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Thursday, July 05, 2012 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

Although I have an ipad2 and an iphone 4s,I still find it difficult blogging using both gadgets because there would be some glitch or whatnot.So I always tend to rely on my laptop.Since my brother's laptop went kaput,he had to borrow mine to bring to his uni.Thus,leaving me with no laptop to blog with.:(

But being the wonderful boyfriend that Razin is,he took the time to search for the best app for me to use so that I can continue blogging without the comfort of my laptop.He found the app Blogsy and apparently it is the best app for blogging.And I have to say that it is true!
For those who just downloaded the app,I suggest you watch the how to videos first because it can be quite confusing.

Anyway,last weekend was the aqiqah of Qarla,Razin's eldest sister,Nana's daughter.So the few days before that I helped out what I can at their house.Below is an adorable picture of Qarla when me&Nana went to the mall.

Such a cutie!:)
Can you believe it is July already?And in two weeks it will be the month of Ramadhan!Time flies so fast.Anyway,below are the pictures of baby Qarla's aqiqah which happened last Sunday.
Nana made all the stuffs for the candy/dessert buffet herself!The pretty cupcakes was baked and given by her friend!So sweet right?It is easy and cheaper to do a candy buffet on your own rather than spending hundreds to pay someone else to do it.I would definitely do so for my own children aqiqah one day.
Qarla all cozy in her cradle

Qarla look so happy!
Qarl and her fave babysitter--my boyfriend!:)
Baby Qarla and her fave babysitter--Uncle Razin!:)
Me&d boyfriend with Qarla
Me&Razin with Qarla!
US :)
Raushan(boyf's bro)&his gf Maisara.
The food was good!
Yummy food!

There was so much food that day!Nana hired the caterers and they served nasi tomato,ayam masak merah,kari kambing,acar timun nanas,dessert and drinks.Their relatives brought lots of food as well and there was various kuih muih.

The food for the relatives at the backyard
There were a lot of leftovers so me and Maisara(boyfriend's brother Raushan's girlfriend) and our respective boyfriends,packed all of the foods so that their relatives can take it home.We learned from Razin(my boyfriend) how to expertly tie the plastic bags of food using rubber band like how they do it at the mamak.hahaha

Afterwards everybody took a short nap and rest for a bit.A picture of me and baby Qarla resting.haha Our clothes matched because of the rose print :p.

Went to Setia City Mall with the boyfriend and his siblings and Maisara went as well.Got Gong Cha--my fave tea and also this pretty TYPO frame for only rm10 because of the mad sale!The original price was rm59!

Gong cha!!

Pretty frame!
Love love love

Lately I've been going crazy with Martha Stewart's Craft Studio app for the ipad.It is so awesome and pretty!I made so many sets using the pictures I have and then printed them using Razin's printer.It's so fun!And there's so many options and themes to try out.Above is what I did using some of the pictures of me with Razin.Below is of Qarla's aqiqah&her family and also what I got from the boyfriend for my 25th birthday :)

Awesome boyfriend!
Put one of it into the new frame!
Printed the set I made using the app and put it in my new TYPO frame :)
Printed sets containing pictures of me and razin & I put them on my pretty TYPO heart shaped memo board:)
So cute!!
Went to the Metrojaya warehouse sale with my mum this morning and got me three of the Harajuku Lovers Sunshine Cuties by Gwen Stefani perfume--Love,Baby and Music.My fave is the Baby scent because it smells just like one of my fave flower--white frangipani!The bottle is so cute too.Below is the notes in the perfumes taken from a website.
So now that I have blogsy on the ipad,I will be able to blog more often!!yeayyyy :))



Anonymous said...

Hey there...could u make a review on clarisonic that u bought? How does it serve? Thinking of getting one for myself, but still contemplating! Wanna hear ur personal experience :)

Liyana.H said...

Hey anna!sure i will do a post for you by tonight..:)