Reviews:The Dark Knight Rises,Jiro Dreams of Sushi and the Cake Boss book.

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THE DARK KNIGHT RISES WAS AMAZING.And dare I say it,in the same league with The Avengers or even a tiny bit better?:p

The boyfriend and his younger sister,bought the tickets online a week before to ensure we got good seats(with good reasons because Imax tickets have sold out until Sunday).This is the movie that he has been waiting for so any kind of seats or movie theater won't suffice.Actually he bought two Imax tgv tickets(THE best theater to watch The Dark Knight Rises esp since the movie was shot using Imax cameras)one was for the 6.10 pm show on 19th July and the other was at 12.30am.

Trivia:Christopher Nolan didn't want The Dark Knight Rises to be shown in 3-D,only 2-D!:)

We sold the 6.10pm to his other brother cos it wasn't couple's seat and we always purchase couple seats tickets cos it's more comfy and plus we hold hands all the time.Awwww.So finally the time came and along with me and the boyfriend,his little sister&her boyfriend as well..since she bought the tix for all of us.But,our couple seats weren't next to each cos that would be awkward haha.

The TGV Imax theater was spacious and it was my first time going there(I've been to TGV The Club but haven't done The Beanie one yet).Our couple seats was huge and plush.

The picture and sound quality was just brilliant!I won't spoil the movie for those who haven't watched it yet because you should watch just have to!

Christian Bale is Batman.He just is.Forget all the actors before this who tried in vain to portray Batman but just fail in comparison to Bale.His superb acting was just so enjoyable to watch.Especially during the prison of hell scenes.(a bit of a spoiler here!oooos :p)

The movie also starred Anne Hathaway and Joseph Gordon Levitt,both whom were amazing as well.While Halle Berry was a huge dissapointment as Catwoman,Anne Hathaway brought it home and killed it!

She was awesome and I love nothing more than a strong female who can kick ass!Throughout the movie,there wasn't even a moment where she said she's catwoman..because she just is!Anne Hathaway moves around smoothly in her skintight suit while not a hair was out of place and not to mention her silver stilettos!

Joseph Gordon Levitt plays policeman John Blake,whom you can say is a fan of Batman and also has some similar traits.I thought Gordon Levitt did a good job and it was great watching him in the movie.And have you notice how he's everywhere nowadays?haha.

Throughout the movie,I don't know how many times I said "oh my god!"or cupped my face with my hands.It was such a crazy exciting roller coaster ride!!!I love love love every bit of it.Nothing more to say,and don't want to reveal anymore.But there are a lot of jaw dropping moments for sure!:)

I first saw the trailer of this documentary movie,end of last year.I was so excited and showed it to the boyfriend.But of course,there's no hope for it being shown in a country like Malaysia.So our best bet was to wait when it'll be able to be downloaded.I saw Anthony Bourdain eating at Sukiyabashi Jiro on his No Reservations show and that even further excites me to watch the movie.

So a few days back,the boyfriend told me the good news that the movie is now in his hands!He was able to download it in such clear quality.Refer to the picture below of the quality of the movie which we watched:

The documentary movie revolved around Jiro,who owns Sukiyabashi Jiro,the only sushi restaurant in the world to be given three Michelin stars!So basically we get to look at intricate process of making the perfect sushi and also the people who help Jiro at his restaurant.It also include his eldest son.

I like the fact that throughout the movie from Jiro,to the fishmonger to the person who supply rice to him,everyone said they don't care about the money.And these are not people who are super rich(because people always deemed those who uses the phrase is bloody rich).They emphasize on quality and they would rather their shrimp/fish/rice not being handled by people who doesn't know what they're doing.

Case in point:the man who supply rice to Jiro said in the movie,that he refuses to sell a type of rice that he only sell to Jiro,even when the big hotel Grand Hyatt wanted to buy the rice from him!hahaha

They put such effort and care in making a meal for their customers and of course it isn't cheap..A course consist of 20 sushis and is around 300 USD-500 USD.There's so much more to this movie that I won't say much other than it should be watch because it is inspiring and it also will make you hungry for sushi.:p

I don't remember when I watch the show Cake Boss but it was a few years back and when I did,I was in awe because there were lots of great looking pastries and cakes at Carlos's Bakery but also the people working there is a huge family!I got this book for free thanks to my boyfriend's lil sister Qeema.

