Trust:an unexpectedly scary good movie&a must watch.

Friday, May 18, 2012 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

All around the world and even in our own country we saw in the news about cases regarding little girls being raped and about pedophiles.There haven't truly been a movie that have told about this kind of story in a raw way.It is also sad that society usually blame the rape victims for what had happened to them.But do we really know how certain cases happened and how it affects the family and the victim itself?

The director of this movie is David Schwimmer(remember Ross from Friends?) who is an active director of the Rape Treatment Center in Santa Monica for over 14 years now and he said that this movie was inspired from bits and piece of stories told to him by some of the victims there.

He also mentioned in a video interview that the father in the movie,Will,was based about the experience of a father of a real rape victim who was affected by what had happened over his daughter,which he told to David during a fund raiser.

This movie was unexpectedly scary because we could see how the pedophile made the victim,Annie(played by Liana Liberato) in this story to believe that he was in love with her.And after it had happened we could see that Annie was in denial over what had happened to her as she still believe that Charlie(the pedophile) was in love with her.

The effect of what happened to Annie affected her family and their relationship.Especially to her father,Will(a fantastic performance by Clive Owen)who felt very emotionally affected by it.I won't spoil the movie further for all of you as I believe this movie is a must watch.This movie will affect you emotionally.

You will be angry,frustrated and sad.It is a must watch because I believe that teen girls are easily manipulated by guys who told them things that they want to hear which in turn makes them do anything for them.Parents and teenagers must watch this.Spread this movie around.Below is the trailer of the movie.