Recurring tv shows:2 Broke Girls,How I Met Your Mother,Big Bang Theory &more Guys With Kids.

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All of my favorite sitcoms are back on tv!Here is the rundown!:)
The Big Bang Theory season 6

The new season starts with Howard who's in space,while Leonard and Penny's relationship is at a weird stage.Sheldon and Amy celebrates their anniversary.hahahaha I feel sorry for Raj because he's all alone.But at the end of the episode,are they hinting that he could be gay?Can't wait for more episodes to come!

How I met your mother season 8

You would think that after 8 seasons the show will FINALLY reveal who the hell the mother is.Seriously they've stretch this show for too long that at times it gets a little old.So the first episode of the 8th season,at the end of it,we get to see a glimpse of the 'mother'.Well..what else is new?I hope this season Ted will actually talk to the 'mother'.Lets hope!

2 Broke Girls season 2

I love 2 Broke Girls though sometimes the jokes borders on being a little crass.But I love Caroline and Max.The first episode we get to see Caroline's dad and an auction being involved.I love the jokes when Caroline wore a brunette wig.haha The episodes to come I hope they'll get their cupcake business up and rising!Also,where's Peach?She's funny!
New Girl season 2

New Girl season 2 is out with episode 1 and 2 together.So the new season,Schmidt finally took off the cast for his you know what,had a party for it and *spoiler* Jess got fired.There's a potential new love interest for her who's beyond hot by the name of Sam.Nick meeting his future self was very funny!And also,we got to see Winston's family and his hot sister who of course,Schmidt wants to sleep with.I hope Sam will stay on the show for a little while.:p

Guys With Kids episode 2 was out a few days back and I'm loving the show even more.If you make me want to watch an episode again,you know it's gonna be good.I like how the dynamic of the show is about relationships--between husband and wife and also about being a single parent trying to have a social life.
The jokes are funny as what you'd expect from Jimmy Fallon.The cast is great as well so I have high hopes for this show!Thanks to a comment from a reader,I watched the part on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon whereby the cast sang tv theme songs with him(remember how he used to do songs mashup with JT?).

I recognize some of the theme songs from tv shows that I used to watch as a kid like Facts of Life,Threes Company,Cheers,Happy Days and many more.Below is the video:



Tv series:Revolution

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Who doesn't love a good sci fi series?This new one shown on NBC is created by Eric Kripke and the executive producers consists of Kripke,Bryan Burk,Jon Favreau(directed Iron Man1&2 or best known as Monica's boyfriend Pete in Friends!Remember that guy?haha) and J.J Abrams(Alias,Lost,MI3,Star Trek,).

With a great line up of producers,I was hoping it'll be a really good television show.So currently only one episode is out with the second episode premiering in a few hours in the States.Stats shown that during the first episode,11.65 million viewers in the US tuned in.

So how did the first episode fared with me?

It left me with so many questions.

Revolution is about what will happen to the world if suddenly,one day electricity disappears and cease to exist?

Right before the electricity disappeared,Miles Matheson managed to store some information inside his pendrive.Contents of which until right now is unknown.

The story starts 15 years after the world have had no electricity.There's no cars,no medicines,no actual schools as well.There's militants and a place called Monroe Republic.I won't reveal much because I believe you guys should watch the episode and judge it yourself.There's a great fight scene!

People are saying it's a cross between Lost and The Hunger Games.Not so much I guess..probably in terms of the weapons used and the premised that they've no idea why the electricity disappeared.Other than that,no clear comparison to Lost or The Hunger Games.

It's an interesting concept and we will know in episodes to come why certain people became the way they are after 15 years.

Two things that is bugging me: The guy who was with Miles in his car before the electricity disappeared..find out right a few minutes before the episode ended on who he is after 15 years!My question is why,what and how?Also,that African American lady who helped Danny.How did she have what she have?Yes I have to speak in codes because I know a lot of other people haven't watched the first episode yet!

Only time will tell whether Revolution will thrive or sink.