And at the top of the book,it is stated Mia Famiglia which means My Family in Italian.This book is written by Buddy Valastro and when you read the book,it's like he is talking to you himself.I love love the book because it revealed a lot about his family,how the bakery came about,how he met his wife and how the show was made.Buddy's family is very colorful and full of great loving stories.

In the show they look like they fight quite a few times but they are a very tight knit family.I love to read how hardworking Buddy is and there were many times when the pastries/cakes turned out bad but he never gave up and kept finding ways to improve himself.

There are recipes in the book as well which I can't wait to try soon,once I get a new mixer!Been baking using a whisk or a blender now but still I managed to bake a few cakes.:) Tomorrow is the fasting/Ramadhan month so I want to apologize if anything that I blogged about here have in any way,hurt anybody's feelings.Selamat berpuasa and happy fasting to all my Muslim friends.


A passion

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Pics of some of d foods that I have baked/cooked

Cooking has always been a passion of mine.I learned cooking from my maternal grandmother,my mum and also my aunts and a lot from tv cooking shows and books as well.But my passion for baking was only developed around when I was 16 years old.And yes,my grandma included her grandchildren in the kitchen when she's cooking since we were little.So being in the kitchen is natural to me.

I bought a butternut squash recently and was thinking that I'll roast it in the oven like I usually do to a pumpkin.But then I thought why not try to make it into a soup instead?But I didn't have any milk or cream in the fridge so I used a recipe that requires chicken stock instead.

Though because butternut squash is already creamy,you actually don't need any cream in the soup at all.There were leeks in the fridge so I used that as well in the soup.It is super easy and satisfying.Sautee chop onions and leeks with some butter until they softened.

Add the cubed butternut squash.Then some chicken stock,but not too much since you don't want the soup to be runny.Simmer the soup until the squash becomes soft.Then take out the squash from the broth and blend it until smooth,add back into the soup.Season with salt and pepper.I served it to the boyfriend and he loved it,so did his mother who was there.It is a very comforting soup.

I was watching reruns of Junior Masterchef one night while chilling with the boyfriend when I was inspired to bake a pineapple upside down cake.So I search for the simplest recipe and came upon the one from Nigella Lawson.You can get the recipe at her website.Just Google it!:p

The result was stunning!The cake was moist,fluffy and so pretty with the pineapple rings studded with glace cherries.I would definitely use her easy cake recipe and improvise on it.Have a great a Sunday people!:)



Andrew Garfield marathon:Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and Never Let Me Go

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I have only watched two movies starring Andrew Garfield:The Social Network and The Amazing Spiderman.So through my movie aficionado of a boyfriend,I was able to watch another two movies starring Andrew Garfield.

Granted this movie actually revolves more around Tony,the character played by the late Heath Ledger who died before the filming of the film could be finished.He was replace seamlessly in some of the scenes by Jude Law,Johnny Depp and Colin Farrell thanks to the rewriting.And also the actors didn't take the money they earned from the movie and instead gave everything to Heath's daughter,Matilda for her future.

This movie actually reminded me of the movie The Fall which the boyfriend said is better.I have to agree as well.But that doesn't mean this movie wasn't any good.

The movie revolves around Doctor Parnassus and his theater troupe--Anton(played by Andrew Garfield),a midget named Percy and his daughter,Valentina.One day Anton saw Tony who has hung himself over a bridge and Valentina decided to rescue him unbeknowst that he is actually a con-man.

And from then on,Tony helped Doctor Parnassus revive his theater troupe and get the 5 souls needed in order to save Valentina because when she turns 16,if Parnassus fails to obtain 5 souls,Valentina's soul will be taken by Mr.Nick.

Mr.Nick is a devil I guess because Parnassus made a deal with him so that he was able to gain immortality and win the heart of Valentina's mother ages ago.He never taught he would have a daughter with her and had to give her up when she turned 16.The way how Parnassus gains the soul of the people from his show is unique and hard to explain here.

