Busy beraya-ing.

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I had drafted a post about what I did during raya that made me abandon my blog for almost a week but then due to the blogsy app glitch,I lost all of it!Never mind then.Had to redo and reupload all of the pictures.Pffftttt.

Eve of raya I was basically busy breaking my fast with dad's side of the family.Played firecrackers and such with my cousins which I rarely do(okay fine I just stood there and took pictures haha).Then our yearly tradition of going to PKNS the night before raya.As usual there were many people(pic below) there but it was fun and festive because everyone rush to get their last minute raya shopping!

First day of raya was just as any other raya because we celebrate it in Shah Alam.But this time it was a bit sad because it's the first year that I have no grandparents to celebrate it with.My late grandmother from my mother's side past away last November.Both sides of my family are from Shah Alam and are just minutes from each other.

Second day of raya was hectic but fun.I went to four houses.My uncle's,Razin's family house and the house of two of his friends.In the morning the boyfriend came to my house to beraya with my parents.He also went to my uncle's house with my family in the afternoon after he helped his mother set up their house for her relatives to come over.Pictures below :)
Four houses in one day meant I ate a lot of different foods.Picture above.Also celebrated Razin's eldest sister's birthday.Hence a pic of Baskin's ice cream cake above.The roasted lamb covered in the homemade chilli sauce is to die for and made by Razin's friend.Yes,I had my signature winter melon with pearl fix from Gong Cha as well,the boyfriend bought it for me when he went to buy the birthday cake and presents with his little sister.Yes he is so sweet!:)
On fourth day of raya,Razin's dad treated us lunch at Seoul Garden at Setia City Mall(my faveeee mall!).The was good.Wayyyy better quality than Flaming's Steamboat(which has more choices but low quality!).I love that the condiments at their ABC/ice kacang bar was good because the gula melaka syrup was thick compared to the one at Flaming's which was watery than cordial!!Crazy bad!

I manage to satiate my abc craving by having two bowls of it filled with slices of young coconut and cream corn..yummmmm.The array of sauces to go with your steamboat/grilled food was good as well.The seafood there was fresh and not covered in flies like at Flaming's Kota Kemuning!

On the sixth day of raya I was busy buying groceries with my parents for our family barbeque for both sides of the family at our house which happened on Saturday(7th syawal).We went to like three different hypermarkets(NSK & 2 Tesco outlets)to get all of our chicken,prawns,sirloin,squid,fish and veges.I cooked and marinated everything!I'm the only girl in the family and it is my duty plus my mother doesn't know how so she just assist me to chop the veg&clean the fish/prawns/squid.
I made homemade mashed potatoes with mushroom gravy,coleslaw,pasta with bolognese,garlic chili padi fried rice,cheesecake brownies and chocolate cookies!Thank god I love to cook and bake so I didn't mind the preparation.Plus my lil brother helped and so did my boyfriend!(pic below)
It was worth the hardwork I put into cooking all those dishes because all of my relatives loved it!All of my aunts asked how I marinated the chicken and the beef..hehe My cheesecake brownies was gone before the night ended that my brother who wanted to bring it to uitm segamat the next day couldn't do so.haha.Next time!Below is a pic of the grilled foods.Ayah,my brother Haziq and my boyfriend Razin took turns to barbeque the food!

A few days back I went to Razin's eldest sister's house with him because she invited us over for raya finner with her and her husband and of course the cute baby Qarla!Look at her many hairbands below!:)

I tasted Domino's sticky date pudding few days back with the boyfriend and loved how it tasted so decided to bake them using the leftover dates my family have from ramadhan.I used the recipe from Donna Hay's website.Just google sticky date pudding recipe and you'll see Donna's recipe,

The toffee sauce was so good but I'd recommend using less brown sugar because it was very sweet even for a sweet tooth like me.Pic of the sticky date pudding that I baked,below:)

I have watched a lot of movies during ramadhan and today I went to watch Paranorman with the boyfriend.It was very good!Will update my many movie reviews soon!:)