Andrew Garfield marathon:Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and Never Let Me Go

Wednesday, July 11, 2012 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

I have only watched two movies starring Andrew Garfield:The Social Network and The Amazing Spiderman.So through my movie aficionado of a boyfriend,I was able to watch another two movies starring Andrew Garfield.

Granted this movie actually revolves more around Tony,the character played by the late Heath Ledger who died before the filming of the film could be finished.He was replace seamlessly in some of the scenes by Jude Law,Johnny Depp and Colin Farrell thanks to the rewriting.And also the actors didn't take the money they earned from the movie and instead gave everything to Heath's daughter,Matilda for her future.

This movie actually reminded me of the movie The Fall which the boyfriend said is better.I have to agree as well.But that doesn't mean this movie wasn't any good.

The movie revolves around Doctor Parnassus and his theater troupe--Anton(played by Andrew Garfield),a midget named Percy and his daughter,Valentina.One day Anton saw Tony who has hung himself over a bridge and Valentina decided to rescue him unbeknowst that he is actually a con-man.

And from then on,Tony helped Doctor Parnassus revive his theater troupe and get the 5 souls needed in order to save Valentina because when she turns 16,if Parnassus fails to obtain 5 souls,Valentina's soul will be taken by Mr.Nick.

Mr.Nick is a devil I guess because Parnassus made a deal with him so that he was able to gain immortality and win the heart of Valentina's mother ages ago.He never taught he would have a daughter with her and had to give her up when she turned 16.The way how Parnassus gains the soul of the people from his show is unique and hard to explain here.

You have to watch the movie for the beautiful imagination scenes.Andrew Garfield part was very small but still memorable and different than all of his other characters.I was very surprise to see Lily Cole in this movie as Valentina as I only know her from modelling.She played the part very well!

I have never read the book written by Kazuo Ishiguro so I don't know whether the movie did the book justice or not but I have to say this is a very sad movie.It revolves around Kathy( played by Carey Mulligan)--who narrates the movie,Ruth(played by Keira Knightley) and Tommy(played by Andrew Garfield) who grew up at this boarding school named Hailsham.

At a glance it looked like any boarding school in England but they don't have the normal curriculum and revolves only in keeping the children healthy and by asking them to create artworks to put in "The Gallery".One day a new teacher named Lucy reveal to her students that they should know who they actually are.

They are actually created to become donors and nothing more.Meaning that after all of their organs have been harvested for donation when they grow older,they will of course die.At the start,Tommy and Kathy was very closed and I guess the title of the movie came from a song that Tommy gave to Kathy via a cassette player of the same name.

But somehow Ruth who was closed to Kathy,took Tommy away from her.When they grew older,they were transferred to the 'cottages' and during this part I like how dull they look and how Kathy's hair was awful and Ruth's clothes were shabby because this showed that their lives were sheltered and they have never went out of Hailsham.

Of course,a love triangle was happening although Ruth and Tommy were together because we know he was meant to be with Kathy.They also heard about a deferral from some of the people at the cottages that if two donors were in love,they can actually request for a deferral and give them 3-4 years time before they could be harvested.Sad isn't it?So is there truly a deferral?You have to watch the movie to find out!:)



chimidama said...

Oh thank you for the review. I should watch the second one, sounds interesting..or maybe because they have keira in it.. ;)

Liyana.H said...

It is very interesting!But Keira character was quite mean haha