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Monday, August 13, 2012 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

I am one of those girls who just love being a girl.I love pretty clothes,shoes,bags and makeup.So I thought in this post I will share with you some of my favorite websites for beauty/fashion.I'm sure there are more great ones out there but these are the ones that I click every week.

I love this site because they show what these people or even movie characters have in their wardrobe.They also take such gorgeous pictures of shoes and bags or clothes of the people that they interview.Below I have pictures of the site and some of my fave pictures from it.I use the app Skitch to write words on the pictures :)
They interview Lauren Conrad!!
Like Lauren,I also love almost anything with a bow.Look at the pretty ballet flats below!:)
This is a picture from Annabelle Dexter Jones house.I love the painting which was painted by her boyfriend.
Below is Lauren Conrad's inspiration board with some of her fave vintage necklaces hanging on it.
Look at Whitney Port's wardrobe below.An amazing array of shoes!!
This website is almost all about beauty products!My fave section is Top Shelf because they show what people in fashion,models and many more,have in their beauty cabinet.So when you see certain products being used by more than 4 or 5 person,you know that it must work wonders!Perfect for me cos I love buying and trying new beauty products.Sephora is heaven to me..haha
I envy Eva Chen because she's the Beauty Director of Teen Vogue and if you look at the amount of beauty product that she is crazy!You can also go to the website The Coverteur to look at her beautifuly messy office!:)
Coco Rocha is my fave model!She's pretty but has an edge.Look at all the makeup that she has!woweeee

I have been a fan of Lauren since her Laguna Beach days.Remembered watching her back in high school on Laguna and then on The Hills.I have all of her books though I have yet to own anything from her Paper Crown line because it's not available in Malaysia yet..:( She has manage to create a name for herself outside of her Laguna Beach days.A fashion designer,author and having two great websites.

This is her first website(the second is The Beauty Department with her beauty team) and one of my fave is her Friday Favorites under the Grow section.She shares great and simple recipes under the Dine section as well.A pic below is her sushi etiquette article.:)
4.The Beauty Department

This site shares great tips and tricks for makeup and hair.They even have youtube videos with step by step instructions for specific makeup looks or hair styling.I love how clean and pretty the layout of the website is so it doesn't look cluttered.Lauren Conrad's beauty team--Amy Nadine and Kirsten Ess man this website along with her.

I love this scalloped eyeliner idea!Would love to try it one day.:)
Red lips!Loveee :)


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