Busy beraya-ing.

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I had drafted a post about what I did during raya that made me abandon my blog for almost a week but then due to the blogsy app glitch,I lost all of it!Never mind then.Had to redo and reupload all of the pictures.Pffftttt.

Eve of raya I was basically busy breaking my fast with dad's side of the family.Played firecrackers and such with my cousins which I rarely do(okay fine I just stood there and took pictures haha).Then our yearly tradition of going to PKNS the night before raya.As usual there were many people(pic below) there but it was fun and festive because everyone rush to get their last minute raya shopping!

First day of raya was just as any other raya because we celebrate it in Shah Alam.But this time it was a bit sad because it's the first year that I have no grandparents to celebrate it with.My late grandmother from my mother's side past away last November.Both sides of my family are from Shah Alam and are just minutes from each other.

Second day of raya was hectic but fun.I went to four houses.My uncle's,Razin's family house and the house of two of his friends.In the morning the boyfriend came to my house to beraya with my parents.He also went to my uncle's house with my family in the afternoon after he helped his mother set up their house for her relatives to come over.Pictures below :)
Four houses in one day meant I ate a lot of different foods.Picture above.Also celebrated Razin's eldest sister's birthday.Hence a pic of Baskin's ice cream cake above.The roasted lamb covered in the homemade chilli sauce is to die for and made by Razin's friend.Yes,I had my signature winter melon with pearl fix from Gong Cha as well,the boyfriend bought it for me when he went to buy the birthday cake and presents with his little sister.Yes he is so sweet!:)
On fourth day of raya,Razin's dad treated us lunch at Seoul Garden at Setia City Mall(my faveeee mall!).The was good.Wayyyy better quality than Flaming's Steamboat(which has more choices but low quality!).I love that the condiments at their ABC/ice kacang bar was good because the gula melaka syrup was thick compared to the one at Flaming's which was watery than cordial!!Crazy bad!

I manage to satiate my abc craving by having two bowls of it filled with slices of young coconut and cream corn..yummmmm.The array of sauces to go with your steamboat/grilled food was good as well.The seafood there was fresh and not covered in flies like at Flaming's Kota Kemuning!

On the sixth day of raya I was busy buying groceries with my parents for our family barbeque for both sides of the family at our house which happened on Saturday(7th syawal).We went to like three different hypermarkets(NSK & 2 Tesco outlets)to get all of our chicken,prawns,sirloin,squid,fish and veges.I cooked and marinated everything!I'm the only girl in the family and it is my duty plus my mother doesn't know how so she just assist me to chop the veg&clean the fish/prawns/squid.
I made homemade mashed potatoes with mushroom gravy,coleslaw,pasta with bolognese,garlic chili padi fried rice,cheesecake brownies and chocolate cookies!Thank god I love to cook and bake so I didn't mind the preparation.Plus my lil brother helped and so did my boyfriend!(pic below)
It was worth the hardwork I put into cooking all those dishes because all of my relatives loved it!All of my aunts asked how I marinated the chicken and the beef..hehe My cheesecake brownies was gone before the night ended that my brother who wanted to bring it to uitm segamat the next day couldn't do so.haha.Next time!Below is a pic of the grilled foods.Ayah,my brother Haziq and my boyfriend Razin took turns to barbeque the food!

A few days back I went to Razin's eldest sister's house with him because she invited us over for raya finner with her and her husband and of course the cute baby Qarla!Look at her many hairbands below!:)

I tasted Domino's sticky date pudding few days back with the boyfriend and loved how it tasted so decided to bake them using the leftover dates my family have from ramadhan.I used the recipe from Donna Hay's website.Just google sticky date pudding recipe and you'll see Donna's recipe,

The toffee sauce was so good but I'd recommend using less brown sugar because it was very sweet even for a sweet tooth like me.Pic of the sticky date pudding that I baked,below:)

I have watched a lot of movies during ramadhan and today I went to watch Paranorman with the boyfriend.It was very good!Will update my many movie reviews soon!:)



Selamat hari raya aidilfitri!