New TV Shows(The New Normal,Guys With Kids,Go On)&Recurring(Glee)

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Wanted to post a totally different post about all the many movies that I have watched these past few months but then somehow a glitch happened and it went kaputt!Oh well,the peril of blogging through an app.haha.Moving on!

There has been a slew of new tv shows coming out(not in Malaysia of course..everything reviewed here was downloaded online)and here are a few that I have been watching:

1.Gordon Ramsay Ultimate Cookery Course

I have been drafting a post on Gordon for so long because I'm such a fan(including my parents&boyfriend who loves him!)but then I'll forget all about it.hahaha.

Gordon came out with a new cookbook titled with the same name as well so this show shares some of the recipes from his cookbook but with many useful tips!Heard that there'll be 20 episodes in total.Each episode is only for 30 minutes.

So far there's been 10 episodes that is out and you can get all of them on

I definitely recommend people who likes to cook like I do or those who wants to learn how to cook,to download all of the episodes.He gives tips from cookware--sharpening knives,choosing the right pans&etc to how to choose vinegars/vegetables/spices/poultry and many many more.

The show gives you a wealth of cooking knowledge and cooking with simple easy steps.I tried one of the recipes which is the chilli beef lettuce wraps and it was good!Picture of the dish below:

2.Guys With Kids

This show reminded me of another tv show involving a young father with a baby which I also watched,Baby Daddy.But I have to say,from the first episode,it looks promising and the jokes are funnier.Plus,there's so many cute babies compared to only one baby Emma in Baby Daddy.

I guess because Jimmy Fallon created this sitcom so it's funnier?The show is about three guys raising their kids.Two of them are married while one of them is recently divorce.I've only watched the first episode so I can't say much but I'll definitely wait for the second episode which will come out in 2 more days.

*Oh,while I was watching the show I was saying to the boyfriend how the divorced guy looked so familiar..and then I realized he's the guy Kirsten Dunst was so into in the cheerlearding movie Bring It On(I watched that so many times as a kid)!hahaha

3.The New Normal

It's mind boggling to me how Ryan Murphy can churn out hit tv shows with totally different genres.From Popular(love it back when I was a teen!),Nip/Tuck(hot!),Glee to American Horror(super creepy!)to his recent one,The New Normal.I've watched the first three episodes and I have to say I love it.A gay couple hires a surrogate and her family gets involved in the way.

The show is funny and smart.I like the fast pace dialogue similar to Gilmore Girls/Bunheads/Glee.One half of the gay couple is played by Justin Bartha(that dude who used to date Ashley Olsen haha)so it was interesting to see him in this kind of role.

I love Andrew Rannells who plays Bryan,Justin's gay-er other half.haha.He's so funny and on point--he is a Tony&Grammy award winner after all.Ellen Barkin who's playing Jane,Goldie's(the surrogate mother) grandma is funny as well because she's a racist/bigot who doesn't like gays or african americans(Bryan's PA played by Nene Leaks--from the Real Housewives of Atlanta).

Her reaction is just hilarious!And not forgetting Goldie's daughter,Shania who's very unique!

4.Go On

Yeay,Matthew Perry is back on tv!The show is about a sportscaster played by Matthew who's dealing with the loss of his wife by joining a support group,after his employers made him to do so.I've watched two episodes and it's pretty okay.

There's many colorful characters in the support group.Only time will tell whether this show is here to stay or not.

Recurring tv shows.


Glee is back!I have watched the first two episodes and I was blown away by how Kate Hudson managed to transform her body!She's beyond fit and she can definitely sing and dance as well.She's making life a living hell though for Rachel Berry.I haven't seen Finn or Quinn yet in the two episodes.But I love that Kurt and Rachel is living together in New York.

And her new possible love interest is yummy!The two new characters in New Direction--Marley and Jake has great voices!Can't wait what will come in the next episode.



Been baking and cooking a lot!

