Been baking and cooking a lot!

Sunday, September 16, 2012 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

I love baking and cooking.I have to be honest that my love for cooking came first before baking.Funnily I am not a culinary student,no one in my family force me to cook,it just come naturally..this love for it.But my grandma on my mother's side always include when I was a kid until teen to help her in the kitchen when she's cooking.

I have been baking and cooking a lot these past few weeks.I thought I'd share some of the things that I have baked and cooked recently.
A favorite baking cookbook of mine is The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook.I have tried a lot of the recipes with success though I lower the sugar content because they use a lot in their recipes and became too sweet for my liking.I bought the book from Kinokuniya for RM 82.61.
Baked chocolate cupcakes.
Baked pandan cupcakes.The recipe for this cupcake isn't in the cookbook.I used the vanilla cupcake and frosting recipe and added pandan paste into it and it turned out lovely.My family and the boyfriend loved it.I just wanted to eat pandan cupcakes because I haven't tasted it before or saw it being sold anywhere.So I improvised on the recipe.
Baked carrot cake from the cookbook as well as requested by Razin's mum.I was glad that they loved it.It was very moist and at first I was a bit worried about the huge amount of grated carrots in the batter.But I followed the recipe to a T and it turned out great!

All three baked goods that I baked was my first attempt trying the recipes.Previously I have baked vanilla cupcake,strawberry cheesecake cupcake,hazelnut&chocolate cupcake,brooklyn blackout cake and lemon loaf from the cookbook.I have many more recipes to try out!

One of my favorite fried rice dishes is the pineapple fried rice.I love eating fresh sweet pineapple.But I can't eat it when it's "that time of the month" so whenever I find them,I will definitely eat them.I made pineapple fried rice twice in 2 weeks for me and my mum.

There's no recipe because I just added whatever.I love pineapple,raisins,carrots,prawns and birds eye chillies in the fried rice.I also add an egg to it.

Some of the other things I cooked and bake was sambal tempe,upside down peach cake and butter oat prawns.
The peach upside down cake was improvised from the pineapple upside down cake from Nigella Lawson's recipe.The recipe works with peaches too of course.

The oat butter prawns was delicious and smell so good with the addition of curry leaves.But it uses a lot of butter.I definitely won't eat butter prawns outside anymore.haha.I used butter,curry leaves,bird eye chillies,prawns and Nestum oat.
This dry sambal tempe is a fave of mine and it is simple.Just tempe,onions and birds eye chillies.All fry separately and then mixed together with a little bit of sweet soy sauce.Perfect to eat with rice.


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