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Wednesday, August 08, 2012 Liyana Hanim 9 Comments

This should have been done a few days back but then I forgot about it.haha Sorry!!This comes from a comment from a silent reader of mine who wanted to know how I download all of the current movie/tv series and apps.

But before that let me show you my favorite gadget to watch my fave tv series and movies on my television.I always prefer to watch whatever I download on tv rather than on my laptop/iPad because of the bigger screen.Previously before I had this gadget below,what I did was hook my pendrive unto my dvd player which had a usb function in order to be able to watch all the latest series on my tv.

One day my boyfriend showed me this device on the internet which was called WD Elements Play and I thought it was brilliant.So a few weeks after that,we bought it at digital mall for around rm460 if I'm not mistaken.It has storage capacity up to 1Tb and you can hook it up to any television.

With this gadget,I can watch whatever I just downloaded right on my tv.Which further makes me don't watch tv at all.I mean even previously I don't watch any shows on the television and now even more so because I can just download the newest shows and movies and just watch it using my elements play.

So now comes the question..How do I download all of the latest series and movies?I have to thank my boyfriend because usually he does it for me but as time goes by I can do it on my own.But I still use his pc for it because he has unifi and I don't.:(

Basically you need to install Bitcomet on your pc/laptop.Then you can download all of the latest tv series on websites such as or was but since our govt has blocked it,you need to use a proxy bypass.Easy as that.

Apps and books for iPad/iPhone

I have both the iPad 2 and also the iPhone 4S.I don't have much app or any books on my iPhone.Because I put a lot of it on my iPad.Plus iPad is much bigger so I prefer to put all my books there.

I have a few categories for my books and I think I have almost a hundred books on my iPad.Dowloading books aren't hard.All you have to do is use torrent websites or even google and search for any book title that you want with the word 'epub' at the end and then download it on your pc/laptop.

Then you follow the instruction on this website HERE on how to put it into your iPad.You can also download pdf version but I prefer epub because it is a digital book.

Below are the books that I have on the iPad.I like knowing that I have all the books that I want or have read before in my iPad and it is easy to bring it anywhere with or on vacations.Some of these books I have it in paperback and hardcover form but I still download them because it's easier having everything in one gadget.

For apps,here's the thing,both of my iPad and iPhone was jailbreak by my boyfriend.If you don't have anyone who doesn't know how to do so,I think they have such services at handphone repair stores.I have heard people who are afraid to jailbreak in case it wrecks their gadget but my boyfriend have been able to do it right with no glitches.He is super smart after all and all of my gadget knowledge comes from him!:)I have used both gadgets since the beginning of the year and they are running smoothly.

When you jailbreak your gadget,from Cydia,you can download Installous.From Installous you can download any of the apps for free.When you jailbreak your gadget,Installous won't automatically be there.Read HERE to learn how to download Installous.

There are a few free apps on the App Store but they are pretty much limited.From Cydia you can also download apps to tweak the ios settings.For example,both of my iPhone and iPad use Chrome to open websites even from Flipboard or Tweetbot.This can be done if you download the Browser Chooser from Cydia.

On my iPhone I have the Blacklist (pic above)from Cydia whereby I can block calls/messages from strange numbers.Normal iPhone ios settings doesn't have this function.Slide to unlock is what iPhone is known for right?But mine is fold to unlock.:)Pictures below:

As I said earlier,I don't put much apps on my iPhone.Just photography apps,instagram,tweetbot and a few games.But on my iPad there's lots of apps.So I'll show you the print screen of everything.By the way,all of the books and apps pic are edited using the Picstich and Skitch app.And of course,this blog was done through the app Blogsy.

Apps on my iPad

Apps on my iPhone
So yeah,that's basically it.If you have any questions,feel free to drop a comment and I'll try to help you!:)



Very interesting post. Thanks for the knowledge sharing.

Anonymous said...

woww can u show us what are your fav websites on flipboard? ;)

chin said...

heyy! i have a few u have to jailbreak ur ipad to be able to dload movies? and same goes with books..since we have to pay for sophie kinsellas :)

Liyana.H said...

Malaysia homestay:thank u!

Liyana.H said...

Chin:i don't use my ipad to download movies/tv series.I use my laptop for that.But you don't have to jailbreak if u want to put movie/series into your ipad.

You can use apps like AvPlayerHD to transfer movie/series from ur pc to the ipad&watch it anytime or you can use Plex app to link all of ur movies/series from ur pc to ur ipad.

For books as I state in this post,use your pc/laptop&search on google for title of books with the word "epub" at the end&then hook ur ipad to ur pc/laptop &transfer it to ur ipad using itunes.

All the books that u see i have in my ipad in this post are FREE.Use websites such as isohunt or piratebay to search for epub files!:)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for post up this. Really appereciate it :)

Liyana.H said...

Anon 1:that's a great ide..i'll do that soon :)

Anon 2: You're welcome!:)

chin said...

thankkkss for replying babe!

Liyana.H said...

You're welcome chin!:)