Pretty Things--my ASOS purchases & others!

Sunday, May 13, 2012 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Enough on the food posts!Haha So I'm going to show you guys some of my pretty things.I am easily attracted to pretty material things like shoes,clothes,bags and jewelry and makeups!I shop anywhere and everywhere but I do shop online as well especially overseas websites because sometimes they have prettier things that we don't have here.

There are only two overseas websites whereby I purchase my clothes/shoes/bags/ accessories from.One is & the other one is

Asos is a UK-based online shopping site and they have a great selection of clothes,bags and jewelry.The exchange rate of course is a bit high compared to our ringgit but they always have items on sale from even as low as 1 pound.

Below are some of my purchases from Asos from last month and this month!:)
Strawberry shirt!
I love this strawberry shirt and had to have it when I saw it.Plus I rarely wear shirts but I know I will definitely wear this one.It is so cheery and pretty.I have worn it twice already because it is so comfy.:)
Purple cambridge satchel

I have been dying to get this bag ever since I saw it online but it wasn't on ASOS.I saw it on their own website HERE.But the shipping cost is quite high so I didn't get one for myself.Until I saw this perfect purple one on Asos(free shipping!)I just had to get it because it is in my favorite color!
Me with my fave bag right now!:)

I have worn this bag everyday and it is worth every penny.It is definitely the most expensive bag I have ever bought.

This oversize cardigan is perfect for when I go to watch movies with the boyfriend at the cinema as I get cold easily.I love the color combo!

I was immediately attracted to the color of the necklace above.The earrings was a no brainer since it was only 4 pounds!I have been searching for the perfect feather earrings and this one is sparkly and also I love the color combo!:)
New hook for all of my necklaces!
 I love this jewellery hook and bought it as now I can arrange all of my necklaces without all of them being tangled!:)
New watch!
I have been searching for a new watch ever since my lovely sapphire watch was gone no thanks to the mugger who mugged me back on 31st of December last year. :( Finally I saw this pretty and inexpensive one from River Island on Asos.I love it!Though it is quite big for my wrist.Look at the picture below:hahaha

Pretty neckline!

Hard to find a pretty orange dress!
I love wearing dresses!I wear a dress everyday and I rarely wear shirts as I usually wear them for sleeping.haha.Both dresses above are so pretty!The black one has a to die for back(which you can't see here) & also the beaded neckline.
The orange dress caught my eye because of the beading in the middle and the sparkly fabric.Plus I don't have a dress in this shade yet and now I do.I love the fact that my entire wardrobe is filled to the brim with color!
Pretty tank!
I love the design on this tank which made it look so cuteeeee!!Love wearing it with a gray cardigan and long necklace with jeans.:)

 Beauty stuffs
Various makeup products:Dior,Sephora,Bare Minerals,Maybelline,Mac&Benefit!
Although I don't wear much makeup,I own quite a lot of them.I love trying new products.My everyday look is basically liptint,mascara & eyeliner.I think it is important to look fresh and presentable.It's okay girls to wear a little bit of color and not look like death!haha.The picture above was when I strewn some of my makeup on the bed as I was getting ready for a cousin's wedding.
My various lip products
I buy makeup everywhere from drugstores like Watsons or Guardian to department stores like Parkson and also Sephora--which is like beauty heaven to me!:)) I prefer wearing lipstain & balm than lipstick.I have a few lipgloss but I rarely wear them.

The two black tubes above isn't lipstick but they're actually Lip Ice watercolor.The deep red tube is Fresh Sugar lipstain/balm.The lightpink tube is Dior Lipglow which is so moisturizing and give a hint of color.I love Smith's as well.Previously I wore their Rosebud lipbalm & now I switch to Strawberry just to try.In the long tubes are Mac,Maybelline & The Bodyshop lipgloss & also Sephora cream lipstain.

Loveee the new Rimmel lipstain
 My new fave lipstain is by Rimmel named 1000 kisses.They have a lipstain with a marker-like applicator on one end and on the other end is a balm.So it makes it looks smooth.

Diorshow mascara--amazing!My lashes actually
 looks even longer in person cos of it!:)
I love mascara!It brings out your eyes and eyes are the windows of the soul after all.Previously I would buy Maybelline mascara as they are great but one day a friend told me I should try Diorshow mascara.So I tried one & was amaze with the results!Have been wearing it for a few months now and I love it!
Lavender/lilac nails!It matches my room walls!:)
Random pretty things
Got this pretty necklace from my friend Jezmine's store:Oldblossombox!
I loveee necklaces and I got this pretty green one above from The Oldblossombox.It is so pretty and I love it!:) Below is a picture of  almost all of my necklaces.

My pretty necklaces arrange on the Asos jewellery hook!
Got this for 50% off!:)
I have flats,wedges & heels but I don't have any sandals as I usually wear flip flops while driving.I saw this pretty green sandals while out with Aimi & she got the black one & I bought the green one.hehe.It was 50% off!

I am about to finish reading The Hunger Games trilogy and will probably blog about that and also of some other books I have been reading lately.Haven't done a book review post in a longggg time.:)