Puasa so far and Game of Thrones(spoiler alert!)

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Hey everyone!August is here and soon it will be Hari Raya!Can you believe it?Time flies so fast!I have not blogged in a few days because been busy with a few things.Watching some addictive tv shows which I downloaded thanks to my beloved boyfriend.Breaking my fast with my family and his family.Helping him prepare for his little sister's birthday.Meeting my boyfriend's cute little niece!A few pictures I took during this one week or so:

Qarla,the boyfriend's niece can eat solids now!!

Found Peach Tea cordial at Urban Fresh Setia City Mall for just rm10.90!!Peach tea is one of my fave drink and with this I can make lots!:)

Helped the boyf and his bestfriend build his lil sister's new desk which we bought at Ikea for her birthday with the money his parents gave of course cos we're broke!:p

Me & the boyf mucking around at Ikea!And then break our fast at Sushi King..the food is fast and tasty.

We bought this highchair for his niece at Ikea and he got excited over it hahaha

Qarla is such a smart baby because I swear EVERYTIME I take her picture and says Smile,qarla,smile..She freaking smiles!!So I always get good pictures of her..Case in point are the pictures above.That is Qarla's mummy,Nana,who's my boyfriend's eldest sister.

Above are pictures of some of the foods I had for berbuka/breaking of fast/iftar whatnot..haha Yes,I love taking pictures of food.:p

Ooh Game of Thrones,how I love thee.I have heard people rave about this HBO series and finally gotten about to watch it.So I watched season 1 and 2 within the span off 2&1/2 days!There was only 10 episodes for each season so it doesn't take a long time to finish watching all of it.I was utterly engrossed by the show.I really really love it.It's a raunchier and much more violent version of The Lord of The Rings.

I got the series via the boyfriend who downloaded it and I put it in my Elements Play(one of my fave gadget!) and watched it on tv.So there was no censorship whatsoever thus I have no idea how much Astro has cut it if they're showing it..Sorry cos I don't watch any tv at all(this is true).

There's some very graphic violence,nudity and also incestuous relationships.But the heart of it is a really great storyline.I will cut it short and give my thoughts on season 1&2:

In my opinion,although Eddard Stark is a nobleman,he was a bit stupid.Because he trust his council members and they at the end betrayed him.If only he followed Lord Baellish advice though he as well is a very cunning man.But hey,you guys have to remember that this is based from the original book!

I was really sad that Khal Drogo died.(SPOILER!) At first he was very rough and tough but he fell in love with Daenerys/Khaleesi.I love the character Daenerys a lot.At first she looked meek because she was controlled by her power mad brother who uses her for his own gains and forced to marry Khal Drogo.But then she developed feelings for Khal Drogo and learned his language and become a very strong and confident woman.When Khal Drogo died it was so sad because she truly loved him.:(

At the end of season 2 she manage to take hold of her dragons(more spoiler sorry!!) which was stolen from her and also beat the scary warlock!The moment she locked Xaro(thank god she didn't marry him!) and that maiden who betrayed her in the chambers was epic!They bloody deserve it

She has the dragons and it has been said that all of the kingdom will bow down to the one who has dragons cos they have the most power!She has 3 dragons!I can't wait what will happen to her in season 3..But I guess I will know since I have already gotten all of the books and will read them soon.

Cersei/The Queen and Jamie's relationship makes me sick.To think that all of the King's children is not his but he didn't even know that up until he died!Her son Prince Joffery is a monster and out of control.He is still alive though even at the end of season 2.hurmph.I hope he dies in Season 3.

I am glad all of the Stark's siblings are still alive though all of them are in different places.Jon Snow(the bastard son) is going to meet Mance.Rob married the nurse and he still haven't wage war on King's Landing which was brought from season 1 until 2.

Aryaa is on her own adventure with Gendry and that fat boy haha.And I wonder what is up with that Jaqen dude from Braavos who gave her the coin?That was very mysterious and exciting!Sansa's fate is unknown but atleast she doesn't have to marry Joffery.Bran&Rickon is on the run with Osha&that big dude(don't remember the name!).

Theon betrayed his bestfriend and I have no idea if he is dead or not.I hope he is!Stannis Baratheon lost the war and I am still puzzled with that devil thing that came out of Mellisandre's womb which they send to kill Renly.Why didn't Stannis used that to kill Joffery and get the throne?Cos he used that to kill his own brother!

Among all of the despicable Lannisters,I admire Tyrion or the imp as he is called,the most.I think he has some of the best lines in the show!I thought he was the smartest among his siblings and have compassion over others not from his family and I love it when he slapped Joffery a few times.I'm also glad he met Shae and I hope she won't betray him!

The White Walkers are coming and they look so scary and the only way to beat them is by burning them.Funny because a lot of the characters throughout both seasons didn't believe that White Walkers or dragons still exist.And they're back after thousands of years!I can't bloody wait for season 3 but unfortunately it will be hundreds of days away.:( I will probably watch the episodes over again because it is so good!

My fave character:Daenerys!

Got the books in my ipad and I can't wait to read all of them soon!:))


Anonymous said...

Hello. I'm ur silent reader. Can u blog about how u downloaded the tv series and books on ur ipad. I mean the apps that uve been using, where u downloaded the apps and all the details. Thank you. :) selamat berpuasa!

Liyana.H said...

Hey anon!thanks for dropping by!
Sure but a lot of the time my boyf helps me cos he's more well verse in these things hehe

Liyana.H said...

Aiyo lupa..selamat berpuasa!