-Saloon in Sunway.I chose the color chocolate raspberry after a consultation with one of the head stylist.He was super nice and also all of his other staff.I will definitely come back again.:)

Random Pics
Helped Qeema(boyf's lil sis) bleach & color her hair
TYPO  heart corkboard!
Haven't watched the movie yet so I bought the  trilogy!
Isn't this baby super cute?This is boyfriend's niece..her name is Qarla!:)


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