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It is so hard not to take pictures of things/foods/people in your life when you have an awesome phone camera-(iPhone 4s)& also because of instagram.Haven't done a picture post in awhile.I'll split it into two posts.One of the various food pictures I took and the other of non-food pictures..hahaha..:P

Boyfriend's mother made this sambal tempe with petai(stink beans) and cili padi(birds eye chillies)..Love love it!I was like eating in on its own like a snack.heh.I love tempe,petai & cili padi & when combine altogether..yowza!!How to get rid of petai breath?I always carry a tiny bottle of Listerine in my bag wherever I go & also Eclipse breathmints.:)
Had dinner at Only Mee at SACC with the boyfriend after we went to Sunway Hospital to visit my dad weeks back--will explain in next post.This is my fave place for years back in university days for halal dry wantan noodles.
One night boyfriend was too lazy to go out and get food so he bought takeout Nandos AND McDonalds for us since we both wanted a little bit of both.haha.From Nandos I wanted the coleslaw the chips with perinaise dip while he wanted the chips as well & the chicken.

Then from McDonalds he wanted the double cheeseburger with oreo mcflurry while I wanted just the cheeseburger with horlicks mcflurry.In his defense,he didn't eat lunch that day or breakfast cos he woke up pretty late!We watched The Orphanage while having our food.That movie is brilliant btw!
One of my must have order at Sushi King--soft shell crab temaki.Ordered this while I went to the Curve with Aimi.
I think this was my breakfast at home one day.Probably not a good idea to start the day with root beer.hahah.I love yogurt and also strawberries eaten with brown sugar.
 Nowadays the weather is so hot and there's nothing like a cold refreshing coconut juice.Bought this at Tesco.

Oooh I tasted Gong Cha at the newly opened Setia City Mall.Love it!Will definitely go again and try the different flavours.
 Being a true blue Malaysian,rice is a staple.I love eating rice.These are some of my fave lauk to eat with rice.Nangka muda masak lemak and sambal kacang ikan bilis.

Had this Mee Kari Udang Galah at Mee Ketam Kuala Lumpur in section 7 shah alam with the boyfriend and his friends.I heard people raving about it so I wanted to try it and coincidentally me & boyf were hanging out with his friends so we went together.It was okay.Not really great but it was good.
 Baskin Robbins ice cream!This was during the 30% off promo.I went there to 'teman' my boyfriend's eldest sister and ended up buying a pint for myself as well..haha.Half of blackforest cake and pralines & cream.
Baked these Hokkaido cupcakes using the recipe from Bisous A Toi blog HERE.The texture of these cupcakes are very very pillowy soft and it wasn't too sweet.It was a hit with my family and the boyfriend's family.

Had a feast at Sushi King Mid Valley last Saturday with the boyfriend after we were super hungry and tired and sleepy cos--we woke up super early to go to the Machines warehouse sale & had to wait in life for 30mins even when we arrived at 10.20am.Then walked around Mid Valley & the Gardens before finally having lunch.
Fruits--mangosteens and rambutan!Parents bought these and I think I ate all of those mangosteens on my own.I can eat a lot of them,and when I say a lot it's like 1-2kg's worth of mangosteens.
 Honeydew melon!I love honeydew melon but it's hard to find the real sweet ones..but these were!
 Homst butterprawns is THE best and believe me cos I have tried like 5 different versions from various restaurants and seafood places!!Had this with boyf & his parents along with other dishes from Homst.Yummms
Made pengat pisang because I was craving it so bad.This dish will remind me of my late grandmother.:(

Family bbq with my family and our relatives.My aunt made her famous meehoon which is the best meehoon in the world and I'm not kidding because I don't even like meehoon which they serve at restaurants/food stalls.
I first tasted Ikan Keli(catfish) when I entered UiTM because my friends introduce me to it.My mum didn't cook such dishes so I didn't know about it.haha.But once I tasted it 7 years ago,I loved it!This is one of my fave dish for lunch.Ikan keli masak sambal with some kind of ulam and rice.Simple and delicious!

I've been making ice cold lemonade everyday now because of our unbelievably hot weather nowadays. 

Another simple homemade dish I love.Nasi goreng kampung!I cooked this a few days ago.And yes,if you notice,I love eating cucumbers.:P