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I haven't done a book review post in quite awhile.In previous years I would always blog about the books I have read.Fyi,I am a voracious reader.I have a lot of books and I just love them.One of my fave thing to do was going to book warehouse sales.

It's an adrenaline rush trying to find a book that you would read or have wanted to read at a bargain among all of the other piles of books.But nowadays most of my books are inside my ipad2 which allows me to carry hundreds of books anywhere I am.I still buy books in paperback form and I bought the Hunger Games trilogy and Sophie Kinsella's newest book recently.

I think currently I have about 200+ books in my bookshelf which ranges from many categories.I read EVERYTHING.Not just fiction!I have autobiographical books,travel books,beauty books,astrology books,cook books,classic literature and many more.I am thankful because my parents instill in me the importance of reading at an early age.

Okay enough babbling now.Oh,if you guys want to read about my previous reviews on other books that I have read,you can click HERE.

So without further ado,below are a list of the books that I have read with the reviews.:)


Firstly,I have to say that no,I didn't watch the movie yet.Because I didn't have the time and the boyfriend didn't want to.haha.So I bought the set of books to read more about this because I have heard praises online about them.I have to say,the books were great.The storyline was different and imaginative and I love the fact that Katniss(the main character) is a great role model for young girls out there who read this book.

She is strong,independent,brave and very not like Bella in Twilight who sole purpose in life is Edward.Don't get me wrong,I love my boyfriend and he is my life most of the time but I don't believe you should be 'weak' and depend on everything on who you're with.

In the first book The Hunger Games,it was all about Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark working together while they were fighting for their lives in the 74th Hunger Games while representing District 12.They reside in nation of Panem which consists of Capitol(which is where the richest people lives) and 12 other districts.There were actually 13 districts but due to rebellion,it was destroyed(or was it?hehe).

Hunger Games is basically where all the tribute battle it out to death.Scary right to think you have to kill each other while it is being TELEVISED to survive.I think this is where Suzanne Collins poke fun about reality shows because nowadays a lot of nonsense are being shown and why not about a reality show of people trying to kill each other to stay alive?The end of the this first book was unexpected as in all of the hunger games,there should be only one winner.But you could have guess who would have won right?

In the second book Catching Fire,Katniss and Peeta still have to put the act of being star-crossed lovers to protect themselves from the wrath of President Snow.He is angry with Katniss because of what she did at the previous Hunger Games have sparked a rebellion in the other districts since they know now that 'hey,we can change the system'.Since both Katniss & Peeta(oops spoiler alert!) won the 74th Hunger Games,they have to visit all the districts.

Suddenly,to appease the rebellion,President Snow came up with the Quarter Quell,somewhat like a 75th Hunger Games whereby all the previous winners/tributes have to battle each other.Katniss and Peeta had to halt their marriage(the whole we're truly in love act for President Snow) and compete in the games.Now,Peeta have made it clear to Katniss that he loves her but she doesn't believe it as she thinks it is all an act.Plus she has her bestfriend Gale whom she sort of has feelings for.(secretly as I was rooting for Peeta..haha).

The second book was sad because of Suzanne Collins description of the other tributes as some of them are really old and yet they have to compete and die while everyone watch on tv.But at the end of this book,something happens that separates both Katniss and Peeta.Peeta was captured to the Capitol while Katniss was brought District 13(what it does still exist?haaaa!)

In the third and final book Mockingjay(get it?A mockingbird + a jabber jay) is all about the people at District 13 plotting on how to bring down President Snow and the capitol.As in the previous books,Katniss symbol is the mockingjay so she is the picture of rebellion and hope for the people.Peeta however is in Capitol so they had to rescue him out only to find out that he has been brainwash to think that Katniss is the enemy!:(

I'll cut to the chase--There is President Coin from District 13 and then there is President Snow from the Capitol.But at the end,both died because they are evil!And then Katniss after NEVER revealing her feelings from book 1-3,finally ended up with Peeta!Yeayerssss..:P So do read this trilogy as it is quite good.Better than Twilight if I should say so myself.haha.

2.Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy

I first knew about this book early this year through my Flipboard app because many websites were buzzing about how controversial this book is and how it is so erotic and blah2.Having read all three books,I have to say it is more HYPE than SUBSTANCE.The reason why this book has garnered a lot of publicity and notoriety is because the main character Christian Grey is a billionaire with gorgeous Greek-god looks who loves...BDSM.What is BDSM?Look it up yourself.

He met Anastasia Steele,a college graduate by chance and was enamored by her.So the story goes.Okay there were some parts in the books that to me we can relate to like the complexity of relationships sometimes--love is simple but people are the ones who make it complicated.Christian Grey is not only super rich ,gorgeous as well BUT,he has a dark dark past,is very controlling,full of jealousy,possessive and many more.

Despite all that,she manage to win Ana over but what he doesn't know is that she isn't like all the other 15+ plus girls he has slept with-as she is very headstrong .Basically through Ana,Christian learns how to be more humane and be a better person and love himself more.

