I turned 25 on the 25th of June!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012 Liyana Hanim 5 Comments

Some of the food and drinks preparation by me!
So I turned 25 yesterday on the 25th of June!Last Sunday night had a family bbq because weeks back my mom suggested we do one for my birthday.I made all the delicious foods hehe!Some of my aunts brought food as well--there was mee hoon,mangoes and agar agar(jellies).It was intimate and low key.My parents and brothers set up the tables in our garden and there was candles everywhere.
Candlelight bbq!
Juicy beef skewers and sauteed mushroom with butter
I made beef skewers,chicken marinate with honey mustard marinade,prawns,asparagus,sweet potatoes and mushrooms with a little butter and many more.Parents bought satay that has been marinated so we barbequed it on the grill.I made garlic bread,mashed potatoes and garlic fried rice as well.Made drinks with a mixture of peach puree and fresh lemon juice!

The boyfriend was the first one to come to the house of course and as usual he always have something up his sleeve!He called me when he arrived and I was like just come inside and suddenly he said he can't cos he has something to give me.I didn't know what so I was surprised when I came out and saw that he had this flower pot with a rose,in a bucket of ice!

He loves me so!hehe
Turns out he made me a flower pot cake!!!The dirt was made from crushed oreos!:) He's just such an amazing boyfriend,bestfriend,psychiatrist(cos he listens to my gripes and probs&great at giving me advice) and more,to me.haha I immediately carried it inside and showed it to my parents which embarrass the boyfriend..hahahaha So cuteee!:P

The inside of the yummy cake!:)
Under the oreo 'dirt' there was a layer of m&m's,and inside was layers of cake and ice cream.It was good but I think it will take me a long time to finish it because it is big!!haha He told me the story of how it took him quite sometime to find the right flower pot and apparently to make a flower pot cake,it needs a special kind of cake so that it won't become mushy.
Awwwww :)
Actually he showed me a picture of the cake weeks back and it looked awesome online and I was like,why don't you make that for my birthday?I told him jokingly but then totally forgot about it and never thought he would really make me a huge one!:)

I'm glad that everyone enjoyed the food.Though I had a mishap with the ikan keli as they still smelled fishy even after everything I did--washed with asam jawa & soaked them in milk..T_T The relatives who was invited was from my mother's side of the family since we wanted it to be lowkey.Didn't invite the neighbours or dad's side because then there will be too many people!hahah.Boyfriend's siblings came as well but they came later than him.

The beautiful setting,my families and the foods!!
At the back is me & d boyf with his siblings who came to my bbq!

When everybody went back,boyfriend stayed with me until it was 12 am.We ate the cake he made and then I open the presents.And night when the clock struck 12,he sang me happy birthday.Before he went home,as I was sending him to his car,he gave me this two things below.
His homemade card and gift to me.Love,love and so much love.:)
It was perfect!And exactly what I wanted..a  simple silver necklace with a heart pendant that I can wear everyday.I saw it on a US based website & had wanted it & showed it to him one day & suddenly he told me he already bought it!:)))

Gifts from my relatives &
the cupcake necklace was made by boyfriend's lil sis!
I got gifts from my relatives as well!And Razin's sister made me this adorable cupcake necklace!So cute and she's the one behind CollarPop--an array of handmade beaded necklaces.They're very pretty and you can buy them at Stellar Boutique!

Non-birthday related matters:

Watermelon pops and wonder milk cupcakes!
I made watermelon pops recently because I saw so many pops(popsicle) recipe on the July issue of Instyle.Also managed to satisfy my Wondermilk cupcakes this week--bought a box of six and above is two pretty pictures of the rainbow and vanilla cupcake!
Stellar boutique,CollarPop setup there and stuffs I bought!
Finally went to Stellar Boutique with Qeema!Saw her Collarpop necklaces being sold there as well!I love the stuffs they have there because they have many vendors and there's a variety of things to choose from.I got myself a sparkly headband and a ring because when a ring can fit my small small ring finger,I must grab it!Also a pretty shade of pale pink Nyx lipstick!Went to buy Gong Cha afterwards!I loveee Gong Cha especially their Signature winter melon and peach green tea!
Qarla the cutie pie!
I end this post with cute pictures of Qarla,boyfriend's niece!!:)) Have a great week people!


Al Kisah said...

happy belated birthday

alkisah punya birthday 28th June..

ellie said...

Happy belated birthday! :) May you have wonderful times ahead

Liyana.H said...

Thank u all for the birthday wishes! Al-kisah birthday u sama dgn adik i raffiq..hehe happy belated birthday!

happy belated birthday

Liyana.H said...

Thank u!:)