Non food related stuffs

Saturday, June 09, 2012 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

So as promised,after my food pics post,I'll post pics of non food things that I've taken recently.

Sugar content in foods at Sunway Hospital
My superman
Dad got admitted to Sunway Hospital 3 weeks ago due to kidney stones.He actually drove himself to the hospital with my mum after the pain was a bit unbearable and then was admitted to the hospital.So then my boyfriend,me & my brothers drove there the same day to visit him.After that boyfriend had to drove my dad's car back to Shah Alam since he left it at the hospital.Thank you baby!

Had dinner afterwards with him.My dad was given like 2 weeks of medical leave so that the stones will naturally comes out but actually he can opt for surgery but being stubborn,he doesn't want to.My dad doesn't like hospitals or surgery.So,yeah.
So pretty!
I found this necklace at The Curve for rm35 only while a day out with Aimi!

Wore lots of rings on my fingers during that day..trying the 'Phoebe' look..:P

Me & Aimi mucking about after our hot stone massage session at Amante Nail & Spa.I have tried many forms of massages..aromatherapy,traditional,swedish,balinese but I have to say,hot stone massage is the best!I love it!
She brought me to Popeye's & I have to say the chicken is pretty delicious!

Pictures from Instyle June issue.Look how cute Andy Sandberg is in the magazine!I lovee the new Swatch watch.It's so pretty!
I know I'm cuteee
Watching Shrek with her uncle--my boyf~
Qarla & her mum when we went for 30% baskins!
Playing with her caterpillar
Many pictures of my boyfriend's niece..Qarla!!She's just so adorable and cute..So hard not to take pictures of her or squeeze her cheeks.:P

Had a family bbq session and my mum actually put this huge carpet on our lawn for my cousin's daughter,Rania to lay on.hahaha.
The unique seats for tired husband's/boyfriend's/brother's at Setia City Mall
I love TYPO!
Went to the newly open Setia City Mall with my family.I love the array of shops there.There's TYPO,MPH,M.A.C,Machines,Body Shop,MNG,Rubi Shoes,Cotton On,Uniqlo,Zara,Kitschen,Parkson, & A-Saloon!The food places are awesome too--Gong Cha,Krispy Kreme,Delicious,Carl's Jr,Fullhouse,Sushi King,TGIF,Tony Roma's and many more.I'm so excited because they have everything I could ever need or want to eat there and it's 15 minutes from my house!!:)
Bought this and they do work and it wasn't painful as I thought it would.

The menu at the place that I went with the boyfriend and his friends one night for the famous noodles!

On the way back from a day out with the guy I love :)

A new ipad2 cover for just rm43 from popmyapple and it's in my fave colour.lovessss!
One of those days when I took a great picture of myself..haha
An old pic of myself to remind me hey,I used to be skinny with a 26-inch waist.Not anymore!haha

Him updating my ipad2 :)
His and hers ipad2 :) The pink&white is mine!
Category of my iBooks
Lots of people at Machines warehouse sale!
No iphone cover until 2012 ends :P
Went to Machines warehouse sale on the 2nd day of it.Arrived 20 mins after the door just opened at 10.20 am and then me & boyfriend had to stand in line for 30 minutes.Once we were in,the room was so small & congested.However,I got 3 iphone 4s covers for a total of rm40!He got stuff for his ipod touch.But we didn't get anything for our ipads.
The reason why I gotto Mid Valley only once or twice in a year
Love the pastel colors on my ASOS bunting necklace
Date outfit:ASOS dress & Steve Madden heels
Pretty sunflower in my aunt's garden
Yeay VS will open at OU!