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I love baking and cooking.I have to be honest that my love for cooking came first before baking.Funnily I am not a culinary student,no one in my family force me to cook,it just come naturally..this love for it.But my grandma on my mother's side always include when I was a kid until teen to help her in the kitchen when she's cooking.

I have been baking and cooking a lot these past few weeks.I thought I'd share some of the things that I have baked and cooked recently.
A favorite baking cookbook of mine is The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook.I have tried a lot of the recipes with success though I lower the sugar content because they use a lot in their recipes and became too sweet for my liking.I bought the book from Kinokuniya for RM 82.61.
Baked chocolate cupcakes.
Baked pandan cupcakes.The recipe for this cupcake isn't in the cookbook.I used the vanilla cupcake and frosting recipe and added pandan paste into it and it turned out lovely.My family and the boyfriend loved it.I just wanted to eat pandan cupcakes because I haven't tasted it before or saw it being sold anywhere.So I improvised on the recipe.
Baked carrot cake from the cookbook as well as requested by Razin's mum.I was glad that they loved it.It was very moist and at first I was a bit worried about the huge amount of grated carrots in the batter.But I followed the recipe to a T and it turned out great!

All three baked goods that I baked was my first attempt trying the recipes.Previously I have baked vanilla cupcake,strawberry cheesecake cupcake,hazelnut&chocolate cupcake,brooklyn blackout cake and lemon loaf from the cookbook.I have many more recipes to try out!

One of my favorite fried rice dishes is the pineapple fried rice.I love eating fresh sweet pineapple.But I can't eat it when it's "that time of the month" so whenever I find them,I will definitely eat them.I made pineapple fried rice twice in 2 weeks for me and my mum.

There's no recipe because I just added whatever.I love pineapple,raisins,carrots,prawns and birds eye chillies in the fried rice.I also add an egg to it.

Some of the other things I cooked and bake was sambal tempe,upside down peach cake and butter oat prawns.
The peach upside down cake was improvised from the pineapple upside down cake from Nigella Lawson's recipe.The recipe works with peaches too of course.

The oat butter prawns was delicious and smell so good with the addition of curry leaves.But it uses a lot of butter.I definitely won't eat butter prawns outside anymore.haha.I used butter,curry leaves,bird eye chillies,prawns and Nestum oat.
This dry sambal tempe is a fave of mine and it is simple.Just tempe,onions and birds eye chillies.All fry separately and then mixed together with a little bit of sweet soy sauce.Perfect to eat with rice.


Lots of weddings and other things!:)

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I'm so sorry because I haven't blogged in quite some time.Been going places,watching movies,cooking and baking that I became too lazy to blog.I have quite a number of posts in draft mode.hahaha I will try to blog 2 posts tonight.

There's definitely a lot of weddings going on this September!Two of the boyfriend's friend got married.He was the best man for one of them.A friend of mine is getting married this month as well and another is getting engaged!

So I went to both of Razin's friends wedding.Went to Joe's akad nikah(pic above was taken before we went to the akad,near my house)and wedding.And also Shafiq's wedding where Razin was the best man.Razin was busy the whole 3 days for Shafiq's wedding..first day was the akad nikah,the wedding ceremony on the bride's side and then the last day was the ceremony for the groom's side.

I went to the groom's ceremony with my friend Adela.Then went to Razin's house after to let Adel meet baby Qarla,his niece.Pictures below!

The next weekend me and Razin went to Joe's wedding.We wore my fave color..purple!:)
Afterwards it was Razin's little sister Qeema's open house.I helped her make the colorful roti jala below.Their family's speciality.There was a lot of good food!Their mum made nasi lemak,pulut kuning,lontong and many more.
Oh before going to the wedding and Qeema's open house,in the morning I went to Razin's eldest sister Nana's house to help her with Qarla's swimming because everybody was busy that day preparing for the open house.It was fun seeing Qarla having fun in the pool.That's me in my fave ASOS watermelon shirt.:p


Redeemed my "coupon":Paranorman and dinner at Dancing Fish

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On my 25th birthday on the 25th of June,the boyfriend not only gave me a necklace as a gift,but he also made my birthday cake on his own and also a card with a special coupon in it.I can redeem it for a fancy dinner and a movie.So I finally did so around 2 weeks back!:) Above is the picture of the coupon that he made.

