Reviews:The Dark Knight Rises,Jiro Dreams of Sushi and the Cake Boss book.

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THE DARK KNIGHT RISES WAS AMAZING.And dare I say it,in the same league with The Avengers or even a tiny bit better?:p

The boyfriend and his younger sister,bought the tickets online a week before to ensure we got good seats(with good reasons because Imax tickets have sold out until Sunday).This is the movie that he has been waiting for so any kind of seats or movie theater won't suffice.Actually he bought two Imax tgv tickets(THE best theater to watch The Dark Knight Rises esp since the movie was shot using Imax cameras)one was for the 6.10 pm show on 19th July and the other was at 12.30am.

Trivia:Christopher Nolan didn't want The Dark Knight Rises to be shown in 3-D,only 2-D!:)

We sold the 6.10pm to his other brother cos it wasn't couple's seat and we always purchase couple seats tickets cos it's more comfy and plus we hold hands all the time.Awwww.So finally the time came and along with me and the boyfriend,his little sister&her boyfriend as well..since she bought the tix for all of us.But,our couple seats weren't next to each cos that would be awkward haha.

The TGV Imax theater was spacious and it was my first time going there(I've been to TGV The Club but haven't done The Beanie one yet).Our couple seats was huge and plush.

The picture and sound quality was just brilliant!I won't spoil the movie for those who haven't watched it yet because you should watch just have to!

Christian Bale is Batman.He just is.Forget all the actors before this who tried in vain to portray Batman but just fail in comparison to Bale.His superb acting was just so enjoyable to watch.Especially during the prison of hell scenes.(a bit of a spoiler here!oooos :p)

The movie also starred Anne Hathaway and Joseph Gordon Levitt,both whom were amazing as well.While Halle Berry was a huge dissapointment as Catwoman,Anne Hathaway brought it home and killed it!

She was awesome and I love nothing more than a strong female who can kick ass!Throughout the movie,there wasn't even a moment where she said she's catwoman..because she just is!Anne Hathaway moves around smoothly in her skintight suit while not a hair was out of place and not to mention her silver stilettos!

Joseph Gordon Levitt plays policeman John Blake,whom you can say is a fan of Batman and also has some similar traits.I thought Gordon Levitt did a good job and it was great watching him in the movie.And have you notice how he's everywhere nowadays?haha.

Throughout the movie,I don't know how many times I said "oh my god!"or cupped my face with my hands.It was such a crazy exciting roller coaster ride!!!I love love love every bit of it.Nothing more to say,and don't want to reveal anymore.But there are a lot of jaw dropping moments for sure!:)

I first saw the trailer of this documentary movie,end of last year.I was so excited and showed it to the boyfriend.But of course,there's no hope for it being shown in a country like Malaysia.So our best bet was to wait when it'll be able to be downloaded.I saw Anthony Bourdain eating at Sukiyabashi Jiro on his No Reservations show and that even further excites me to watch the movie.

So a few days back,the boyfriend told me the good news that the movie is now in his hands!He was able to download it in such clear quality.Refer to the picture below of the quality of the movie which we watched:

The documentary movie revolved around Jiro,who owns Sukiyabashi Jiro,the only sushi restaurant in the world to be given three Michelin stars!So basically we get to look at intricate process of making the perfect sushi and also the people who help Jiro at his restaurant.It also include his eldest son.

I like the fact that throughout the movie from Jiro,to the fishmonger to the person who supply rice to him,everyone said they don't care about the money.And these are not people who are super rich(because people always deemed those who uses the phrase is bloody rich).They emphasize on quality and they would rather their shrimp/fish/rice not being handled by people who doesn't know what they're doing.

Case in point:the man who supply rice to Jiro said in the movie,that he refuses to sell a type of rice that he only sell to Jiro,even when the big hotel Grand Hyatt wanted to buy the rice from him!hahaha

They put such effort and care in making a meal for their customers and of course it isn't cheap..A course consist of 20 sushis and is around 300 USD-500 USD.There's so much more to this movie that I won't say much other than it should be watch because it is inspiring and it also will make you hungry for sushi.:p

I don't remember when I watch the show Cake Boss but it was a few years back and when I did,I was in awe because there were lots of great looking pastries and cakes at Carlos's Bakery but also the people working there is a huge family!I got this book for free thanks to my boyfriend's lil sister Qeema.

And at the top of the book,it is stated Mia Famiglia which means My Family in Italian.This book is written by Buddy Valastro and when you read the book,it's like he is talking to you himself.I love love the book because it revealed a lot about his family,how the bakery came about,how he met his wife and how the show was made.Buddy's family is very colorful and full of great loving stories.

In the show they look like they fight quite a few times but they are a very tight knit family.I love to read how hardworking Buddy is and there were many times when the pastries/cakes turned out bad but he never gave up and kept finding ways to improve himself.

There are recipes in the book as well which I can't wait to try soon,once I get a new mixer!Been baking using a whisk or a blender now but still I managed to bake a few cakes.:) Tomorrow is the fasting/Ramadhan month so I want to apologize if anything that I blogged about here have in any way,hurt anybody's feelings.Selamat berpuasa and happy fasting to all my Muslim friends.


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