The Oldblossombox Raya Collection Fashion Show

Tuesday, July 10, 2012 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Last Saturday afternoon I had the privilege of being invited by Jezmine Blossom to the private viewing of her Raya Collection Fashion Show at Hello Deer.If some you don't know,Jezmine is the owner of Oldblossombox,a boutique with many loyal customers and fans.I have been buying their clothes and stuffs since the moment they open shop in Shah Alam 2 years ago.:)

The collection was designed by Jezmine and my god,I have to say this is her best Raya collection yet!The clothes were just so pretty and the outfits flowed so nicely on the models as they walk down the runway and it just makes you want to own a piece for raya!

I'm definitely going to have Jezmine make me one!The venue at Hello Deer was also pretty and quaint.It was my first time going there.There were only 90 people at the private show(it was open to public at 5.30pm) as invited by Jezmine because the place is not that big.

The parking there was so hard to find being that it was a Saturday afternoon and I arrived at the venue close to 3pm(after circling the parking lot a few times haha )although it stated that the show will start at 2.30.Thank god when I arrived it hadn't start yet!Phewww.Sat next to Shakira,whom I met when Jezmine asked me to join her preloved sale last year and sold my baked goods.She sold her desserts as well.

We were given goody package which contained the items in the picture below:Makeup by Wardah Beauty,OBB bracelet,CLEO mag and meringues baked by Shakira.

At the front row of the show I saw Datin Norjuma,Hatta Dolmat,Zery Zamry and some media representatives.The show went well though there was a model who had fallen,twice.Poor girl!I guess the heels was too high for her.Also there was one model who walked so fast that people sitting near me and even me and Shakira couldn't take photos of her outfits(the models had about 3 outfits per person).haha We were like slow down girl!!:p

Me&Shakira with Jezmine in the middle

Me with Syu and some of my fave pieces from the show.

But all was okay because at the end of it,they arrange back all of the clothes on a rack for everyone to see.Ooh,the food spread after the show by the people of Hello Deer and Wondermilk was delicious as well!

Yummy food!I love the vege dip!!

The decor and food looked very appetizing and meticulously prepared.Will definitely consider renting the space for my birthday party next year!:p Congratulations to Jezmine on a pretty and brilliant collection that has been(and I'm sure will be as well if some haven't yet) snapped up by many fashionistas out there for Raya.Heard Datin Norjuma bought 3 of her pieces for Raya!wowww!:)