I've been dying to try Dancing Fish because there have been so many great reviews about the food there.Also I want to watch Paranorman after seeing the great trailer.So the boyfriend picked me up and we went to my favorite mall..Setia City Mall(a snap of the mall by me below when we walk around the park after the movie!).

How was the movie?It was very enjoyable.I even cried a bit during the last part and even the boyfriend was moved by it.Definitely a movie that you should watch!Basically Norman can see the dead and unfortunately he doesn't know how to keep it from others so everybody thinks he is weird.The sad thing is his own dad thinks he is troubled as well.Not a movie to bring your little kids because there are some creepy scenes!

After the movie,we walked to the park in front of Setia City Mall and took some pictures.It is pretty but I think some of it is still incomplete yet.Pictures of me below in my fave ASOS Rainbow dress!:)

After walking around and working up an appetite..we went to Dancing Fish for dinner.I already knew what I wanted to order.I choose the Dancing Fish--rm39.90--(deep fried Nila fish..sooo good!)dish with sambal terasi and also Gulai Lemak Pucuk Paku--rm11.90.
Now I know you guys might think that why would you order a dish(gulai lemak pucuk paku)that you can get at any malaysian food restaurant?Well because I read online that theirs are different and very tasty.I was glad that it was true!The boyfriend ordered Bebek Goreng Bali--rm29.90--(crispy duck).Pictures of the dishes below.
Both the duck and fish came as a whole on the platter but they ask if we want them to cut it so they quickly took it back so I couldn't get a picture of them whole.The portions are huge!Definitely too much for two person that we had many leftovers and had to tapau them.

The food was so good!The fish was very crispy and the sambal terasi was delicious.The rice was fragrant as well.The gulai lemak pucuk paku was different than the normal ones and the ferns was fresh and wasn't wilted.I will definitely try to make gulai lemak pucuk paku the way they did,at home one day!

I took a bite of Razin's duck dish and it was good but I wasn't a fan of duck meat so he enjoyed the dish on his own.But we definitely couldn't finish our meal because of the portion but it was very worth the money.I'll definitely come back for the fish and to try the desserts!

Total bill for two person was around rm115-I had teh botol while he ordered sirap bandung for drinks,along with rice for our dishes.I don't remember the prices for the drinks but rice was rm3 each with free refills.My verdict:Go to Dancing Fish for a special occasion!The food will not disappoint you.:)



Documentary:The Cove..A MUST WATCH!!!!!

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The boyfriend have been asking me to watch this documentary movie.He said he never thought that he would cry while watching a documentary about dolphins.Initially I was skeptical in watching it and was delaying it even though he kept asking me I have watched it or not.Because I thought it would be boring.Boy was I wrong!!!

It was an eye opener.To see that dolphins are being killed mercilessly so that these Japanese people(in the documentary it was set in Taiji,Japan) can make some money out of it.I have to say I did cry a few times while watching it.

I saw on the net how some people can justify these actions by saying that well,the Westerners kill cows for meat so the Easterners are killing doplhin/whales for their meats.But it is weird since most Japanese living in Tokyo and other cities doesn't consume dolphins at all.

Plus there's high levels of mercury in dolphin meats.It is worrying because obviously they(the Japanese government) is trying to cover it up.All of this can be seen in the movie.To me Ric O'Barry is a hero,championing a great cause that a lot of people might think is small or overlooked.

There's a lot of politics being played in order to keep whaling and killings of dolphins alive in Japan.This can been seen during IWC conference in the movie.A lot of the votes were bought.

You can download this movie from torrent because I think it's hard to get your hand on it here in Malaysia.But when you have downloaded it,pass it around and spread the message.If we can't do anything,atleast we can create an awareness about it.

And do go HERE to sign for the petition to help save Japan's dolphins.I have done my part.:)