I love the month of June!:)

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You want to know why I love the month of June??Because it's my birthday month!And this year I will be turning 25 on the 25th of June..:) Going to have a bbq with my loved ones on 24th instead because 25th falls on a Monday this year..boohoo.hahaha.

Boyfriend have actually bought me the birthday gift I wanted but he is hiding it from me..damn!I have only seen it online so haven't seen in it real life and hold it yet.But my time will come!hahaha
Sale everywhere at Setia City Mall
It is painful to see all the sales that's going on in our local malls especially when I'm almost broke nowadays..T_T..Whoever wants to give me money for my birthday will be greatly appreciated!!haha Went to one of my fave malls now,Setia City Mall and saw the incredible sale at MNG/Mango but alas no money made not able to buy any of the pretty dresses I saw there!T_T

Trying on pretty dresses at MNG!
Hair looks awesome on d left..*vain me* haha
I tried on a few things and there was this preppy blazer that I just had to have.So told mama about it and mama was kind enough to get it for me as an early birthday present!Yeayerssss..It's so hard to find a great fitting blazer..The actual price was rm199 but they marked it down to rm129!:))
Got this blazer!!yeayyy
Have you looked outside lately?haha The Indonesians was kind enough to give us haze,again!haiyaaa..Every year we will always get haze thanks to Sumatra,Indonesia which is near to Malaysia.But today and yesterday it didn't look bad and it was even very hot outside.I guess because of the heavy downpour on Monday morning which cleared it all up..yeayyy!
He lost by two points to me haha But after he asked for a rematch!
Boyfriend's lil brother came back from OZ & resume our Scrabble rematch.hahaha I am a verryyyy competitive Scrabble player.I hate losing and I never lost to my friends/family but I have lost to the CPU a few times and have won as well..Feels so good when you beat the computer on a hard mode game of Scrabble.

The awesome moment when I beat the cpu!haha
The reason why I am competitive in Scrabble is because I was the State champion of Negeri Sembilan(my family lived in Seremban for 2 years but now we're back in good ol Shah Alam,the place I was born and raised!) when I was 16 years old!hahaha Yes I am a nerd though I don't look like one.:P

Pretty arch there
Went on a picnic at Wetland Park in Putrajaya last early Saturday morning with the boyfriend.Yes,I know it was hazy but we decided to do so days BEFORE the haze came so I wasn't going to change my plans!Thankfully the haze wasn't bad in Putrajaya and inside Wetland Park,it was haze free.haha.

Picnic stuffs.Boyf made ice cold milo in the big flask,for me!:)
Nasi Lemak Pak Ayub at Sect 6 Pasar
We bought nasi lemak from his and now mine,fave nasi lemak in Shah Alam which is Nasi Lemak Pak Ayub.My late grandpa would always go there back when he brought my nenek to the Section 6 pasar.I have forgotten all about it years ago until this year when boyf brought me there a few months back.Ate there once with him & didn't have a chance to go back because you have to wake up early and plus my house is 30 mins away from it unlike the boyf's house which is nearer!

Love this guy!
Before the color coordination
I finally color coordinated my wardrobe!I read it in an interview somewhere how it's easier to find your clothes if you color coordinate it.I have too much clothes that sometime I forgot some of them for a few months and now I found them again it's like having new clothes haha
Frm right:Red,pink,green,orange,yellow,purple and blue
Frm right:Black,grey,brown,white,striped prints & misc.
I am loving the new app iPhoto because it helps me organize all of my pictures and also create journals using the pictures like the one I created below of my moments with my boyfriend,Razin.:) 
Our moments together..:)
Because I am the only girl in the family,I never had the privilege of watching a baby girl growing up in front of me.So I become such a fan of boyfriend's niece,Qarla,which is his eldest sister first child.She is just so adorable!!Below are some from the many pictures I have taken of her.
Playing with her aunty's cheetah toy
Sleeping like a boss
She loves putting her fingers in her mouth
Frm left:Boyf who doesn't like to pose,his lil sis Qeema,
the bday boy Raidi,Raushan,his gf Maisara
Had dinner at boyfriend's house with his family for his lil brother's 15th birthday a few days back.His mum made laksa sarawak.I have to say that I've only eaten laksa sarawak made by his mum and it's good!
Me& the boyf's laksa sarawak
Afterwards,the boyfriend's brother & I played this portable Scrabble game(which Raidi got as a birthday game) which confuses me because the rules are way different than the normal Scrabble.Definitely have to play more to be good at it!haha
The confusing version of Scrabble!
After about a month or so of not seeing Izza,my bestie who's busy with her job of being a news anchor for Astro Awani for a few months now,we managed to catch up with each other!I miss her a lot!!haha.I love the fact that although when we don't  get to see each other for a long time,once we do,we can talk and talk and it's like nothing has change.
Our shoes!Mine is the rainbow one!:)
Yucky food at Flaming Steamboat
One day the boyfriend & I went to Flaming Steamboat at Kota Kemuning.Previously I read from a few blogs that they have a wide variety of food and it is worth the money blah2.The truth is and this is the absolute truth,because I have eaten at many places and I love to eat/cook/bake so I know good food and so does my boyfriend who has a mother who's a great cook--the food at Flaming Steamboat..sucks!

The tomyam broth for the steamboat taste bad & they are also unhygienic because although the frozen&seafood items were put in a glass case,flies entered it and the workers just looked at it and didn't do anything!The ABC had super watered down gula melaka that it looked light brown instead of black!

I mean if you want to be in the food business please make sure that you maintain the quality of the food.Going there was a waste of time and thankfully we only used our Groupon voucher and didn't spend much.We will never go there again!
Love Gong Cha!
I loveee Gong Cha!They are way better than Cha Time.The drinks taste so good and so far I have tasted the Signature Winter Melon tea with pearls,Milk tea with pearls and also Peach green tea.I love that you can customize your drinks like what to add(pearls,pudding&etc),the sugar content and even how much ice you want.I've had Gong cha three times and everytime I just want more!
Green smoothie
Made this green smoothie from a recipe on Lauren Conrad's website because it is a quick way to add veg and fruits into your diet.There's no sugar added.All you have to do is blend everything and add some ice and drink up the nutrients!
Flaming crunch..yummy!
Have you guys tried KFC's new Flaming Crunch chicken?I love it!It's very yummy and I think way tastier than my fave hot n spicy.It's better than their other promo flavor like tomyam crunch and etc.I hope they make this a permanent fixture on their menu!
A&W waffle
One night I was craving for A&W waffle and rootbeer float and unfortunately in Shah Alam we didn't have a 24-hour outlet so boyfriend drove me to the one in PJ.When we were there both of us remembered that as kids our respective parents have brought us to the place and we would play at the playground.But now the playground has change(picture below).
It looks so bare!:(

The Do Not Disturb feature
 Ooooh by the way,for Apple users did you guys saw WWDC2012 when Johnny Appleseed introduce iOS 6???That was awesome!!I can't wait for it!My boyfriend and I was like iMessaging each other on our ipads while watching it live online in our respective homes.hahaha.

New facetime!
There's 200 new features and some of them that I can't wait to use are the Do Not Disturb function,Facetime over cellular(3g/4g),Passbook app and also the new and improve Maps--this is my fave because I always use maps to go places&it helps a lot!I almost never get lost now!

Lastly,below are a few pictures of me since hey,it's my blog..hahaha
I will try to update the blog more soon!
Candid by Izza!
Wearing my fave rainbow dress by ASOS
My pretty charm necklace!


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