April Food Porn(with some from May :P)

Monday, May 07, 2012 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Pictures of what I ate during April with some from the month of May.:)
My fave cherry soda & nougat!
Super soft mochi from Sakae Sushi
Mama's ikan belah belakang--love eating it with rice.
Made tomyam campur!
Cucur udang jagung..so good!
Love Ben & Jerry's
Nasi briyani at cousin's wedding
Desserts from the dessert table at the wedding:
How I eat my cheeseburger:fries on it
Horlicks crunchy mcflurry..so good!
Me & the boyf tasted Domino's new crust..so good!
Barbeque food from my boyfriend dad's birthday
Breakfast..love fresh coconut.
From pasar tani sect 13 shah alam every sunday:popiah s.ali& roast chicken
A&W--coney dog,onion rings&rootbeer float
Goreng pisang(banana fritters)
Baked cheesecake brownies
Takeout Homst food!
Baked chocolate souffle with the boyfriend & his lil sis.
Simple lunch:mushroom soup with garlic bread & mangoes for dessert
Barbeque prawns from the birthday of my boyfriend's dad

Homemade chocolate chip cookies by me!