My fave new tv series:GCB(Good Christian Bitches)

Friday, April 20, 2012 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

I found out about this tv series through the Flipboard app but I didn't remember which website it was.I love this show because it's so over the top.Dallas women wore so much jewellery and sky high heels.And the funny thing about a lot of them is that they use religion as an excuse/reason to do a lot of things(sounds familiar right with the scenario in our country).

The show was change to Good Christian Belles after backlash from the Christian community but outside of the States,it is named Good Christian Bitches.

The star of the show is Leslie Bibb(you guys remember her from the old tv show Popular?I love that show!) who's character in the show is Amanda Vaughn.She used to be the queen bee in high school and was so mean to her peers. She left Dallas and moved to California when she got married to her highschool sweetheart.But then he died in a tragic but gross accident which made her penniless since he also embezzled money.

So she had to move back to Dallas and live with her extravagant mum,Gigi. Because she doesn't want to use her mother's money although she's super rich,she takes a job as a waitress at Boobylicious(yes that't the exact name) because all of the other company refuses to hire her no thanks to Cricket,one of the girls whom she tortured in school who's now owns most of the business in town.

 The girls whom she was mean to back in high school are now pretty and successful and are the queen bees of the town.Carlene,Sharon,Cricket and Heather rule the town now and all are super rich.So Amanda becomes their victim to pay back what she did to them but everything is hilarious since this is a comedy-drama.

 I am on to episode 8 right now and I can't wait to watch the episodes to come.You guys should watch it as it is hilarious!


a z a l i a said...

i love this series! something new coz i can't stand gossip girls already lols. there's one more series maybe you'd like it, once upon a time. about a curse on the fairytale land and all the characters cant remember who they are and all. quite interesting also. :)

Liyana.H said...

Yes agree and it's funny as hell..haha yeah gossip girl is losing its lustre..everybody is like recycling each other's partner..can u believe it Blair is now with Dan of all people?yes I watch Once upon a time as well..I blogged about it a bit in February here-- :))