You have to watch the movie for the beautiful imagination scenes.Andrew Garfield part was very small but still memorable and different than all of his other characters.I was very surprise to see Lily Cole in this movie as Valentina as I only know her from modelling.She played the part very well!

I have never read the book written by Kazuo Ishiguro so I don't know whether the movie did the book justice or not but I have to say this is a very sad movie.It revolves around Kathy( played by Carey Mulligan)--who narrates the movie,Ruth(played by Keira Knightley) and Tommy(played by Andrew Garfield) who grew up at this boarding school named Hailsham.

At a glance it looked like any boarding school in England but they don't have the normal curriculum and revolves only in keeping the children healthy and by asking them to create artworks to put in "The Gallery".One day a new teacher named Lucy reveal to her students that they should know who they actually are.

They are actually created to become donors and nothing more.Meaning that after all of their organs have been harvested for donation when they grow older,they will of course die.At the start,Tommy and Kathy was very closed and I guess the title of the movie came from a song that Tommy gave to Kathy via a cassette player of the same name.

But somehow Ruth who was closed to Kathy,took Tommy away from her.When they grew older,they were transferred to the 'cottages' and during this part I like how dull they look and how Kathy's hair was awful and Ruth's clothes were shabby because this showed that their lives were sheltered and they have never went out of Hailsham.

Of course,a love triangle was happening although Ruth and Tommy were together because we know he was meant to be with Kathy.They also heard about a deferral from some of the people at the cottages that if two donors were in love,they can actually request for a deferral and give them 3-4 years time before they could be harvested.Sad isn't it?So is there truly a deferral?You have to watch the movie to find out!:)



The Oldblossombox Raya Collection Fashion Show

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Last Saturday afternoon I had the privilege of being invited by Jezmine Blossom to the private viewing of her Raya Collection Fashion Show at Hello Deer.If some you don't know,Jezmine is the owner of Oldblossombox,a boutique with many loyal customers and fans.I have been buying their clothes and stuffs since the moment they open shop in Shah Alam 2 years ago.:)

The collection was designed by Jezmine and my god,I have to say this is her best Raya collection yet!The clothes were just so pretty and the outfits flowed so nicely on the models as they walk down the runway and it just makes you want to own a piece for raya!

I'm definitely going to have Jezmine make me one!The venue at Hello Deer was also pretty and quaint.It was my first time going there.There were only 90 people at the private show(it was open to public at 5.30pm) as invited by Jezmine because the place is not that big.

The parking there was so hard to find being that it was a Saturday afternoon and I arrived at the venue close to 3pm(after circling the parking lot a few times haha )although it stated that the show will start at 2.30.Thank god when I arrived it hadn't start yet!Phewww.Sat next to Shakira,whom I met when Jezmine asked me to join her preloved sale last year and sold my baked goods.She sold her desserts as well.

We were given goody package which contained the items in the picture below:Makeup by Wardah Beauty,OBB bracelet,CLEO mag and meringues baked by Shakira.

At the front row of the show I saw Datin Norjuma,Hatta Dolmat,Zery Zamry and some media representatives.The show went well though there was a model who had fallen,twice.Poor girl!I guess the heels was too high for her.Also there was one model who walked so fast that people sitting near me and even me and Shakira couldn't take photos of her outfits(the models had about 3 outfits per person).haha We were like slow down girl!!:p

Me&Shakira with Jezmine in the middle

Me with Syu and some of my fave pieces from the show.

But all was okay because at the end of it,they arrange back all of the clothes on a rack for everyone to see.Ooh,the food spread after the show by the people of Hello Deer and Wondermilk was delicious as well!

Yummy food!I love the vege dip!!

The decor and food looked very appetizing and meticulously prepared.Will definitely consider renting the space for my birthday party next year!:p Congratulations to Jezmine on a pretty and brilliant collection that has been(and I'm sure will be as well if some haven't yet) snapped up by many fashionistas out there for Raya.Heard Datin Norjuma bought 3 of her pieces for Raya!wowww!:)



The Amazing Spiderman review

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Ever since I watched The Social Network a few years back,I have been a fan of Andrew Garfield.And ever since Easy A,I have been such a fan of Emma Stone!I even love it more that both of them are a real life couple.Did you guys watched how supportive Andrew was when Emma host SNL a few months back??So sweet!