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Been busy these past few days..having my iftar with the boyfriend,my family and also my relatives,raya preparation and also today was Raya!Below are just some of the pics because I'm so tired and gonna take a long sleep before more eating and raya celebration tomorrow!Have a good one and maaf zahir&batin :)


My Flipboard

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The Flipboard is one of my favorite thing on my ipad.I don't have it on my iphone because it looks s better on the ipad and of course,bigger.The function of the Flipboard is to consolidate all of your favorite website,blog,twitter account and many more,under one board.So you can flip it anytime you want without having to open all of them separately.It makes it easier to see new updates!

So from all the pictures above you can see what I put on my Flipboard.Hope this helps(to the one who asked on my apps post)!


Sherlock TV Series

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As a teen I had books by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle on Sherlock Holmes.A lot of detective tv series and even cartoons were based on Sherlock.But none can match the one that BBC One showed.Two seasons and six episodes.I watched them all.The third season is yet to be announced.I won't say much about it.No no no!


Sorry for all the capital letters but I just finish the last episode of season 2 and I just can't wait for season 3 which will be out next year.So many questions in my head that need answers!This series just beat the crap out of the movie version.British does it better(because US is coming out with their version titled Elementary..bahhhh!)!Brilliant brilliant brilliant.

Did I say brilliant?The best Sherlock.The best Watson.The best Moriarty.The best the best!Okay,I'm done.Please watch this series!



Marchesa 2013 Resort Collection

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If you search the word Marchesa on this blog,you would have seen many previous post about this brand.I just love their designs.It screams opulence and always look so romantic and beautiful.Basically,gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!Did I mention how beautiful one of the designers are??Georgina Chapman I adore thee!:)So below are the pictures of some of my fave designs from their 2013 Resort Collection.


This one below would be the perfect wedding dress for me but with the addition of sleeves of course so as to not give my relatives an eyesore.haha
If you look at some of their past designs,they like to make dresses that look like roses.There's a cute one worn by Kate Hudson a long time back.But this one below is my fave!Who doesn't want to look like a rose?haha
I would loveee this bag!!Arghhhhh


My fave websites for beauty/fashion

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I am one of those girls who just love being a girl.I love pretty clothes,shoes,bags and makeup.So I thought in this post I will share with you some of my favorite websites for beauty/fashion.I'm sure there are more great ones out there but these are the ones that I click every week.

I love this site because they show what these people or even movie characters have in their wardrobe.They also take such gorgeous pictures of shoes and bags or clothes of the people that they interview.Below I have pictures of the site and some of my fave pictures from it.I use the app Skitch to write words on the pictures :)
They interview Lauren Conrad!!
Like Lauren,I also love almost anything with a bow.Look at the pretty ballet flats below!:)
This is a picture from Annabelle Dexter Jones house.I love the painting which was painted by her boyfriend.
Below is Lauren Conrad's inspiration board with some of her fave vintage necklaces hanging on it.
Look at Whitney Port's wardrobe below.An amazing array of shoes!!
This website is almost all about beauty products!My fave section is Top Shelf because they show what people in fashion,models and many more,have in their beauty cabinet.So when you see certain products being used by more than 4 or 5 person,you know that it must work wonders!Perfect for me cos I love buying and trying new beauty products.Sephora is heaven to me..haha
I envy Eva Chen because she's the Beauty Director of Teen Vogue and if you look at the amount of beauty product that she has..it is crazy!You can also go to the website The Coverteur to look at her beautifuly messy office!:)
Coco Rocha is my fave model!She's pretty but has an edge.Look at all the makeup that she has!woweeee

I have been a fan of Lauren since her Laguna Beach days.Remembered watching her back in high school on Laguna and then on The Hills.I have all of her books though I have yet to own anything from her Paper Crown line because it's not available in Malaysia yet..:( She has manage to create a name for herself outside of her Laguna Beach days.A fashion designer,author and having two great websites.

This is her first website(the second is The Beauty Department with her beauty team) and one of my fave is her Friday Favorites under the Grow section.She shares great and simple recipes under the Dine section as well.A pic below is her sushi etiquette article.:)
4.The Beauty Department

This site shares great tips and tricks for makeup and hair.They even have youtube videos with step by step instructions for specific makeup looks or hair styling.I love how clean and pretty the layout of the website is so it doesn't look cluttered.Lauren Conrad's beauty team--Amy Nadine and Kirsten Ess man this website along with her.

