The Amazing Spiderman review

Monday, July 09, 2012 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Ever since I watched The Social Network a few years back,I have been a fan of Andrew Garfield.And ever since Easy A,I have been such a fan of Emma Stone!I even love it more that both of them are a real life couple.Did you guys watched how supportive Andrew was when Emma host SNL a few months back??So sweet!

Anyway,enough gushing!The reason why I wrote this post is because last night the boyfriend brought me to watch The Amazing Spiderman!We watched it at GSC Setia City Mall(my fave mall at the moment!) and the couple's seat was purple!!My fave color!The boyfriend had to buy 3D tickets online because there was no normal tix left.He said the movie isn't suppose to be watch in 3D as it doesn't make much of a difference.

How was the movie to me??I have to say I LOVE IT!Andrew played his part very very well and I have to say he is the best spiderman yet!I cried three times throughout the movie..yes I'm very sappy!haha

Emma did a good job as well!But really Andrew Garfield stole the show.He was the awkward teenager that is Peter Parker--so cute the way he kept tumbling through his words while talking to Gwen Stacy--and he is also the amazing spiderman zooming through the buildings using his web but of course like the other spidey,there was moments of arrogance as well.But he was coming to terms with his abilities.

Why did I cry 3 times??Well there were(SPOILER!!) deaths and heartbreaks..:(( Boyfriend said the character development of Peter Parker and Andrew Garfield's acting was top notch BUT he just didn't understand the villain in the movie.Some of the words he uttered were unnecessary and his motives were unclear as well.

And also there were unanswered questions pertaining Peter's parents which if you stayed until the end of the credits,clearly shown there will be a sequel to answer that which made the boyfriend go..That is mean!haha Because we have to wait for a sequel which Andrew said in an interview,will only come out in 2014!!Booooo!:p

Oooh,there was of course the cool cameo from Stan Lee which made the audience laugh along with us.Go and watch it,3D or no 3D.:)