Anyway,enough gushing!The reason why I wrote this post is because last night the boyfriend brought me to watch The Amazing Spiderman!We watched it at GSC Setia City Mall(my fave mall at the moment!) and the couple's seat was purple!!My fave color!The boyfriend had to buy 3D tickets online because there was no normal tix left.He said the movie isn't suppose to be watch in 3D as it doesn't make much of a difference.

How was the movie to me??I have to say I LOVE IT!Andrew played his part very very well and I have to say he is the best spiderman yet!I cried three times throughout the movie..yes I'm very sappy!haha

Emma did a good job as well!But really Andrew Garfield stole the show.He was the awkward teenager that is Peter Parker--so cute the way he kept tumbling through his words while talking to Gwen Stacy--and he is also the amazing spiderman zooming through the buildings using his web but of course like the other spidey,there was moments of arrogance as well.But he was coming to terms with his abilities.

Why did I cry 3 times??Well there were(SPOILER!!) deaths and heartbreaks..:(( Boyfriend said the character development of Peter Parker and Andrew Garfield's acting was top notch BUT he just didn't understand the villain in the movie.Some of the words he uttered were unnecessary and his motives were unclear as well.

And also there were unanswered questions pertaining Peter's parents which if you stayed until the end of the credits,clearly shown there will be a sequel to answer that which made the boyfriend go..That is mean!haha Because we have to wait for a sequel which Andrew said in an interview,will only come out in 2014!!Booooo!:p

Oooh,there was of course the cool cameo from Stan Lee which made the audience laugh along with us.Go and watch it,3D or no 3D.:)



Clarisonic PLUS review

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This post is a response from a comment of a reader that had wanted a review of my experience using Clarisonic.The picture above is the time that I bought the Clarisonic PLUS set at Sephora along with the other items which was back in middle of March this year.So now in total I have use Clarisonic for about 3 months.

The reason why Clarisonic is so popular with even the dermatologists is in the brush head which cleans your skin 10 times deeper than other cleansers.When I bought Clarisonic Plus,it came with a face brush,body brush,3 different kinds of facial wash(which I didn't use),a body polish(which I use with the body brush) and the plug in charger.

I was fortunate to have had the help of one of the Sephora Bukit Bintang's workers named Nicky who explained to me everything about Clarisonic like how to use it and etc.She even used it herself and she said it removes her blackhead and whiteheads and even your makeup if you're lazy to use the makeup remover.But results will only be able to be seen on your complexion from 1-3 months.

A picture of my Clarisonic with the sensitive head brush and the bigger one is the body brush.

The usage is very easy.You have to charge the Clarisonic for 24 hours first before using it.If fully charge it can be used for up to 7 hours(I vaguely remember Nicky's explanation because it was a long time ago).Brushing your face using the Clarisonic is easy because it beeps after it has washed a part of your face.

A picture of the charger.

The order of brushing your face is 20 seconds on your forehead,20 seconds on your nose and chin and 10 seconds each on both cheeks.The brush will beep once it has finish brushing each part of your face.There is 3 speed setting for the Clarisonic Plus.For the other Clarisonic brushes(Mia,Mia 2&etc) the speed setting is only 2.I have never use further than the first speed setting because I have such sensitive and prone to redness skin.

Results on my skin after about 3 months of usage?Previously my skin was quite oily and I have to use the oil control film from Johnsons to soak up my oils once or twice in a day.But now after using Clarisonic Plus,my skin is noticeably less oilier.Sometimes I don't even have to use the oil control film anymore!

My skin is still prone to zit once in awhile especially one week before that time of the month.But,if I look at my complexion upclose in the mirror.I can see that my pores are smaller and my skin,the non-red/acne marks part look very smooth. Also,I rarely have blackheads and far less whiteheads now.

