More bakes!!Extra:My haircare stuffs

Tuesday, May 01, 2012 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

I have been baking quite a lot these past few weeks.I baked Brooklyn Blackout cake,Bread and Butter pudding,Cheesecake Brownies and chocolate eclairs.I love baking and cooking as to me both activities are therapeutic and soothing.
First Brooklyn blackout cake I baked!
Second Brooklyn blackout cake cos the first one was a hit!
Moist and chocolaty\
Baked this Brooklyn blackout cake through the recipe from The Hummingbird Bakery cookbook.I actually baked this cake twice in two days because my family loved it.It is very moist and chocolaty.I won't share the recipe here since I got it from the book which I bought.You guys can get the book at Kinokuniya.:)

Out of the oven!
This Cheesecake brownies I have baked a few times in the past and is a fave of my friends and family..One of my recurring customers are Jezmine Blossom who even invited me to sell them at her previous Pre Loved sale at Old Blossom Box Store.I baked this for her last week!
Bread and butter pudding filled with chocolate chips & raisins
Bread and butter pudding with vanilla sauce
Tried to make bread and butter pudding because I had a craving for it.I used a recipe I found online and if you google the recipe,all of it are pretty much the same.I added cocoa powder & chocolate chips to the mix to give it some chocolate flavour.
Before in the oven
It puffed up and become too big!Haha
Melted chocolate on the eclairs!
 Bake chocolate eclairs for boyfriend's dad's birthday as this is his fave.I used this foolproof recipe from this old Japanese dessert cookbook which my mum have.The reason I rarely make this is because the pate a choux is very tiring to make as you have to use a lot of arm work.haha.I filled it with whip cream instead of the custard in the recipe because boyf's dad doesn't like custard in the eclairs thanks from the tip from boyf's lil sister.
What I use for my hair
I had a comment from a reader asking what I use for my hair as it is 'pretty and thick'..hehe.Well ever since I started coloring my hair in 2010,I make sure that everytime after I shampoo my hair,I follow it with a deep conditioner or hair mask.I haven't use the normal conditioner in a long time.

For shampoo I use a few different ones(the red,purple& turquoise) from Herbal Essences because they smell good and is good on my hair as well.Some of the deep conditioners I use are Herbal Essences long term relationship,Loreal Absolute Repair cellular in Lactic Acid and also Pantene Clinicare Frizz Defense.

I alternate between all of these but my main staple and also the cheapest is Herbal Essences split end mask.For hair serum I use Loreal Elseve for coloured hair & also Skin Food Argan Oil essence.I use only a tiny bit of either one after I blow dry my hair.

My tip to apply deep conditioner easier on your hair is that after you shampoo your hair,use a wide tooth comb(the one in orange in the picture above) to get rid of tangles gently and then get rid of excess water & apply & let it sit for 3 mins atleast & rinse.

Always use a good hair brush & also if you blow dry your hair everyday like me,make sure you use a hairdryer with ion because it doesn't dry out your hair.Also use a hair serum before and after you blow your hair.Hope this helps!:)