I love this scalloped eyeliner idea!Would love to try it one day.:)
Red lips!Loveee :)


How I download tv series/movies/apps

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This should have been done a few days back but then I forgot about it.haha Sorry!!This comes from a comment from a silent reader of mine who wanted to know how I download all of the current movie/tv series and apps.

But before that let me show you my favorite gadget to watch my fave tv series and movies on my television.I always prefer to watch whatever I download on tv rather than on my laptop/iPad because of the bigger screen.Previously before I had this gadget below,what I did was hook my pendrive unto my dvd player which had a usb function in order to be able to watch all the latest series on my tv.

One day my boyfriend showed me this device on the internet which was called WD Elements Play and I thought it was brilliant.So a few weeks after that,we bought it at digital mall for around rm460 if I'm not mistaken.It has storage capacity up to 1Tb and you can hook it up to any television.

With this gadget,I can watch whatever I just downloaded right on my tv.Which further makes me don't watch tv at all.I mean even previously I don't watch any shows on the television and now even more so because I can just download the newest shows and movies and just watch it using my elements play.

So now comes the question..How do I download all of the latest series and movies?I have to thank my boyfriend because usually he does it for me but as time goes by I can do it on my own.But I still use his pc for it because he has unifi and I don't.:(

Basically you need to install Bitcomet on your pc/laptop.Then you can download all of the latest tv series on websites such as eztv.it or isohunt.com.There was piratebay.se but since our govt has blocked it,you need to use a proxy bypass.Easy as that.

Apps and books for iPad/iPhone

I have both the iPad 2 and also the iPhone 4S.I don't have much app or any books on my iPhone.Because I put a lot of it on my iPad.Plus iPad is much bigger so I prefer to put all my books there.

I have a few categories for my books and I think I have almost a hundred books on my iPad.Dowloading books aren't hard.All you have to do is use torrent websites or even google and search for any book title that you want with the word 'epub' at the end and then download it on your pc/laptop.

Then you follow the instruction on this website HERE on how to put it into your iPad.You can also download pdf version but I prefer epub because it is a digital book.

Below are the books that I have on the iPad.I like knowing that I have all the books that I want or have read before in my iPad and it is easy to bring it anywhere with or on vacations.Some of these books I have it in paperback and hardcover form but I still download them because it's easier having everything in one gadget.

For apps,here's the thing,both of my iPad and iPhone was jailbreak by my boyfriend.If you don't have anyone who doesn't know how to do so,I think they have such services at handphone repair stores.I have heard people who are afraid to jailbreak in case it wrecks their gadget but my boyfriend have been able to do it right with no glitches.He is super smart after all and all of my gadget knowledge comes from him!:)I have used both gadgets since the beginning of the year and they are running smoothly.

When you jailbreak your gadget,from Cydia,you can download Installous.From Installous you can download any of the apps for free.When you jailbreak your gadget,Installous won't automatically be there.Read HERE to learn how to download Installous.

There are a few free apps on the App Store but they are pretty much limited.From Cydia you can also download apps to tweak the ios settings.For example,both of my iPhone and iPad use Chrome to open websites even from Flipboard or Tweetbot.This can be done if you download the Browser Chooser from Cydia.

On my iPhone I have the Blacklist (pic above)from Cydia whereby I can block calls/messages from strange numbers.Normal iPhone ios settings doesn't have this function.Slide to unlock is what iPhone is known for right?But mine is fold to unlock.:)Pictures below:

As I said earlier,I don't put much apps on my iPhone.Just photography apps,instagram,tweetbot and a few games.But on my iPad there's lots of apps.So I'll show you the print screen of everything.By the way,all of the books and apps pic are edited using the Picstich and Skitch app.And of course,this blog was done through the app Blogsy.

Apps on my iPad

Apps on my iPhone
So yeah,that's basically it.If you have any questions,feel free to drop a comment and I'll try to help you!:)