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What do you get when you put a bunch of superheroes altogether in one movie?You get one heck of an awesome movie that's what!I have been waiting for The Avengers movie to come out especially because I have watched ALL of the movies leading to it which is Iron Man,Iron Man 2,The Incredible Hulk,Thor and Captain America.And of course,if you wait until the end credits of each movie,you can see the sneak peek of the upcoming movie!

My boyfriend and I love to watch movies.We have watch so many movies to count and yes,usually I would have reviewed all of them but there's been so many that it's either I forgot or didn't have time.haha.

Some of the recent that we watched was Chronicles--super realistic & awesome,Battleship--awesome because full of action..but it's just that,an ACTION movie..note that I stress on the word 'action' so that other people won't try to make it into something else.Just enjoy the action part of it!:) & a few more.

Maybe one fine day I will blog finally about all of the movies I've watched this year.But that would be quite a long post.Okay I'm done side tracking.Will continue on my opinion of THE AVENGERS!

I freaking love it!!!There's humor,there's friendship,there's plenty of action(always good for me!) and there's Tony Stark!hahaha.Boyfriend bought the tickets online from GSC 5 days before the movie.Yes we were THAT excited.:P We watched the midnight movie right when it came out in Malaysia.

My two favorite superheroes are Tony Stark/Iron Man and Bruce Banner/The Hulk.Robert Downey Jr is of course awesome..duh!He has some of the best lines in the movie probably because he is a smart ass and super witty.Mark Ruffalo did a good job in replacing Edward Norton as Bruce Banner.He definitely injects fear in a lot of people in the movie.

One scene which involves Black Widow(whom I secretly wish I was..haha she's so cool!) and The Hulk,you can see fear in her eyes.One of the hilarious part was between The Hulk and Loki(the diva villain in this movie!) in Stark's tower.That was hilarious.

I have to bring some bad of the characters in the movie passed away.I won't say who but it was very sad.The only recurring female character other than Black Widow is Pepper Potts.No Liv Tyler or Natalie Portman in the movie.Captain America was funny too because he has to adapt to his new environment after being frozen for 70 years!

One of the only superheros who can take down or almost at the same par as The Hulk is Thor.Well he is a 'god' anyway.Right when the movie was about to end I was a bit sad because it's like they had only begun.I want The Avengers 2 pretty please!!

For those who haven't watched the movie yet,wait until the end credits for Thanos,the villain whom my boyfriend says will appear in the Iron Man 3 OR The Avengers 2(please oh please come back I want more!).Also you guys will see Stan Lee's cameo in the movie..hehe.

So people,bring your family and friends to watch The Avengers because you're in for a ride!Below is the trailer from Marvel.


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