And yes there's a lot of drama in here.Sort of soap opera-ish.There's a villain,there's the crazy exes and there's the crack whore biological mum who screwed him up a bit mentally.The first book was about Christian & Ana's relationship and the whole contract thing(that part was bit like WTF to me because having a contract because of his kinkiness??).The second book was about their relationship again,a villain,his crazy exes.The third book was about their marriage and their respective families and the villain again.

And oh yes,there are a lot of kinky sex and just plain sex sex between Ana & Christian.So for those who are a bit of a prude,you'll definitely turn a deep shade of red while reading this book.The boyfriend asked me a brilliant question--without all the sex,would the book stand on it's own with just the storyline?My answer was no.It wasn't a particularly good story.It was just okay.

EDIT:BUT,I'll however state some of the things I love about this book--the hot ehem scenes,the love Christian have for Ana though at times it bothers on the extreme,Ana's patience with his very dark past and accepting him for who he is.A lot of people would probably flee from just the BDSM alone.At the end he toned down his kinkiness and became a bit more normal and we found out why he like BDSM at first.So yeah,it wasn't in his nature.

The internet is buzzing with actors lining up wanting to act in the movie version of this book--which I'm sure will never be shown on Malaysian soil what with Christian's 'playroom'(filled with toys and whatnot for his BDSM fetish).But I'm sure we will be able to download it months after.haha.Actors like Ian Somerhalder,Alexander Skarsgard have express interest in wanting to star in the movie version which was bought by Universal.

Their interest to act in the movie tells me that they think of themselves as highly gorgeous beings as what was described in the book of Christian Grey.Even Kirsten Stewart said she wants to act in it with..Robert Pattinson..oy vey!I dare you not to get arouse while reading all of the books!hahahaha :P

3.Bossypants by Tina Fey

I love Tina Fey!She is funny and witty.The autobiography was written by her about her early days before becoming a regular on SNL and how she created 30 Rock.It is also filled with how she balance everything with motherhood.

She wrote a lot of things so I don't really remember everything that I read but I love her high school days where she befriended gay&lesbians back when they were taboo in the society which was funny.Anecdotes about behind the scene of SNL and 30 Rock was great too especially the whole thing about Sarah Palin skit.

There's actually a term on SNL when the celeb/political figure that you always make fun off/impersonate comes on the show,sneaks up to you and pretends to be mad about it--'Sneaker Upper'.Overall this is a great book to get a sneak peek of how Tina Fey's life is.

4.I've Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella

Firstly,I love Sophie Kinsella and I love everyone of her books and have been buying everyone of them..even the other books that she wrote under her real name Madeleine Wickham.BUT I have to say this book is quite boring along with her other book that I didn't like which was Twenties Girl.The idea and storyline was not as good as her previous books like the Shopaholic series and Can you keep a secret,The Undomestic Goddess and Remember Me.

I bought this book in February and only finish it sometime in May because it took me a long time to turn the pages and I kept reading other more interesting books.On a positive note,the story gets better at the end.

The story is about Poppy Wyatt,who lost her engagement ring and then her handphone on the same night.So she found a phone in a bin nearby(yes her plot can be ridiculous sometimes)and uses it because she gave the number to the hotel where she lost her ring at.

The phone belongs to Sam Roxton's ex-PA.So Poppy develops a friendship with him because a lot of his emails and messages are send to the phone.Sam opened up her eyes to the fact that maybe marrying Magnus isn't such a bright idea.I didn't like Magnus at all in this book!And of course the ending is a happy one.

5.Baby,Let's Play House:Elvis Presley and the Women who loved him by Alanna Nash

As a teen I was a bit obsessed with the love story of Elvis and Priscilla.I remembered watching the tv movie Elvis and Me and was enamored by the way Elvis was looking at know that 'I love her more than anything in the world' look?So I got this book in my ipad and I was a bit devastated when I read it and realize that Elvis throughout his relationship with Priscilla,wasn't faithful AT ALL.

He had a lot of girls and slept with a lot of them and he can do so because Priscilla was not with him most of the time because she used to live in Germany with her parents back when she was a minor(they met when she was 14 years old and Elvis was 24 years old) and even when she was out of school,Elvis made her stay in Graceland with his father & grandma.So unbeknownst to Priscilla,he wasn't faithful but he was very adamant that she stayed 'pure'.*sigh*

Also Elvis took a lot of drugs,everyday!He had a doctor which would give him shots of medicines and he took so many pills.Pills to stay awake,pills for sleeping and many more.But one of the great things about him was that he is so generous to everyone he knows.Even strangers on the street.He would buy jewelry for every wives of his male entourage and cars for all his girls and friends.

What was devastating to me was that once Priscilla gave birth to Lisa Marie,he wouldn't slept with her anymore because to him she has done her purpose and to him it was gross sleeping with the mother of his child.Like what the heck?But he got 'it' from the flings that he had throughout the marriage with various celebs.

He didn't slept with Priscilla throughout their marriage for 10 months!And in the end she found another guy and left him which devastated him.Ironic since he had so many affairs but he didn't want her to leave him for another guy.So back then for the fans who didn't know they blame Priscilla for Elvis death as after their divorce his life become a downward spiral.

But they were bestfriends even when they divorce.The way Elvis died was devastating and it was explained in detail in this book.This is definitely a good read about Elvis life as it reveals a lot about him that we don't know about.


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