Finales(spoiler!)--Gossip Girl,Once Upon A Time,How I met your mother and The Secret Circle

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I do watch quite a number of television shows via torrent downloads.Especially because our local tv station always tend to show all these series way late like a year or a few months after it was originally aired!So by downloading via torrent,I get to watch the shows just a day after it was aired in the States.Here are my views on some of the finale episodes and what will probably happen in the upcoming season.

Secret Circle(season 1)

When I watched the first episode of this show it reminded me of Charmed.Which had a lot of fans.The Secret Circle is about witches but with a much younger cast and a bit darker storyline as well.

It helps that they have a pretty good storyline and also a very good looking cast.In the finale it was revealed that Blackwell is in fact evil.Though I did wish Cassie would found out that he & Adam were not cursed as she was led to believe by her evil dad.

Diana found out that her stepdad is actually the one responsible for killing Cassie's mom which she didn't reveal to Cassie.So the circle is also not bonded anymore thanks to Blackwell, meaning that in the next season all of them can use their powers on their own instead of only together.

That will probably not be good for self-destructive Faye.I wonder about that guy who Diana is running he really as genuine as it seems?Because from past experience everybody is not who they say they are!So Faye will end up with Jake?Adam still doesn't remember his feelings for Cassie thanks to the spell by Blackwell.

The quite scary part for me would be about the four other Balcoin children(Blackwell's spawn) who will be searching for Diana & Cassie since all of them are pure blood(dark magic blood).In the finale they showed only the backs of those 4 other Balcoin's.So I hope season 2 will be more exciting and I'm sure more scary than the first season. UPDATE:I just found out that The Secret Circle has been cancelled by The CW..:( So there won't be a second season..

Gossip Girl(season 5)

The finale of this season of Gossip Girl can be summed up in a few things:

1)Bart Bass is back from the 'dead'.And he is as evil as ever.Even after all the grief that Chuck went through and building back the family business,he still doesn't feel Chuck is capable to take over and takes everything back from him!For shame!Plus,Bart took Lily from Rufus--poor Rufus.:(

2)Serena is an evil bitch!She slept with Dan(and filmed it!) to get back at Blair when in fact it was her fault that all of Blair's diariy entries are being shown on Gossip Girl because she freaking gave it to GG!I was so mad at Serena because what the hell is she doing with her life?When she became the Gossip Girl for awhile,she became mean and tried to bring down Lola,her own cousin.In the finale it showed that Serena is back to her drug days!tsk2

3)Poor Dan,because Blair realizes that she didn't love him.So he'll be writing a new book with the help of--Georgina???What???Hell hath no fury like a man scorned now?haha

4)Blair and Chuck...ahh the star crossed lovers.Will they finally get it together after everything that has happened between them?It's like they can never catch a break!Chuck was all about to win Blair back from Dan during the finale.But he stop when Bart said he was weak for putting love above everything, when Bart was the one who gave Chuck back the ring he wanted to propose Blair with!Confused?So am I!

But Blair who was at first hurt by what Chuck told her,rise up to the occasion,went to Paris with her mother because she's handing the business over to her.And right when we thought Chuck & Blair will never get it together,they showed us a tiny bit of hope when Blair went to find Chuck in Paris & told him something like, he's been fighting for her all this time so now it's her turn and she will never leave him.AWWWWWW.Now get married already you two!

How I met your mother(season 7)

It is season 7 and we still don't know who the freaking mother is!*sigh* I've been loyal to this series since day one but sometimes it is tiring.Especially when my boyfriend keeps making fun of this show because even when right at the end of the finale,it was revealed that Barney will eventually marry Robin,he was skeptical.I don't blame him because this series have fooled us so many times!Marshall & Lily got a son and they named him Marvin Waitforit(yes!thanks to Barney!) Eriksen.hahaha

Barney propose to Quinn(though we know that won't end in a fairytale) in a very elaborate magical way.hahaha.You have got to see that scene!I hope that Barney & Robin do get married so atleast that part will be over and we can all concentrate on who the mother is..And it is not Victoria(his ex from the first season?) people!

Once upon a time(season 1)

How can you not love this series which is full of fairytale creatures?Snow white,prince charming,pinocchio, gepetto,evil queen, Rumpelstiltskin,red riding hood and many more!Finally in the finale(pun no intended!),Emma believes that all the people in Storybrooke are in fact real fairytale characters.Only it took Henry almost dying to make her believe that!

I'm glad Rumpelstiltskin found his love again which is Belle(yes from the Beauty & the Beast).But why did he had to bring magic back again to present time?Now although everyone have regain their memories,there's magic & the evil queen will definitely uses it.How can everybody bring her down?I also wonder where is Rumpelstiltskin son's Bae?Didn't he went to another world back when they lived in ancient times?Hurm..

I hope Pinocchio is alive again.Wouldn't it be weird for Snow White & Prince Charming to find Emma & be like wow our daughter is just a few years younger than us!haha.I hope season 2 will be even greater since everybody remembers and they'll have magic as well.ayeyayay!Storybrooke will never be the same! 


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