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Sunday, July 15, 2012 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

Pics of some of d foods that I have baked/cooked

Cooking has always been a passion of mine.I learned cooking from my maternal grandmother,my mum and also my aunts and a lot from tv cooking shows and books as well.But my passion for baking was only developed around when I was 16 years old.And yes,my grandma included her grandchildren in the kitchen when she's cooking since we were little.So being in the kitchen is natural to me.

I bought a butternut squash recently and was thinking that I'll roast it in the oven like I usually do to a pumpkin.But then I thought why not try to make it into a soup instead?But I didn't have any milk or cream in the fridge so I used a recipe that requires chicken stock instead.

Though because butternut squash is already creamy,you actually don't need any cream in the soup at all.There were leeks in the fridge so I used that as well in the soup.It is super easy and satisfying.Sautee chop onions and leeks with some butter until they softened.

Add the cubed butternut squash.Then some chicken stock,but not too much since you don't want the soup to be runny.Simmer the soup until the squash becomes soft.Then take out the squash from the broth and blend it until smooth,add back into the soup.Season with salt and pepper.I served it to the boyfriend and he loved it,so did his mother who was there.It is a very comforting soup.

I was watching reruns of Junior Masterchef one night while chilling with the boyfriend when I was inspired to bake a pineapple upside down cake.So I search for the simplest recipe and came upon the one from Nigella Lawson.You can get the recipe at her website.Just Google it!:p

The result was stunning!The cake was moist,fluffy and so pretty with the pineapple rings studded with glace cherries.I would definitely use her easy cake recipe and improvise on it.Have a great a Sunday people!:)



ellie said...

I love baking too! used to bake a lot before moving to new house in Shah Alam :(

Liyana.H said...

Why babe??the pineapple upside down cake that i baked requires using a food processor/blender only hehe my mixer went kaput so i wanted to bake but couldn't do so..glad i found an easy recipe from Nigella Lawson.