My advice is that Clarisonic is a great investment.Once you have worn it for 3-4 months,instead of using it twice daily,use it once daily or every other day because it can be pretty abrasive on sensitive skin.Also,you don't need to go to facial after having Clarisonic,because it will actually makes your skin breakout which happened to me.

Because I have already paid for a monthly facial with this one beauty center long before I got the Clarisonic,it was a waste if I didn't go so I had too.To conclude,by having Clarisonic,you don't need to spend hundreds on facial anymore but you do have to change the brush head every four months or so.Hope this post help those who are contemplating in buying it!:)


Updates&blogging from the Blogsy app!

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Although I have an ipad2 and an iphone 4s,I still find it difficult blogging using both gadgets because there would be some glitch or whatnot.So I always tend to rely on my laptop.Since my brother's laptop went kaput,he had to borrow mine to bring to his uni.Thus,leaving me with no laptop to blog with.:(

But being the wonderful boyfriend that Razin is,he took the time to search for the best app for me to use so that I can continue blogging without the comfort of my laptop.He found the app Blogsy and apparently it is the best app for blogging.And I have to say that it is true!
For those who just downloaded the app,I suggest you watch the how to videos first because it can be quite confusing.

Anyway,last weekend was the aqiqah of Qarla,Razin's eldest sister,Nana's daughter.So the few days before that I helped out what I can at their house.Below is an adorable picture of Qarla when me&Nana went to the mall.

Such a cutie!:)
Can you believe it is July already?And in two weeks it will be the month of Ramadhan!Time flies so fast.Anyway,below are the pictures of baby Qarla's aqiqah which happened last Sunday.
Nana made all the stuffs for the candy/dessert buffet herself!The pretty cupcakes was baked and given by her friend!So sweet right?It is easy and cheaper to do a candy buffet on your own rather than spending hundreds to pay someone else to do it.I would definitely do so for my own children aqiqah one day.
Qarla all cozy in her cradle

Qarla look so happy!
Qarl and her fave babysitter--my boyfriend!:)
Baby Qarla and her fave babysitter--Uncle Razin!:)
Me&d boyfriend with Qarla
Me&Razin with Qarla!
US :)
Raushan(boyf's bro)&his gf Maisara.
The food was good!
Yummy food!

There was so much food that day!Nana hired the caterers and they served nasi tomato,ayam masak merah,kari kambing,acar timun nanas,dessert and drinks.Their relatives brought lots of food as well and there was various kuih muih.

The food for the relatives at the backyard
There were a lot of leftovers so me and Maisara(boyfriend's brother Raushan's girlfriend) and our respective boyfriends,packed all of the foods so that their relatives can take it home.We learned from Razin(my boyfriend) how to expertly tie the plastic bags of food using rubber band like how they do it at the mamak.hahaha

Afterwards everybody took a short nap and rest for a bit.A picture of me and baby Qarla resting.haha Our clothes matched because of the rose print :p.

Went to Setia City Mall with the boyfriend and his siblings and Maisara went as well.Got Gong Cha--my fave tea and also this pretty TYPO frame for only rm10 because of the mad sale!The original price was rm59!

Gong cha!!

Pretty frame!
Love love love

Lately I've been going crazy with Martha Stewart's Craft Studio app for the ipad.It is so awesome and pretty!I made so many sets using the pictures I have and then printed them using Razin's printer.It's so fun!And there's so many options and themes to try out.Above is what I did using some of the pictures of me with Razin.Below is of Qarla's aqiqah&her family and also what I got from the boyfriend for my 25th birthday :)

Awesome boyfriend!
Put one of it into the new frame!
Printed the set I made using the app and put it in my new TYPO frame :)
Printed sets containing pictures of me and razin & I put them on my pretty TYPO heart shaped memo board:)
So cute!!
Went to the Metrojaya warehouse sale with my mum this morning and got me three of the Harajuku Lovers Sunshine Cuties by Gwen Stefani perfume--Love,Baby and Music.My fave is the Baby scent because it smells just like one of my fave flower--white frangipani!The bottle is so cute too.Below is the notes in the perfumes taken from a website.
So now that I have blogsy on the ipad,I will be able to blog more often!!yeayyyy :))