Dates and eats

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I go on dates with the boyfriend almost everyday or every other day.haha But we usually spend it hanging out watching movies at home though we do go out once a week.Here are some of the pics of eats from our dates.:)
Me in my fave Steve Madden wedges!
Above is a picture of me after our date at Chilli Rush(which I have blogged about).I was wearing my fave Forever 21 cropped denim jacket,a Pumpkin studded dress, Charles & Keith bag & Steve Madden Winona wedges(so pretty & colorful!).

A pic of us during lunch before watching Battleship!
The dip for the country fried mushrooms is amazing!
More lunch!
Had lunch with the boyfriend at Manhattan Fish Market because he was craving for Fish and Chips but he was too lazy to drove all the way to OU(he hates traffic) so we went to Subang Parade instead and watched Battleship after lunch.I ordered the grilled platter because I love the grill prawns.Boyfriend ordered fish and chips and also country fried mushrooms & mussels for appetizers.

I haven't had the country fried mushrooms in a very long time & was surprise to see that they change it up and the dip is sooooo damn good!Afterwards we watched Battleship which I love because it was full of action.I was a bit skeptical towards the boyf at the start of the movie because I was like how are they gonna do a movie based on a game?

It is not a movie to be taken seriously of course as it is purely an action movie.But I love that they incorporate a disabled actor and also senior citizens actors who played an important part in the movie.Rihanna didn't do a bad job either!
Afterwards boyfriend went to buy a new ping pong paddle as it is his weekly 'boy's' night out thing..playing ping pong!He bought this paddle that was expensive but then I was like..I spend a lot on shoes,clothes & etc..hahaha.So he should spend it on himself as well.:)
Sayang's fave squid..after many times prev
he managed to make me taste it..pretty good!
Soba noodles!
We had a light dinner at Sushi King and then went home where he made me this sundae below!Bulla Choc Chip ice cream with Hershey's chocolate cracked sauce & crushed oatmeal choc chip cookies(I baked these)!
Sundae boyfriend made for me!
My parents have ate at Famous Thai before but I never did so one day when I didn't know what to eat,I asked the boyfriend to go there with me.I love their pineapple fried rice,tomyam & durian cendol.BUT don't order their butter prawns which are overprice and not good.Go to Homst where their butter prawns are the best!
Late lunch at Famous Thai tomyam ever!
I love their cendol durian!Sooo good!
Me and the boyfriend made fish and chips for dinner one night and we watched the movie Drive.I have to say that Ryan Gosling was very different in the movie!It was a very very violent movie!

Homemade fish and chips dinner made by me & the boyfriend
I was sick for like 5 days due to serious gastroenteritis.A severe form of gastric.haha.Had to be taken blood and then experience vomitting & diarrhea for a few days which was not fun!After I felt a bit better,boyfriend picked me up to have dinner at Fullhouse because I love their aglio olio & salmon teriyaki. 
Dinner at Fullhouse
Went to Ikea,Ikano,The Curve & OU in one day because boyfriend had to buy his room stuffs at Ikea.Before that we had early dinner at Ikano or was it IPC for some sushi king.Went grocery shopping at Tesco Damansara for some snacks for our midnite movie of The Avengers the night it came out!And then zipped to The Curve to buy boyfriend's dad's birthday gift.

Early dinner at Sushi king
While waiting for The Avengers to start,we had durian pancake at this dessert booth in front of GSC.
Durian pancake innards!