Clarisonic PLUS review

Thursday, July 05, 2012 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

This post is a response from a comment of a reader that had wanted a review of my experience using Clarisonic.The picture above is the time that I bought the Clarisonic PLUS set at Sephora along with the other items which was back in middle of March this year.So now in total I have use Clarisonic for about 3 months.

The reason why Clarisonic is so popular with even the dermatologists is in the brush head which cleans your skin 10 times deeper than other cleansers.When I bought Clarisonic Plus,it came with a face brush,body brush,3 different kinds of facial wash(which I didn't use),a body polish(which I use with the body brush) and the plug in charger.

I was fortunate to have had the help of one of the Sephora Bukit Bintang's workers named Nicky who explained to me everything about Clarisonic like how to use it and etc.She even used it herself and she said it removes her blackhead and whiteheads and even your makeup if you're lazy to use the makeup remover.But results will only be able to be seen on your complexion from 1-3 months.

A picture of my Clarisonic with the sensitive head brush and the bigger one is the body brush.

The usage is very easy.You have to charge the Clarisonic for 24 hours first before using it.If fully charge it can be used for up to 7 hours(I vaguely remember Nicky's explanation because it was a long time ago).Brushing your face using the Clarisonic is easy because it beeps after it has washed a part of your face.

A picture of the charger.

The order of brushing your face is 20 seconds on your forehead,20 seconds on your nose and chin and 10 seconds each on both cheeks.The brush will beep once it has finish brushing each part of your face.There is 3 speed setting for the Clarisonic Plus.For the other Clarisonic brushes(Mia,Mia 2&etc) the speed setting is only 2.I have never use further than the first speed setting because I have such sensitive and prone to redness skin.

Results on my skin after about 3 months of usage?Previously my skin was quite oily and I have to use the oil control film from Johnsons to soak up my oils once or twice in a day.But now after using Clarisonic Plus,my skin is noticeably less oilier.Sometimes I don't even have to use the oil control film anymore!

My skin is still prone to zit once in awhile especially one week before that time of the month.But,if I look at my complexion upclose in the mirror.I can see that my pores are smaller and my skin,the non-red/acne marks part look very smooth. Also,I rarely have blackheads and far less whiteheads now.

My advice is that Clarisonic is a great investment.Once you have worn it for 3-4 months,instead of using it twice daily,use it once daily or every other day because it can be pretty abrasive on sensitive skin.Also,you don't need to go to facial after having Clarisonic,because it will actually makes your skin breakout which happened to me.

Because I have already paid for a monthly facial with this one beauty center long before I got the Clarisonic,it was a waste if I didn't go so I had too.To conclude,by having Clarisonic,you don't need to spend hundreds on facial anymore but you do have to change the brush head every four months or so.Hope this post help those who are contemplating in buying it!:)


Anonymous said...

how much is it again?

Liyana.H said...

I think around 900+..d smaller one'
,mia is cheaper at 600+