Movie Review:Prometheus and MIB3

Sunday, June 10, 2012 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Yesterday boyfriend suggested we went on a movie marathon and he bought tickets for both MIB3 and Prometheus.


The last Men In Black movie,MIB2 was 10 years ago so there's a lot that I don't remember about.But that doesn't really matter because there wasn't really that much to catch up on and plus my boyfriend is a movie buff so he was able to explain some things to me.

The character Boris the Animal was really gross to me with that spider alien thing coming out from his palm.At the start of the movie,Nicole Scherzinger's boobs,according to my significant other looked like it was about to pop out from her top.hahaha.

Okay the movie is basically about Boris The Animal played by the unrecognisable Jemaine Clement from Flights of the Concord,who escapes from Lunar Max's prison and then went back in time to stop himself from being imprisoned and also wanting to kill Agent K because of the fact that he was responsible in imprisoning Boris.

So Agent J played by Will Smith have to go back in time and save his partner and also kill Boris.That is a pretty straightforward story right?It is also filled with funny or gross looking aliens and a few jokes here and there.

My fave was Bill Hader(I love him as Stefon in SNL!) as Andy Warhol and also the character Griffin played by Micheal Stuhlbarg.I don't remember what was the name of the species Griffin is but he could see the future and he helped Agent J and the past Agent K to track Boris The Animal.There was a very teary eyed moment that I didn't expect coming from this movie right almost at the end of it.This was quite an enjoyable movie!

Did you guys notice that Lady Gaga & David Beckham was classified as Aliens back at the headquarters if you look at the huge monitor slideshow thing?haha


I have to say I actually had high hopes for this movie but unfortunately it left me with so many questions.But in  the defense of this movie,it is actually a prequel to the movie Alien which was also directed by Ridley Scott(also,Blade Runner).

The start of the movie actually explains what  happened to the species living in the planet that 'created' mankind.A group of of explorers went on a journey to space funded by Weyland Industries to discover their 'maker'.The head of this group are Dr Elizabeth Shaw and Dr Charlie Holloway who have been searching all over the world for proof that there is a planet/moon(I'm confused by this haha) where they all come from.

When they arrived at the moon,after 2 years of hibernation in the spaceship because the journey took a long time,they found out similarities between the planet that they discovered with earth and also the aliens that they discovered on the planet contain the same DNA strand as humans although they don't exactly look the same.

But then of course things start to get horribly and grotesquely wrong.I have to say there were a few scenes that scared me.I really admire the character Elizabeth Shaw because she was very very strong and determine even when things starts to get really..well, f&^%ed up!

The character played by Micheal Fassbender as David(the A.I who looks very much human) was quite impressive though when you watch the movie you'll be like..he's very shady but in actual fact he wanted to help Weyland.Charlize Theron's character in this movie was quite a hard ass and I didn't like her very much.You'll also be surprise who she actually is in the movie!

Basically people who have not watch the movie Alien or have forgotten about it will probably want answers after watching Prometheus.Thus,like what my boyfriend told me,Prometheus actually makes people have to watch back the movie Alien to make some sense of it all and a better understanding of this whole thing.

The boyfriend also shared me an interesting thing that I'm sure you guys would have notice by the end of the movie--the alien species is actually just a strand of DNA.

Notice the worms lying on the black goo at the 'tomb' which then created huge aliens shaped like worms and also the fact that the other aliens was shaped like a human species?Get it?People who didn't understand the movie would probably be like..what the heck was that?But I thought the movie was quite okay.Below is a video that I forgot to share just now showing the younger Peter Weyland at TED 2023,as a promo for Prometheus.

If you are still puzzled by the movie you can always click HERE to read the answers for some of the questions regarding the movie.